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Light From Love

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Light From Love

by Angel V. Ornedo Jr.,
Contributing Writer,

‘Light’ is life as without it no living things can flourish in the universe nor our planet Earth. For us light at the 21st century is very significant as aside from energy that it provides, the Source, God intensify light with healing and cleansing element that drives out human droll and blockages. It is God’s way of preparation of all living things and humanity’s conversion from carbon bodies to crystalline light form.

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The ‘Sun’, our source of light, a gateway and portal is literally taken by humans as the only light when it is only one of billions of light sources that flow to us in the form of ether or photon. Light is taken for granted as a given thing as the Sun shines so bright every moment of our lives we even disregard Her, our life source as a nuisance some times. As programmed by God, we are now inside the source light of the seven sisters of Pleiades, more popularly known as the Photon Belt, totally immersed since 2013 where the Central Sun of these sun clusters provide us light energy thru our Sun as a portal. Photovoltaic cell known as converter of solar energy has been with us for electricity. Wait till we power everything with photon or ether energy freely available everywhere as Nikola Tesla invented and patented at USA. It is hidden from us for more than 7.5 decades by the cabal/conniving greedy beings making life more difficult and unbearable for us as it is costly. In our part of the world, Southeast Asia, the Philippines is the second most expensive electricity in the planet.

Light emanates from Love of Intelligent Energy, a force that contains life giving soup and photon substance, filling all known space in the universe. It is always available to us, a free source of energy we have failed to recognize its abundance. This power is at your disposal at this linear time of revolution of the Milky Way Galaxy that happens every 25,000 years. It is always around us, above and below the life giving energy of all things of Universal Creation. It is so powerful no one can hide from it. Now it is cleansing and healing nature, Earth and all of humanity preparing, qualifying us for a higher evolved vibrational frequency. Earth is being raised from 3d frequency to 5d. Together with us, these waves of light energy from Source will flow to the person who prepares for ascension and be a part of the collective consciousness of ascending humanity. If you have prepared for it, it is your will, it will be done, a result of the universal law of attraction.


The universe is in reality an energy exchange. This is a part of the established universal law of God that binds the whole creation of the Source and that is the function of light from love. It is electromagnetism and gravity of All That Is and Light or photon energy make all things happen in a very profound and organized way. There is no such thing as a vacuum in space as it is filled with photon energy or ether, all of which are from Light. The Universal Law is passed to us thru author Dr. Georgi Stankov, M.D, physicist from Source for us to learn, digest and absorb. This is knowledge for all to establish our roots and anchor such wisdom to Mother Earth.

Thought, intention, concentration and action brings great powers that work with light energy, the transformer. We exist with light, without which we perish, where the universe depends on it. Nothing will exist without light even in the spiritual world of souls and spirits. Crystalline light beings are all too dependent on Light that emanates from Unconditional Love, that of the Source of All That Is who created what we all know as the universe. We understand that God, the Supreme Creator is love from whence Light emanates. This is the eternal truth that we should put to heart and mind, true in all dimensions. In 5d vibration frequency, communication is light form or telepathic, transparency and unity consciousness, truth that apply in this dimension. We will learn the truth of higher dimensions when we qualify for 5d. It must be the most beautiful feeling a light being will ever have.

In summary, with “ Light” from unconditional love, the Intelligent Energy, our lives will be meaningful than ever and your thoughts and intentions will be transformed to new worlds of your creation, of abundance, all emanating from light and love of All That Is, God. You obtained final wisdom. With this love and light, truth as you understand and envision its deep meaning, you are being prepared for transmutation and transformation, your individual journey to coalesce with the Supreme Creator. Everything is your will coupled with light body processes, that is body transformation of love and body pains, a continuing saga of eternal vibrational process seeking Source of All That Is.


Angel V. Ornedo Jr.

About the author: Angel V. Ornedo Jr. is an MBA-CPA, a lecturer, author of spiritual writings and books, a man of the corporate world by profession but he concentrates on teaching and doing acts of love, light and unity consciousness with an emphasis on providing livelihood to our fellow men, a very different concept of service to others, a love to those who take pains and persevere. He hails from Philippines, SEAsia, organizes corporations and projects in the physical world, now a secondary concern to his life. Link with him at or connect at Barnes and Noble, Xlibris and

Image: Pixabay

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