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Lightworkers And Starseeds: It Is Time To Drop The Labels And Return To Who You Really Are

By on March 29, 2017 in Spiritual Awakening
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Lightworkers And Starseeds: It Is Time To Drop The Labels And Return To Who You Really Are

by Khoi Hoang,
Contributing Writer,

At some point in the ascension process, we all have the question: “What is the purpose of science, politic, economy, work, art, love, pain, joy, war, lightwork, killing,…?” or, in short, “What is the purpose of existence?”. Knowing it or not, we are all looking for the answer to the final question: “Who am I?”. Isn’t that the reason we created the labels of Lightworker and Starseed to call ourselves with?

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The game of human’s existence was started with the final destination of his being able to answer that question. It is an unconscious game that every soul wants to take part in with an avatar. Being born with nary one instruction about what we will do in a certain lifetime, we need something to help us navigate around in the world, that is emotion. Every time we feel the pain, sorrow, jealousy, loneliness,… we have had the wrong or insufficient answer to the question “Who am I?”.

We all want our names and faces to be noticed. Each one of us has a distinguished way of thinking, has specific styles and hobbies. We protect what we think is right, against what we think is wrong. We have our beloved ones, our enemies. We strive for happy relationships and a happy family… These are all the things that help define our identities, our own existence and help us have the temporary answer to the “who am I?”.

Sometimes, when we think we’ve finally got the answer to the “who am I?”… But still, we continue to struggle. We are uncomfortable with people around us, with the news, with something we come across,… Even when we read the article about Lightworker and Starseed for the first time, with the tears flowing as we knew we were not crazy but just different, we just relayed from the fight “I am not abnormal” to a new fight “I am the light, against the darkness”. And again, we often find ourselves in the sorrow, helplessness, loneliness, anger,… that is when we know we still haven’t had the right answer yet. Because if we have had the right answer, we will feel none of those feelings any more.

We are angry, judgmental and hard to accept the acts of the terrorists, rapers, killers, cabals, elites, politicians,… Through this, we create the identity of ourselves who won’t commit those acts. That is how we keep denying parts and abilities of ourselves. Do we have the abilities to commit those acts if you are in their circumstances and positions? YES! WE CAN. The important thing is that we will use love to create life or use those abilities to destroy life.

We hold grudges against our loved ones, friends or other people,… Through this, we building up our own images: we won’t do what they did. And just by this, we don’t acknowledge parts of ourselves that we can do what they did.

We don’t want to take care of ourselves too much, don’t do the dish washing or the laundry, don’t fix the light or the car,… because of those things are of men or of women, of gay,… And not until we accept that we can do all things that men do as well as women do, we are not complete and we are not yet who we really are.

We cringe and uncomfortable with some art forms or life styles in which people live as a tree, an animal or an item of furniture,… That is an opportunity showing that we haven’t accepted a part of ourselves that we can do it and can be just like them. So whenever you feel uncomfortable with something, tell yourself this: “Accepting this won’t make me any less but more of who I am”.
When you drop the idea of right and wrong, you accept everything, everyone. By doing so, you can be anything or anyone at any place. That is the final answer to the question “Who am I?”, without the word “can”.

When you accept others, you accept yourself at the same time, and vice versa. That is why there are no others, and that is how you forgive and unconditionally love yourself and others.
It is time for us to drop the labels, light worker or starseed or indigo. It is time to stop all the fights against anything; because when we fight something, we only fight with the aspects inside ourselves that we have not yet accepted. It is time to return to who we really are: the light and the dark at the same time, the infinite possibility, the boundless imagination… THE UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.

Image: Pixabay

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