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Letting Go Of Love

By on April 11, 2017 in Spiritual Awakening
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Letting Go Of Love

by Jade Childers,
Contributing Writer,

Once, a friend and I were meditating together on a hilltop. During that meditation, we extended our love and compassion out to the whole world. At the end of the session, my friend turned to me and asked, “Why do we reach our love out to everyone, instead of choosing who it should go to, like a family member who might need it most?”

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Surely, the intention to bring love into a specific someone’s life will result in such. But as we are spiritual seekers who are constantly questioning and digging deeper, it is beneficial for us to analyze our limitations caused by the biases patterned into our minds throughout our lives and to use this analysis as an opportunity to grow.

We are not omniscient beings. We were physically born from a mother into a situation unique to us. Some of us grew up with big families, and some of us grew up without any family. Through the years, we’ve lived around certain people and picked up on certain things. We passed certain people in the streets, made friends with certain people, fell in love with this person or that person. Our experience with the world is uniquely our own, showing us only bits and pieces of infinite possibility. The people we have met have been a very small fraction of all the people in the world.

Imagine what it would be like to live thousands of years. Imagine that you have lived to see many generations come and go, have had many friends, held many lovers, and you now have a countless number of children and a countless number of acquaintances. Imagine walking through a world in which you know that you, at some point in time, had met and gotten to know every single person that passed you by in the streets. Such a world would seem so small, so personal! Having lived so long, you would watch as many of your loved ones came and passed on from their life. The love you had for each individual would no longer serve that individual, as that individual would no longer exist. You would realize that certain loved ones will come and go, but people in general would stay constantly surrounding you. If you again chose to direct your love towards another set of specific individuals, you would see the same results: these people would pass on, and the individualized love would pass on as well.

This need not be seen as a grave situation! It is simply the inevitable, transient nature of life. You cannot control who will stay or who will go in your life, but you can control how you expand from being closed to open, allowing love to flow through with fewer selfish restrictions.

We are here in our bodies now, but we are brief and passing. If we can train our love to not be so confined– to instead be impartial, free, open, infinite– then we begin to notice a deep change in both ourselves and how the world reacts to us. We start to see life in its more intrinsic form, a form that comes in many faces. We start to see how we are all interconnected and how freely flowing Love will draw in those who need to drink from it most. Such is why we need not limit our kindness and love to the people we have grown closest to; it is not about who we change but about how we internally change ourselves– how we personally grow, how we learn to let go, and how we instead learn to let what is within shine unobstructedly through to the external, which will respond accordingly.

About the author: Jade Childers is a Reiki practitioner, meditator, intuitive healer, and voyager of the infinite internal. E-mail connections are welcome at

Image: Pixabay

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