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The Law Of Attraction Hack No One Knows

By on November 4, 2019 in Spiritual Awakening with 0 Comments
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The Law Of Attraction Hack No One Knows

by Bridgid,
Contributing Writer,

Everyone has heard of the Law of Attraction but not a lot of people know how to do it properly! We’ve all been using a mish mash of different techniques with limited, hit or miss results. I have had a dozen vision boards, I have tried prayer, affirmations, I’ve even tried a couple of solemn and serious ceremonies. With candles!

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Nothing worked.

I would occasionally manifest something awesome and random, like a pond pump or a cool jacket, but the science was beyond me. I had no idea WHY it worked, when it occasionally did. The Law of Attraction was an awesome tool that I just couldn’t access all the time! The biggies, like financial stability, were just NOT happening!

I knew that the answer MUST lie within “energy, frequency, and vibration” like Nikola Tesla said. It made sense. We ARE energy, we are just slightly denser energy than the air, slightly less dense than rock. We are all on our own frequency, our own “station”. People playing similar music always feel good to be around, some people feel disharmonious, it’s all frequency.

I knew that wealth was a frequency, just like happiness, adventure, “flow”, I just didn’t know how to “tune in”! I knew that sometimes I FELT that frequency, I just didn’t understand how to stay in it.

The Law Of Attraction Hack No One Knows

Asking for stuff just amplified the “lack” vibration, how are you supposed to get on the vibrational level of the stuff you want without ASKING FOR THAT STUFF? It was totally illogical and I just couldn’t wrap my head around it. It turns out the answer is simple, and fun!


When we find stuff to be happy about, we “tune” ourselves to that frequency! When we smell the roses, when we thank the universe for all the cool stuff that happens to us, when we can afford a little treat, when something lines up and we are happy, when we meet the right person at the right time, and we take the time to really revel in the experience, we get more of the same!

When we get on the gratitude frequency, we are telling the universe “THIS. I like this! I want lots of this please!”

Our brains are little computers (decently big actually, when they are running properly!) that are running their little programs, all day every day, without us taking much notice.

Most of our “operating systems” are stupid or pointless, we worry about the past (even though SERIOUSLY WE CAN’T CHANGE IT WHAT IS THE POINT) or we worry about the future. Or what we want for dinner. Or what we should do this weekend.

We are sending out a disharmonious ugly frequency that doesn’t do us ANY good! On rare occasion something good will break through but usually we are running neutral or negative, without even noticing! And THAT is what we attract!

Five minute spurts of positive intent have a really hard time busting through that wall of constant bull s••• noise!

So starting now, I want you to start looking for things to be grateful for instead of things to grouse about! Reprogram your mind! Look for the beauty, the soft moments, the light. Start saying a wholehearted “Thanks Universe!” when the good stuff shows up, all of it!

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You’ll find more and more each day to be happy about, and your life will change so much you can’t even begin to imagine!

Love and hope,


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