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Lucid Dream Abduction – The Matrix Is Real

By on September 5, 2019 in Exiting The Matrix with 0 Comments
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Lucid Dream Abduction - The Matrix Is Real

by Daegon Magus,
Contributing Writer,

Lucid Dream Abduction – The Matrix Is Real

I lived in it, ignorant of its true existence until 2012, when I was first taken out of it, to a world/ reality that was much more real and vivid than this one. I had been completely sober for at least a year prior to this experience, of all toxic substances, with the exception of alcohol that I had not had for at least a week before it.

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It was apparent to me at the time that this world, or reality, I had left was a dream, just like when I had awoken from what appeared to be a dream within it. I was aware of the body I am using to write this; I was aware of every minute detail of its existence right down to the fact that it was supposedly asleep in its bed, and every memory it had ever had while engaging in the dream we have come to know as reality.

I had been Lucid dreaming since a child for about 15 years prior to this fateful night, with the inclusion of several astral projection experiences, but this was unlike anything I had ever experienced. The only way to describe it would be to say it was more real this reality, which is my utter truth. Until this particular moment, I had lived a fairly healthy, albeit boring lifestyle, of which also included a healthy mental capacity (I had just finished an apprenticeship in electronics). Sure, I was into the metaphysical, and entertained thoughts inspired by the Matrix series of films, but I never took them seriously. This experience, which was to be one of many, changed all that.

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So, how did I come to get out of this matrix mind prison, we like to think of as our only reality?

Well, to be honest I had help. I could explain to you that I spent many years studying the concept of alchemy from the idea that the philosopher’s stone was the activation of the kundalini, that the metals were metaphors of the chakra points of the human body, and I don’t doubt this probably helped my subconsciousness, but from a practical perspective, I never really gave this much physical practice.

What happened on the 11th of May 2012, was that a group of “beings” abducted me out of a lucid dream and took me to a celestial courtyard that existed in another plane of existence, along with thousands of other people, one of which was the famous actor Jim Carrey, and another being my long since dead brother.

These beings appeared as Elderly men and women wearing hooded robes that masked their faces of which could only be seen in the males a long, grey beard protruding forth, hence I called them the Elder Guardians, as no name or mention of their origins was ever given (although for a time I suspected them as being either the True Rosicrucians or members of the Great White Brotherhood that I had read about).

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I was told of a spiritual amnesia that had been purposely designed to cut mankind off from its higher state of consciousness, which I was now using to perceive what was going on around me, and that I had been summoned here due to my abilities of navigating the lucid and astral realms, which had earned me the name of “Trick and Trip”.

I was also told that I (presumably my soul) was over 40 thousand years old, and that I had been part of a collective consciousness that had been sent to try and gather more information on how this spiritual amnesia operated, and who or what was responsible for it. It was evident that this tribunal had been a pre-planned event to gather the other consciousness’s involved with this intelligence gathering effort, to put forward a plan in which to combat it externally.

I was allowed converse with the other “people” in attendance, some of who were still trying to get their heads around what was happening to them. I knew from past experience with astral projection that upon “waking up” from this, that it would feel like it was just a dream, in which I instructed one of these people to “remember being here, talking to me and you will remember how real this all is”.

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Once I had contributed my part to the council of Elders, on the plan to re-correct the amnesia, a series of events ensued that led to my eventual “falling back asleep in this reality”.

Several months later I started having a recurring dream that eventually showed me the function of this spiritual amnesia in explicit detail, and in the third (if counting the recurring dream as one) experience a few years later I was shown where it all began to take place; that being “the fall”, after I was inducted into yet another secret group that existed in a plane somewhere in the orbital pathways of earth. These I called the unseen or unknown 5, in direct salute to the 5 members that were part of it. They seemed to be responsible for the monitoring of ultra-dimensional travel into and out of Terra.

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For a few years, these experiences eventually ceased until February this year, where I had another two of them only a week apart from each other.

The first of these two particular experiences dealt with an aspect that may become confusing without a thorough understanding of the circumstances surrounding the creator of the amnesia, thus I have left it out of this document (refer to the cult of Psaigreen), but the during the 2nd one I was once again abducted out of the dream by the leader of the Elder Guardians where he made it very clear to me that the world I know as being “real” – i.e., the one I’d just come from – was a false, or virtual reality.

The Elder leader had a very prolific discussion with me about the group he was from, known among the people in the outer real world as the renegades, or revolutionists, and told how they were the ones directly fighting those responsible for our mind prison. He told how the Elder Guardians had been cut off from making contact with those in the matrix by these malevolent beings, but they (the Elders) had access to technology which allowed them to “hack into it ” at times and disrupt parts of it from the inside.

I was told of how they were making great success with the plan of destroying the matrix from the inside out, in which our conscious would be transferred to a similar matrix for rehab before being completely freed, before being shown the horrific truth in regards to what actually happens when we sleep here; I was shown that in the outer reality we are drugged against our will and plugged into this collective consciousness matrix, in a similar way that an avatar joins an online computer game server. Our bodies are taken to an underground facility where we are stored under deep freeze while we sleep.

I was shown that when we fall asleep in this “reality” we actually wake back up in the real world, but before we are able to understand that we have been asleep, we are hijacked and sent through a military style facility designed to reprogram us into accepting the matrix as reality.

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Our consciousness data is monitored while we are asleep here, and special algorithms are devised from it that lock us in and make us reject the higher truth. Some of us are allowed back into the real world for whatever reason – usually to continue unavoidable duties – but those who are, are kept a close eye on.

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This place is the ultimate Orwellian society; slaves are brainwashed via hovering TV screens hourly into believing they need the ruling elite, and in turn do “chores” in return for their security. The whole setup is designed so that the lower class give their “consent” to be ruled, not really realizing there is another choice (sound familiar), as this circumvents the universal laws the rulers used to take power in the first place (this is extremely complex, and I will attempt to cover it in another document).

Due to one of the commanders coming to the understanding that “I had been talking to someone I shouldn’t have” (although he didn’t know who), I was sent to what appeared yet another false reality matrix that they were currently building; one where those who knew of the matrix were openly ruled by those who didn’t (the asleep controlled the awake). I was able to cause some disruption to this matrix and find the facility where our bodies were kept under deep freeze (that’s right, they have intentionally hidden them in a maze of realities), and which also appeared to house the mainframe to one of the matrixes.

After approaching this facility and finding my wife still asleep, I then decided to “go back in” to free her, which is when I woke up.

Daegon Magus

Image: Pixabay

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