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Mass Empath Reincarnation

By on August 22, 2017 in Spiritual Awakening

Mass Empath Reincarnation

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by Olga Star,
Contributing writer,

You already may have noticed how many of us are ‘gifted’ with empathetic abilities. It’s a beautiful ability that lets us know how other people feel, it helps us to share joy on a more profound level, it lets us have insights into other people’s states and adjust our actions accordingly, it helps us to share other people’s pain and ease their emotional burden. People around empaths usually feel better understood. And those who have friends as empaths feel lucky to have them in their lives.


And if you are one of many proud parents to be, chances are very high that your little one will be an empath as well. Empath doesn’t stand for the planetary connection nor does it tell you the origin of your child’s-to-be soul. Empath is the ability or a gift if you like.

Though reincarnated angels and elementals are often referred to as empath, your little treasure can really be from any realm and any walk of cosmic life, human including!

Why is this happening? We are in the age of ascension when the Earth Seeds and many Star Seeds will be able to evolve even higher as one global consciousness. Empaths are the links to facilitate oneness. As the new-borns are now reincarnating with abilities ignited if you like, they will not need to go through the drama of many previous generations to understand what it means to be a human. They are here to know how others feel and with the knowledge how we should feel vibrationally and energetically speaking; even though yes, they will still would like to go through a human experience yet somewhat on a ‘surface level’. Based on the information they’ll sense, they’ll intuitively try to shift their friends and family member’s vibrations to more appropriate levels.

Think of empaths as connecting tissue, that facilitate oneness. That in turn will assist our improved, (even though somewhat infantile), telepathic communication on a global scale.

Empaths are very important in the process of awakening as well as connecting us with each other. As they are able to sense about us sometimes what we don’t quite identify, they are able to gently guide us to a better state even if only by reducing our pain and emotional confusion ever so slightly that we get just enough strength to move on and not to get stuck in our circles of negativity or emotional trauma, no matter how small or big that can be.

Please bear in mind, empaths are highly-highly sensitive and aware. If you feel your little one may be an empath and is suddenly acting out, check your state and see if there is anything within you that you are trying to suppress yet your child is picking up on and is acting it out. Obviously, you can’t be an ideal, perfect, smiley parent 24/7 or a friend in case your friends are empaths, just that with empaths children and empaths adults you need to learn to be more honest with yourself, and with your empaths as well.


If you have a friend who is an empath, try to be gentle when complaining or trying to offload the emotional burden. They really do feel how you feel, and they can’t help it but to try to make you feel better. If they don’t – they feel exactly the same way you do, but without any chance to improve the situation. Your emotional state is really your responsibility, and empaths are here to accentuate that as well as help you as much as they can. And those especially gifted may even help you to shift your vibrations.

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And if you are an empath? Learn to disconnect. Create a daily ritual of disconnection or a brief ‘me’ time place, where you can sit and concentrate on how you, yourself feels. It will help you to learn your own true state which is so important for you to maintain, and it will also help you to be better guided with your gift, your empathic abilities.

Lots of love and light,
Olga Star

Spiritual teacher

Image: Pixabay

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