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How Are Lunar Nodes In Cancer/Capricorn Affecting The Ascension Journey?

By on June 19, 2019 in Astrology with 0 Comments
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How Are Lunar Nodes In Cancer/Capricorn Affecting The Ascension Journey?

by Patrícia Teixeira,
Contributing Writer,

How Are Lunar Nodes In Cancer/Capricorn Affecting The Ascension Journey?

The Moon Nodes are points in the sky where the moon crosses the ecliptic: above the ecliptic creates the North Node and under the ecliptic creates the South Node. The Lunar Nodes are also responsible for the eclipses seasons and these happen in the signs where the Nodes currently transit. The North Node relates to the future, to the unknown, to our evolutionary intentions, what and where we want to learn and expand, so usually feels uncomfortable. Conversely, the South Node represents the roles and traits brought from the past to this life, it’s those old habits that we feel comfortable with. Our evolutionary journey is always colored by this tension between the past and the future.

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Since 2018 until May 2020, we are dealing with the North Node in Cancer and South Node in Capricorn. But what does this mean to our evolutionary journey? What does it mean for the collective? Where does this fit in the Ascension process?

South Node in Capricorn in one word symbolizes the conditioning from the patriarchy. Relates to society expectations, duties, rules, social constructs that limit and restrain us from expressing who we really are; they tells us life is very hard, a constant battle, that we have to work very hard to get somewhere and be someone. South Node in Capricorn represents the role performed in the world and its responsibilities. Its shadow side expresses oppression: the world abounds with it in its systems, society and hierarchies. As a collective, we are now working in deconditioning these old habits, beliefs and mental constructs.

The current lessons brought by the North Node in Cancer correspond with opening up, allowing oneself to become emotionally vulnerable and creating emotional inner security. It is to have that safe space where the inner child is finally nurtured and cared for. With North Node in Cancer, the collective intention until May 2020 is to develop this safe space and emotional security, form closer connections and have an attitude of more feeling and less thinking. It is being the parent to our own inner child, it is to welcome, include and tend for everyone regardless of our differences.

We are learning to accept our emotions, to deal and express them without judgement as we have learned that being strong equals not being sensitive nor dealing with emotions. We have been told emotions are a sign of weakness and now we are actually learning to recognize that strength actually means having the courage to feel, express and share those emotions. It is the courage to open our hearts and be vulnerable. Thus, we are being taught to open up, we are letting go of gender roles and stigmas, and limited and oppressive beliefs.


The Ascension journey is a process, it’s no longer possible to ignore our inner child. The point of this Cancer/Capricorn polarity is to create a balance between our role in the world, our obligations and emotional vulnerability and attending to our inner child. The objective is not to eliminate completely what the South Node in Capricorn can offer, it is to purge all of the old programming and conditioning but to maintain a healthy sense of responsibility, functionality and practicality that it also brings.

This current wave we ride is helping us reach a balance between the South Node and the North Node, between Capricorn and Cancer archetypes, between yin and yang, our social role and our emotional needs. Self care tops the list while we navigate through the year processing old wounds and its emotional consequences, this emotional processing is fundamental to our evolution and to the Ascension journey. It is important to feel through whatever comes up in order to the cleansing occur. Surrender, embrace and feel it. Healing comes next.

About the author: Patrícia Teixeira is a writer, author and astrologer from Porto, Portugal. Astrology is one of her favorite lifelong studies and has been part of her life for 17 years and counting. She is passionate about Evolutionary Astrology (EA) and is part of the translation team for the Jeffrey Wolf Green School of Evolutionary Astrology. She is a Leo Sun and Stellium accompanied by a Uranus, Pluto and Jupiter flair with Saturn earning an honorable mention.

Her mission involves spreading unique and uplifting messages that help one evolve and grow. Lover of sun, violins, cats, broccoli, and peas, she is currently drafting her first fiction book as well as giving Astrology consultations, and writing EA translations and contributions.  Follow Patricia on Instagram.

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