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November NEW Wave of Energy

By on November 5, 2019 in Spiritual Awakening with 0 Comments
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November NEW Wave of Energy

by Susie Beiler,

November NEW Wave of Energy

There will be a new wave of energy coming in November and this wave of energy will feel quite refreshing and uplifting.

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For those specially who have been doing their shadow work; their inner work, healing and transmuting will feel this very deeply.

They will feel this wave as uplifting and very supportive. And while change will continue to happen very rapidly, this new wave of energy will be of a great assistance to have us feel hopeful and have us feel rejuvenated and refreshed despite the tumultuous changes each of us going through.

So, for those of you who have been through quite a lot in the past several months, this Wave will help you feel revived perhaps even younger.

This Wave will help you feel more energetic, a renewed confidence, a renewed desire and ability to execute your creations.

This Wave may also feel challenging to those who are not in complete alignment with their soul purpose and serving the light for may dismantle things that do not serve you.

So, you are invited to stay open and flexible as whatever is dismantled in your life was not meant for you to move forward with anyway.

You may be releasing situations, circumstances perhaps even people from your life that are not meant to move forward with you in this NEW Energy.

Now is the time to set our intentions to be aligned to our soul purpose and surrender to our soul purpose and this will greatly will assist us moving forward with more ease.


And this is a very good news for those of us who are taking on large scale of projects or who have already taken on large projects to help humanity and planet earth.

For this wave will give you extra boost, it will give you more momentum, it will give you more greater and more deeper support.


Channeled through Susie Beiler ?

transcribed by Pars Kutay

Image: Pixabay

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