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Love Is Often The Question And Always The Answer

By on February 6, 2017 in Spiritual Awakening
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Love Is Often The Question And Always The Answer

by Adeana M. Slater,
Contributing Writer,

I have felt disappointment and rejection my entire life with lovers, parents, siblings, and friends. I can honestly tell you that I have had no experience as to what “true love” looks or feels like. I can only attest to society’s version of love, and I lived in that for years completely unhappy and unfilled. It was not because of my partner by all means. I was young and never learned how to give love to myself so I was truly unable to receive it from anyone else. All of that stemmed from childhood dysfunctional living and other relationships that I always felt like I desired from afar that never came into fruition.

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When there was half a chance to manifest my own personal hopes and dreams, I envisioned this needle or sharp pin coming in from the heavens to pop and negatively burst my bubble. It would happen to me time and time again. It got to the point that I “expected it” and maybe envisioned the sharpness of that needle each time, coming in to sabotage the love I was hoping to build or create. I used to say: “Why is it so hard? I just want to love and be loved.”

It was my own self sabotage of energy that crossed me. Pretty soon, as I stated above, I looked for it and then almost expected it. It was almost like an ingrained fear or warped expression of love. If it did survive for any length of time, perhaps it was to prove a point mostly to others, that it was in fact REAL.

So often we stay in such unhappy conditions or circumstances to prove a point to our self or others. It may even be society dictating to us what we should do and how we should act according to what is most accepted. Most of us can blindly move through this messy life we have made and settled in, only to appease those who are not currently living in our situation. That is exactly how the facade continues to yet another generation that will pick up this dysfunctional attribute and run with it to the next, the next after that, and so forth.

The lessons are endless and will be tailored to your specific situation. I learned to love myself. I found value in EVERY and ALL relationships, however permanent or temporary. We learn and grow from each situation and person who enters our life. It’s up to us to see the good and positive in all things since everything always happens for a reason. How did you grow? What did you learn? These values and attributes that we learn along the way from others, are key aspects to the permanent long term relationships we will form later on in life when we are mature enough to receive them wholeheartedly.

Be open to receive. Don’t hold a grudge that will leave you in a permanent state of loneliness. Love is the truth of our heart and soul. We just need to learn how to communicate it in a way and frequency that is universal and mutually understandable.

We are getting there… slowly but surely.

~Adeana M. Slater

About the author: Adeana M. Slater is an Empath and Lightworker who enjoys to write spiritual and inspirational articles in her free time. She is a single mother of four children and full time Registered Nurse.

Image: Pixabay

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