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Unity Consciousness – Metaphysical-Historical Perspectives

By on April 23, 2017 in Spiritual Awakening

Unity Consciousness - Metaphysical-Historical Perspectives

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by Angel V. Ornedo Jr.
Contributing Writer,

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You have learned in the first part about the olden civilizations  and the ‘Earth Chroniclesir?t=bcp11wh33 20&l=am2&o=1&a=1591432014’ of  Zecharia Sitchin  details how the Anunnaki  lived on earth, from the former ruler of Nibiru-Alalu to new ruler Anu who deposed Alalu. Alalu reported the existence of gold on Earth.  1,500 to 10,000 square kilometers of civilization carbon dated 200,000 BC in Port of Maputo, Southern Africa, deported Gods Enki and Ninhursag lived but the control center is in Nippur and Shuruppak metal center in Sumer from their arrival 450,000 BC led by God Enlil.  They landed on earth via their Orbiter, our ‘ lunar rover’ from a mother ship above.  If you will not believe these mining camps, what else will you believe.  Visit the stone buildings and home ruins and the vast mining sites.  Visit the internet and see it.  They came for our gold as reported by Alalu, mined our seas and decided that land mining in Africa generates all the gold they require to rebuild their dying Nibiru planet similar to our ransacked earth. We failed to use the appropriate technologies creating global, warming coming from ozone holes as a result of  chemical poisons from industrialization, use of fossil fuel and nitrous oxide-methane from commercial animal farming. Their real purpose is destruction of our environ.   In the year 300,000, Enki and Ninhursag, developer and medical scientist, researcher manipulated human genes, genetics and recorded this cloning as the creation of men, Adam and Eve. We call them gods Nephilim,  the beings from the heavens. Enlil, the ruler raided the mining camps and took several humans as his slave for agriculture and household help in Edin at his step buildings, his home, the reason why the God walk with men.  The ice age or the glacial period in 200,000 regressed the human, h0m0 sapiens development.  The Anu after the ice age intermarried with women of earth that annoyed ruler Enlil creating the Caucasian race, a breed of the Anu, from Lyra constellation of Caucasian origin and humans.  The Anu portrayed that event, recorded in clay tablets as the creation of men.  They have to make themselves God.

The dark races had their wars as Marduk, Enki grandson stole the nuclear weapons in several cities and destroyed their Sumer civilization to usurp power from the Enlil gods. Yes, we call them Gods as they promoted themselves, made us subservient to their teachings, we call today “commercials and religion.“  Almost all religions emanated from them.  Anthropologists  and  archaeologists are sure these events are localized at the Red Sea area where the carbon nuclear war wastes are still there after more than 3,400 years of nuclear bombings destroyed the place. The claim of PH bishops of 2,000 years of their existence of religion is so absurd as they are not in good terms with PH president elected by majority of Filipinos and 85% supported by the populace on his administration after almost a year in office. Again the Europeans believe what the dark says reproduced these years in PH vs. drug wars, again a form of addiction to control humans in this part of the planet.

The carbon remains and foot prints are confirmed where the bombings happened. Enki Anu favored a pet tribe and asked him to relocate  in far,  far away area from the fallout of  nuclear radiation and the group is listed as our forefathers, darker skinned humans, Abraham not the Caucasians from other races.  The dark beings suck our energy and make us extract minerals for their dying planet.   Like the Archons and Dracos who live in planets of polarized negatives at their homes, Nibiru is thrown out of  orbit caught by the gravity of our solar system. Their home planet has good positive beings but those on earth are of the dark, minor princes and princesses.  We are good copiers, liked  their negative system where they promoted themselves to God,   Lords, Kings or Queens.  We also did copy.  How we worship and adore royalty and the lords. We have them in the 21st century, corny.   On my account, since childhood I have been telling my teachers when we can abolish this kingship as this is nonsense.  Why do we have to fund their lavish living and call them fantastic names in the 21st century, celebrity of sorts when their looks are sometimes worse.   Humans are similar in actions, we love adoration and being emulated as we copied verbatim their systems, as it is apparent some reptilian genes are mated with us.


Thru a reed wall, so as not to betray King Anu at their home planet, God Enki-Ea, the scientist, engineer, developer and planner whispered to Utnapishtim-‘Noah’ his human pet, in Sumer, about an incoming melting mountain peaks as high as 4+ kilometers,  as seasons are really changing, from ice age, glacial  to a return to water form in their part of the planet at Sumer,  which is never the intention of  the 3D Gods. Humans cannot control ice age.   Our scientists confirm this glacial period based on borings and core sample tests in  Antartica.  They take this opportunity to destroy humans and eliminate competition from awakened humans via their weather control machines, accelerate destruction of human population, earlier than nature scheduled it to happen.  At this period of earth’s evolution, people are hungry as agriculture is dead, buried in snow and the walking  God Enki allowed men to fish at the seas for food when it was a banned act to eat food from the seas by Anu. God Enki fished himself with his cruiser speed boat,  brought fishes, a boatload for Utnapishtim’s  tribe to avoid hunger and death to his pets.

Anu have their own room controlling and heating machines in their step buildings and pyramids still unexplained by Anthropologists today.  The Archons and Anu are advanced in their technological civilization.  Remember they come from 4-5th  frequency dimensions in their home planets, where we intend to graduate hopefully in the next  year or century. That is something only collective consciousness can control.  For some of us, the shift or ascension is around.  Some of us are graduating definitely. Heating and cooling technology at our homes in winter  are part of  our  lives, so as the  Archons.  They love to live on earth as they have slaves everywhere who die for them on the hour.  For them ice age is death for all humans as they can simply fly in their jets, orbiters and flying machines to ride to  their home ship hovering above earth in case flood waters will cover their step buildings.  Simple for them as they are so few, ultra- manageable.

Eating  fishery  products  is similar to later acts of   ‘God’s allowing the eating of hogs and included in false writings of the Council of Nicaea where they created Jesus Christ, aka Apollonius Tyannaeus, Yeshua ben Joseph or Paul in one persona called Jesus and a whole story written by two brother-scribes of Rome in 325- 357 AD to control the growing Christian occult. Genesis allows only fruits, seeds, grains and plant products.  For myself and family we believe that there must be one or several anointed ones to assist  humans  prepare for a raised vibration.  Our choices are plenty, call the assistance of  causal  spirit bodies of  Sananda,  Sanat Kumara, guardian angels and Ascended Masters  who are millions of  evolutionary lives advanced than any human.  Their experience can be applied to Earth dense situation than a fiction of imagination of Constantine.  God  has created fragments of light beings, advanced spirits to assist the universe.


Flooding Mesopotamia-Sumer is a fear concept and Enki  designed a submarine (not a boat floated by religion as the boat design will tumble and roll and get destroyed easily and break to pieces against hydrostatic power of water,  opined by my architects and structural engineer partners and Enki God) to save his pet family  tasked to build it from abundant timber applied with abundant asphalt, caulk as waterproof.  Submarine is a slippery form that moves with current like our deep ocean submarines that carry nuclear weapons which can be launched from the seas.  Again the religious teachings are falsified as they know only a ship those days, a submarine design is beyond their brains.   I worked half of my life with structural engineers and architects where we designed and built high and low rise structures.  Designs are made to withstand structural defects due to forces of nature like hydrostatic power of water and earthquakes.  In watery area, the submarine design for building  foundations flourish.

Humans are treated worse than our own pet native dogs and cats as we are slave labor for mines, household, and agriculture that faded in this incoming ice age. If you have seen Hollywood films on exodus and the ten commandments of Cecil B de Milles, that is how we lived.  Compare us with water Buffalo,  Carabao  or Tamaraw,  slaughtered when they are old,  dislocated and damaged, useless to their owners.  It is good if you are a pet, an expensive dog that has to live in air-conditioned or heated room, still disposable at owner’s caprices and desires the moment the pet makes a mistake like the Hebrew Vizier in Exodus.

The Anu  have the weather prediction technology with their space ships hovering Earth similar to present day space stations and analyze weather patterns of melting snow and natural disasters common in our daily broadcast at MSM- BBC , CNN, Asian News.  A third world PH has these technologies to predict weather.  Both the east and western countries participate in this satellite weather stations and we understand how it happens.  Archeologist unearthed the Great Library at Alexandria in 2004 of Egypt.   Nineveh of  Mosul, Iraq and Turkey ages ago are also unearth and these information are reproduced in monuments and step buildings, preserved in stone tablets for incoming humanity to behold the power of the dark Anu Gods, the shapeshifters. What we read are falsities fed to generate fear thus worship them as Gods.  They are as many as the English alphabet, Anunnaki  to Zeus and the likes of  Yahweh, Inanna, Isis, Thoth, and Enki and Enlil …   King Anu  loves the fear factor and even made Gods like Hades in underworld for a total fear and anguish effect to humans.  We carry this type of religious worship to the 21st century Anno Domini, In the Year of our Lord (not after death as promulgated for lies).  Wow, terrible tragedy of tragedies.  They make it appear that they made the flood.  Flood is natural cleansing and healing system and this disaster is similar to earthquakes, storms, typhoons, tsunamis and tornadoes which present US and Russian technology have these weapons of destruction, weather tampering devices, accelerating the destruction effect of  disasters from electromagnets to microwave enlarged power war machines.   Microwave guns of Russia have the power to devastate countries.

At PH present day, cabal loggers cut the trees in Ormoc City and Agusan  are without the natural nature cover of trees for our mountains and  the low lying plants that cover the land.  Last 10 years, heavy rains come as nature brings it, water-flood came thundering down the lowland killing more than 3,500 humans  similar to the middle eastern flood more deaths than 911. The Tacloban cyclone killed more than 6,000.  A mess-fear factor created by  loggers  for money  similar to the fear factor of 9-11,  killing more than 3,000 humans at the twin towers in NY, USA created by  Bush cabal administration.  Human actual killings are more in Sudan, 200,000, Iraq and Syria,100,000+.

In God’s  INFINITY ways, they come to cleanse the earth, a ‘computer program’ routine for the Supreme Creator. The dark however destroys the pristine environment of the planet with their war and destruction technologies to complete the fall of Earth on her axis and be out of orbit similar to their Archon planets.  The planet that went out of original orbit and thrown to outer space is a planet they call  Nibiru-Marduk caught in the Solar system’s orbit. Marduk is the minor dark prince that released 7 nuclear bombs in the cities of Nippur and Shuruppak at Sumer. These archons destroyed our fiber in that part of Earth, our will as perfect human vessels with a soul-spirit and made us subservient to their whims and caprices.  But they had several colonies outside of Sumer like Africa and South America, Peru and Ecuador where gold, nickel and silver mining flourished  and these fools divided the earth amongst themselves.  Marduk won when he unleashed the nuclear bombs and was declared the ruler, king, Lord of Earth,  the royalty of heaven placed on the planet as the constellation sign changes. We are changing again to Aquarius.  Wait till the Republicans destroy their part of the world in a quarrel with North Korea and China. Our collective consciousness and free will can stop these nonsense of  cabal leaders.  Awaken.

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They mined all places like Africa,  Europe and Asia.  They have advanced laser weapons and flying machines like US, Russia, Ukraine and China today which destroys human warriors by thousands that lost their favor.  Advanced laser weapons and machine guns destroy swords, bows-arrows at the olden times creating awesome miracles of disastrous proportions.  Humans call them Gods of course for fear and destruction on human lives, as we are uneducated or less knowledgeable  on weaponry.  Subservient native rajahs and kings are awed by the prowess of the Gods. They smite disfavored humans and ruled the ancients with fear factor to gain control and obedience.  What do we expect from illiterate humans awed by flying machines, machine guns and laser weapons. We have them today.   We call them Gods and we are awed by Mr. A or E or Z are flown to heaven thru a fire spewing flying eagle and is returned back by the flying eagle back home in a few days.  You would not believe it but the space neighbors who have gravity control and light space ship technology to visit other stars and suns look at us  as  primitive  beings evolving to class A civilization.


At the 21st century we have unearthed, excavated step buildings and pyramids around the world, from America to Crimea. The biggest sized pyramid is in Mexico called Iglesia de Nuestra Senora de los Remedios  sited on top of a pre-Columbian pyramid at the archaeological site of Cholula, Puebla. The pyramid has almost twice the volume of the more well-known Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt. It’s also wider and shorter. Giza in  Egypt is 138 M, taller against 66 of Choula. Construction technology of pyramids is discovered in writings in Egypt 2013, at the wharf of Wadi-al Jarf, 4500 years before us managed by Khufu’s brother in law Vizier  Ankhaf. Imagine one block of  rock is seven tons and how it is lifted is unwritten,  only for technology to unearth similar to the use of anti-gravity machine technology use by kids in US in schools sold for $500 as play skateboard. They bump each other of course, like the bump automobile. Disclosure of technology is not one of the gifts of negatives. Our present Anthropologist and Archeologist are explaining to humans the purpose of these control towers and buildings, office and control of humans. Crimea unearthed a pyramid in their soil, 2015.

Source, All That Is, is  everywhere, He does not walk with us but is within us, as fragments of Infinity. Those shapeshifters convert themselves to 3d density and walk with humans as Gods.  Never be lied upon nor believe that the God, Source walks with men. HE IS WITHIN US.  All That Is lives within us in our consciousness.  If we agree on the present mandate of Source, we act as channels/speakers of the sages and higher beings  from 5d and higher dimensions  thus awakening  us from deep sleep or  amnesia.  The deepest slumber of humanity is over and we are prepared to attain Oneness with the Creator.  We understand who we are, why we are sent in all places of the universe. Christ Consciousness and Grandfather Adamu, both  said we are knowledge transferors in some planets of the Milky Way Galaxy.  We are one of the best seeds  of  Source, human perfection of  All That Is in  creation.  We are privileged to transfer it to other suitable universal planets ready to accept humanoid  growth and development  all for the experience of the Supreme Creator.  Again, we are fragments of God and exist only in his thought.

Unity consciousness taught by the Supreme Creator was lost.  The concept of ONE is obliterated and humans are all working for survival.  At the 21st century, we are still tools of  negatives polarized beings and majority of us work as slaves at minimal wage rates said to be the highest they can afford to pay.  All ideologies tested do not work as they are forms of slavery of  99.99% of people.   We work six days a week to sleep the whole Sunday and prepare the body for an arduous task ahead while being sucked of our energy while we sleep. During my youth I worked on Sundays depriving me of sleep, fully exhausted while I work.  When we retire after 65 we are still sucked of whatever energy we have. I had two years, 2013-14, fighting the dark suckers and casting them away from my presence and that of my family.   That is our real life, our own individual reality of sufferings and lack. Dr. Georgi Stankov  calls it light body processes, life’s trials and sufferings and this is part of training of planetary ascension for us.

Visionaries said that people should be the creative ones, CREATORS, Immortal Creators,  should  devote 2- months  work annually as we live in a very abundant planet.  We have got to work for abundance these days.  People who had visions of year 3994-4,000 AD, life is transparency and unconditional love.  That is in5d what some minority humans are working for today like the planetary ascension team of  Dr. Georgi.  They must be humans who have been left in the old earth after several millions of  positively polarized beings  ascended to 5d or 6d.  Those reading these historical perspectives must get the queue and prepare for the definite program of Source of All That Is as pronounced by several inspired humans,  what we call true channels of Source and Ascended Masters.  Olden books says  inspired  humans or channels today are  destroyers of civilization, fake visionaries as we do not believe what they said, olden reproduced records.  Who is who then? Believe what you like to believe, that  is your will.  Source gave us free will, that is truth.  Unlucky or not, my earth family  live in  3d,  99% of us  believing in olden controlled religion and I am crazy to the looks of many,  spiritual and metaphysical wise, part of the .0001%.  It is good my family did something for the good of humanity in this part of Asia, creating livelihood to more than 50,000 humans and exporting for PH some $500,000 goods to the world monthly and teaching positive actions and deeds.  If that is not enough for the lifetime of a human, what can be more an exciting  hard and terrible life to live on earth with lack of sleep, averaging 4 hours.  At 72 I have 7 hours sleep, praise Infinity.


Deceptions made humanity fodder and slaves for the dark. Weekly ceremonies of offerings in step buildings are mandatorily required at pain of death. We are only work animals to these dark forces. Humans are required to offer all gold, silver and selected longevity plant foods of the palm on land  and algae variety from the seas as they are exclusively built possessions of the Gods. You hoard it and death will fall on you and your family as they did in Egypt and Sumer. Death happens to inventors of new technologies today as they will make obsolete the fossil fuel industry and the human control methodology of the dark.  We now discover coconuts, VCO, spirulina and dates to be nutritious food, fit for men to eat and not limited to the Gods. They make your life longer, nutritionists said. They vilified coconut oil as a disease maker and killer by big pharma, USA and Europe soya industry. The truth is virgin and natural coconut oil is medicine for all diseases, now a fad in Japan and Europe. How in the universe  of men they are served to the Gods only and  it is unlawful for humans to eat.  They are only good for the Anu table.   You will not die if you eat them as cancer and other diseases  die when you eat these foods, even cures dementia and Alzheimer, says Dr. Fielding and other medical researchers.  The humans at coastal areas at Pacific islands thrive on coconuts and live long lives in paradise greens and beaches. Hawaii and Bohol islands, wait for us and give us a chance to live in paradise green with beaches.  Green juices of pure native greens and vegetables are their nourishing drink. PH is blessed with Moringa-Malunggay, the pharmacy at your backyard, with spinach and  broccoli and pineapple and honey, blended,  drink is  cure all nutrition for humans.  You can count on it. Try.

Copies of the hieroglyphic and picture writings in monuments and palaces are all reproduced verbatim from the picture writings, a publicity stunt, present day ‘commercials’ of the Anunnaki.  Zecharia Sitchin  in his 25 years of archeological studies, confirmed these findings written in his 7 volume books with picture writings. They are verified  by  European Archeologist, mostly British and Germans, found, dug specifically in the countries of Southern Iraq, Iran, Turkey and  Mesopotamia-Sumer.  Start analyzing and learn what is truth and what are lies. Are they commercials or history of slavery!

The stories of deception, false information and control of human population made unity consciousness difficult to attain nor understand by awakening  soul-spirits.  Speak of Oneness and you are considered crazy or nut.  We will prevail as humans are created fragments or spark of Source Energy. The Supreme Creator or Founders who transfer knowledge, wisdom and technology to the multifarious planets of  the Milky Way  are within us,  within our hearts and minds. Realize we are fragments of God, and privileged to be knowledge transferors to other planets of the Milky Way and the universe.  Why do you think the seven sisters of Pleiades, the Sirius sun and the citizens of Arcturus are here to help us ascend?  The simple reason is we are a member of their  sun and star systems,  a family of advanced light beings, we are family and all families help each other. Remember we are volunteers helping earth and humanity rise to higher consciousness.    We try to avoid  hearing nor believe these facts from Lyra Constellation, nor the assistance provided by Pleiades, Sirius and Arcturus as we state that these suns and planets have no human or intelligent beings like us.  These are statements of lies and deception to make us look stupid, slaves, the program of  Archons.  We keep on saying that we are alone instead of being members of the galactic family of stars.  A Roman Pope  says otherwise as Rome has two telescope systems, one in Vatican, Italy and another in Mexico.  Some of us have awakened to Unity Consciousness past our desires of service to others nor the one sided desire for ourselves loving self alone and have dominion over others.  A leader of religion happened to be on the wrong side of the fence who joined the crazy bunch, so they say.    He learned that there is such a thing as high powered telescopes that magnifies our regular eyesight allowing us to see what the universe holds.

Awaken and start  learning what unity consciousness is all about.  Learn it from Christ Consciousness,  Adamu and our spiritual guides.  They are all here to assist us remember who we really are.  Ask for their assistance. The diamond  light within,  fragment  light of  Source is within all of us.  Unconditional  love and  light  will crystallize our mode of thinking  and raise our consciousness to the next higher phase of  dimension.  We are here to raise the consciousness of Earth and humanity.  Clasp, hold it,  the truth of LOVE AND LIGHT  is within your reach.

Love and light,
Angel V. Ornedo Jr.

About the author:   ANGEL V. ORNEDO JR.,  MBA, CPA, teaches acts of love, light and unity consciousness. With capitalists, he had created livelihood in Industrial Estates  in SE Asia and Middle East. He hails from Philippines.  Link with him at or connect at  Barnes and Noble, Xlibris and  ‘Knowing the Infinite Creator.’

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