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The Kali Yuga And The Trump Presidency

By on November 6, 2019 in Awareness, Spiritual Awakening with 0 Comments

The Kali Yuga And The Trump Presidency

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by Lady Lotus Love,
Contributing Writer,

What does the Trump presidency and the end of the Kali Yuga have in common? Everything it would seem.


In the ancient language of Sanskrit, the word ‘Kali’ is defined as ‘conflict,’ ‘discord,’ or ‘strife’ with ‘Yuga’ meaning ‘age of time.’ The Kali Yuga, commonly referred to as the dark ages, is one of four world cycles lasting thousands of years and the one in which we find ourselves today. Many believe this particular Yuga completes in the next few years when we (finally) usher in the Satya Yuga or Golden Age.

The Kali Yuga And The Trump Presidency

The Kali Yuga, according to Hinduism, is a time period known for the degeneration of human civilization. War and constant world conflict are the norm and acceptable by society. Quality of life declines daily as important human tenets relating to being truthful, merciful, and tolerant fade away. This is evidenced in a multitude of ways. The lessening or, in some cases, outright abandonment of connection to a higher power along with the ignoring of Universal Laws wreak havoc on inner peace, which only further perpetuates the disconnect. During the Kali Yuga right is wrong, lies are truth, and language is perverted.

Labels of ‘conspiracy theorist’ (a term created by western intelligence to disparage those questioning the official narrative of Kennedy’s assassination) carry the scorn of those still plugged into the matrix, while a gross inability to engage in thoughtful discussion due to the amygdala-arousing ‘triggering’ of others pollutes any discussions based in truth. Conversations are marked by superficial interactions often leaving the participants feeling unsatisfied at best. One needs only to look at the advent of ‘selfies’ and social media ‘influencers’ for further evidence. They often peddle inane content devoid of any real connection to others to further display the godless society in which we currently live.

One of the most cogent examples of language bastardization would be the labeling of populist movements– characterized by the ninety-nine percent rising up against the ruling class– as white nationalism and supremacy. Using ridicule is a classic tactic of those aligned with the dark, Archonic energies who push governance by a few select individuals lording power over billions striving to control every aspect of human life (this is also known as socialism, which many neglect to understand, historically, has sown the seeds for communism). Corruption and manipulation have seeped into virtually every aspect of life including government, religion, entertainment, business, and mainstream media. The tentacles of the aptly-named deep state are embedded in the consciousness of many well-meaning folks just trying to get by. (Side note: At least the deep state cabal finally admits to their own existence even if they are trying to convince us they are the good guys. You just gotta laugh at the absurdity.) True personal power will ultimately become non-existent when social engineering and programming have been going on for decades until that proverbial red pill is popped.

The end of the Kali Yuga is marked by sheer lunacy, but the people are fighting back. Populist movements all over the world are indicative of the will of the people screaming to be heard. Imperfect as they are, brave leaders have stepped forth to take on the challenge of eradicating the world of deep state evil while being relentlessly attacked by the old guard and their minions.

Outrageous untruths are foisted onto the public as fact via the full arsenal of the deep state’s media and entertainment factions. Many people are completely unaware that ninety-seven percent of the ‘news’ is owned by six, soon-to-be five, corporations. They are fighting for their very existence knowing that their supply of negative energy (i.e. ‘loosh’)– harvested via human suffering– is swirling the drain by the hour. Human trafficking, among other almost unspeakable atrocities, is the lifeblood of the cabal. A recent document released from the FBI’s vault (‘The Finders’) dispels any notion that this is not the case. Anyone who is old enough to remember the McMartin Preschool case of the early 90s will want to read this document drop to learn that it was anything but a hoax. Western intelligence has been in the business of trafficking humans for decades. Does it surprise anyone that they are pulling out all of the stops with their empire crumbling around them? They know their reign of terror is ending and their desperation is palpable. Lunacy, indeed.


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When we examine these aforementioned brave leaders, it is important to acknowledge that virtually no one becomes a billionaire without cutting a few back-room deals. That’s the imperfect part of being human; only Source is perfect. But those covert deals are a far cry from the crimes against humanity perpetually committed by the Archonic forces.

Alas, their human trafficking networks are being brought down and thousands of children rescued since President Trump signed Executive Order #13773 taking on this dark beast after less than a month in office and has pursued other measures to eradicate trafficking since that time. Having traveled peripherally in their circles, he is all-to-aware of the machinations of their sick club. He even Tweeted about it in 2012 (“Gotta do something about these missing chidlren [sic] grabbed by the perverts. Too many incidents– fast trial, death penalty.”) Most people are unaware that there are millions (!!) of missing children around the world. But this scourge on humanity will come to an end. The Satya Yuga guarantees that. To quote a well-known tune from the past, “the times they are a changin’.”

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As we near the Satya Yuga, or Golden Age as it is affectionately known, we will see the return of truth and love. People will reconnect to God in a manner that empowers them personally, spiritually. The earth will once again be healthy as will its inhabitants. We will operate from our heart-space and embrace Universal Laws. This is New Earth, 5D, whatever you wish to term it. A plethora of resources already cover what awaits us in the Golden Age. Everyone is encouraged to research and think for themselves. Sovereignty and personal accountability are king!

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The end of the Kali Yuga promises continued chaos for a while. But with everything being cyclical, to better understand these turbulent times, one only needs to look to the past. Many ancient texts foretold this time including, of course, the Christian Bible. Are you ready?

This is truly the Great Awakening.

Namaste, friends.

~Lady Lotus Love YouTube Channel

Image: Pixabay

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