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Kerry Cassidy – What The Sources Are Saying

By on May 23, 2015 in Awareness with 0 Comments
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erry Cassidy - Miscellaneous Things Sources Are Saying in5d in 5d

by Kerry Cassidy

While healing from this scalar attack I have been gathering further info from various sources… Here’s a laundry list of items worth knowing:

1. SOHO – Shooting lasers at sun to create sun spots and CME… photon bursts result in grid shutdown or just interference with satellite tech etc.

2. Air Force  –  6000 missing nukes reported a while ago..

3. Chemtrails  – Nano tubes being put into population to track using DNA signature…

4. Key health tip :  Use magnets and crystals to change your DNA signature and fight back against scalar attacks

5.  September 2015 – They will cause riots, racial targeting to stir things up and then do the financial reset.  Many in congress starting to realize what’s happening

6.  Nibiru/ Planet X :  They will not acknowledge this planet’s presence in our solar system until it is fully visible and within days of their announcement there will be worldwide panic.

7.  As you hear about the progress of ISIS keep in mind they are funded through Swiss banks by CIA, Saudi Arabia and Israel.

Important note:  Anytime this site is down go to the Camelot YouTube channel to watch everything! Also, find me on Facebook,  and Twitter.

Also see:

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Image: Pixabay

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