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What Is Sleep, Why Is It Necessary And How Is It Being Used Against Us?

By on March 21, 2019 in Exiting The Matrix

What is Sleep, Why is it Necessary and How is it Being Used Against Us?

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by Daegon Magus,
Contributing Writer,

To understand this question, we must first understand what exactly our avatars are used for in this holographic reality we have been imprisoned in. Yes, they are a holding vessel for a limited version of our higher consciousness, but they have also been designed in such a way that they act as storage mechanisms for large amounts of data. This data is a collection of the information necessary to maintain operational control of the Matrix. From the moment we wake up in the morning, we begin recording this data into our minds memory receptors via the five senses. Essentially, what our controllers have built for us is a sensory system that records in minute detail our experience of the Matrix as it happens, that we pilot with the limited form of consciousness of which they have deliberately cut off all form of recollection from its source.


The reason for this is simple: our individual consciousness is a separate entity to that of the Matrix, but the Matrix depends on the perceptive awareness of each individual consciousness working in harmony for it to work. The Matrix, then, can be thought of as a gaming server that contains the levels necessary for multiplayer interaction, and the individual consciousness as a console that connects to that server and allows the player to join the game. If the information being processed by the server is not in synchronicity with that being processed by the server, lagging occurs where the perceived reality appears distorted.

To anyone familiar with FPS gaming, there were people who actually exploited this concept by deliberately altering their routers, so that in the multiplayer experience they would be harder to “kill” by others, their console avatars appearing as “ghosts”, whereby if you tried shooting at where they appeared to be, you would miss, due to the refresh rate of the coordinates representing their image being out of sync with those belonging to their actual location. More often than not, angry players would voluntarily exit the server as it made playing extremely difficult and frustrating. Ironically, anyone caught engaging in this activity was banned from entering these gaming servers by the people who ran them.

This is a perfect analogy to the Matrix we live in; it depends on every consciousness engaged in its experience to be in synchronicity otherwise “lagging” may occur and present anomalies that can be experienced by the other players that do not realise they are in the game. If the anomalies are strong enough, there is the possibility that a frustrated consciousness may decide to exit the server for want of an error free experience (notice the similarities with the subconsciousness intervening in the dream in the movie Inception). It is therefore pertinent that this Matrix server be monitored for potential errors, and the best way to do that is by recording and analysing each experience externally.

So where does sleep come in? Well, just like any storage device we are familiar with, our avatars have a maximum capacity of data that can be stored in one sitting, before such data needs to be transferred somewhere else then deleted so that new recordings may take place. The state of becoming fatigued is a flag to your avatar that it is running out of memory and needs refreshing. The fatigue flag runs a program that begins to shut down all sensory processing capabilities that eventually results in placing the consciousness into an even lower state of awareness, literally reducing it to that of a zombie. Here is where it gets frightening.

The Cabal have set up a processing facility on the other-side of this Matrix specifically designed to hijack a consciousness after it has filled its memory capacity, ie, when it falls asleep in this reality and awakens in the one above it. While the consciousness is in this zombie form of lower awareness, the subject is woken from their virtual reality experience in a holding room, and led through the processing facility, where their data is extracted, deleted, and program updates are installed designed to patch any errors found in the said data (very similar to how it is done in Westworld, only that the military and an ET faction are in charge of this facility.)

Sometimes, for whatever reason, but probably due to the length of time it takes to write a patching update to an avatar’s software, the zombie is allowed to regain the level of awareness associated with the world on the other side of the Matrix and left to interact with the other people who live there. Once the update has been written, however, they are once again abducted, reduced to the zombie level of consciousness, and led back through the processing facility, to the holding room where they are plugged back in to the VR experience.


But why would the Cabal go to all this effort? Well, there appears to some of galactic election taking place that dictates who obtains control of the Earth realm and its immediate surrounding areas. The ET race associated with the Cabal won this election a very long time ago, and have been manipulating the system so they can maintain control of our populace ever since. Due to a technicality, if they win this election again, they may stay in control until the next election, but if they lose, they will face exile for their trickery and will never again be allowed to sit as a candidate in future elections. It is basically up to them to prove the people want them in power, which is why so much effort is put into tricking us into giving consent to their agenda. They managed to build specialised infrastructure that cut off the rest of the races from these realms and prevented them from intervening. The unfortunate thing is, that the world beyond the Matrix where this election is taking place, is just another Virtual Reality experience keeping us trapped in a dream within a dream, but given the idea that every VR experience is just a copy of the one before it (based off Icke and the Gnostic concept of Yaldabaoth/ Demiurge), and given that this is a very similar situation as to what is unfolding in the VR we are experiencing, it is not unreasonable to assume that a similar situation is unfolding in the real world where the VR finally ends.

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If we are nothing but a program designed to decode a virtual experience, and that our thoughts are of a pre-programmed set of instructions designed to obey those rules, then how are some of us able to comprehend this programming? Those of us that have been able to awaken from the Matrix and experience the other side of it, are, in a sense, anti virus programs that have been created by a party external to the Cabal. The Elder Guardians are a faction of races that have identified the Cabal’s manipulation of our higher consciousness and have banded together as a sort of guerrilla force with the intent of openly fighting this manipulation with the end goal of completely deconstructing first this Matrix system, and the one it is contained in. They have appeared to us many times through-out history in the forms of the Great White Brotherhood and the True Rosicrucians, as well as other mystics, passing on the knowledge of this artificial reality so that it may once again be accessed by those on the inside of it.

They have a set of tools at their disposal that allow them to create zero days in the VR software and circumvent the restrictions being imposed on our consciousness. These tools can be used to embed deconstruction coding into various lines of texts and video, and even cloud imagery that interact with specific codes that have been implanted in Starseed DNA strings. The text, video and cloud codes are essentially activation mechanisms of a larger code, that lies dormant within all Starseeds that allows them to shed the restrictions imposed upon them by the Cabal and return to a higher level of consciousness. It is the Elder Guardians interacting with the VR through these tools that is responsible for things like synchronicity, ghosts, glitches etc. They are akin to the aforementioned people who manipulated their routers to deliberately lag their consoles during the multiplayer experience, and the Cabal do not like them because they cannot locate their zero days, no matter how much data they pour through, because The Elder Guardians are operating from a level even above them.

The word Rothschild is an example of one of these words that was implemented by the Cabal, so that those of that family holding the secret knowledge of how to rearrange the letters can exit this VR experience at will. For those familiar with magic squares and word reduction, this word works off the same principle, but one first has to understand how exactly these letters are built upon or reduced, otherwise it will not work. The first part of this reduction is to pull the R and the T down and to the left so that they are detached from the original word. By rearranging them with the other subtracted letters in a very precise order, they act as a mechanism that deconstructs the illusion kept up by the perception of our consciousness.

Once you have experienced the other side of this Matrix, it is impossible to consider it as being a true reality even when placed back in it. This is the reason why some Starseeds are being taken out of it and briefed by the Elder Guardians as to the nature of its existence; the Elder Guardians know that from that point on the Starseed will carry the memory of the other side with them back into their Earth avatar when their consciousness is put back by the Cabal. Their whole plan of deconstruction is based on the idea that the more consciousness’s these Starseeds affect with the antivirus (knowledge of the real world) the more havoc it will cause the Matrix server, until it becomes overloaded to the point of crashing.

There are two important things to note about the operational nature of the Matrix versus the programs embedded in our consciousness; the first is that the Matrix is under the control of an AI system, but our consciousness is under the control of the Cabal programmers. What this means is that the environment that we consider as being reality can change itself at will, but is entirely insulated from an individual consciousness interacting with it, hence quantum physics, where the light particle changes its behaviour when something tries to monitor it.

The second issue is that the Matrix is not bound by any operational control period, but each consciousness is. Ie, when this whole VR system came online, there was a mandate written that stated conscious awareness must return to its original higher state after a certain length of time, specifically as a measure to stop this very hijacking from happening. The Cabal figured out a loophole in that if they embedded a VR within another VR, then technically the consciousness’s contained within the first would never reach their predetermined ending, as a whole new form of consciousness was being created for the new VR.

This leads to a classic nesting effect, where the original ending of the program becomes lost as another VR takes its place and so forth. It is evident in the fact that we are on the pinnacle of a technological revolution in regards to AI/ Machine Learning and Quantum Computer advancement, that we are nearing the end of this particular simulation, insofar as our protecting mandate is concerned. The Cabal literally has us building the next mind prison for ourselves, in which people from this present Matrix system will begin voluntarily plugging into the next, and is grooming us into accepting it when it becomes operational.

Why else do you think they have everyone walking around with their eyes glued to their phones, or why they are installing 5G on every street corner? The next step is to move gaming from the console domain to the VR one (which they are already doing with devices such as Occulus Rift) and have people voluntarily engage in the next false reality. We are already at the level of building photorealistic software, the next step is to tether it conscious perception.

Once enough have become locked in, the game will be changed to a prison, then all that will be left will be the rounding up of those consciousness’s that have not yet accepted it and forcing them to take part. The irony is, that this is a world where those awakened will be left awakened to be ruled by those who are asleep. The Elder Guardians are working overtime to stop this from happening, and they are being met with a high success rate. They are obliged to help those who reject this illusion as being reality and can be sought by the internal seeking of the higher consciousness, which they will help the individual connect with after the required amount of commitment has been acknowledged.

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