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Introduction Of Historical But Metaphysical Perspectives

By on April 20, 2017 in Spiritual Awakening
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Introduction Of Historical But Metaphysical Perspectives

by Angel V. Ornedo Jr.,
Contributing Writer,

Twenty five years ago,  I had full interest on anthropological and archaeological reports and writings of different authors as a result of my junior-senior high subjects memories on world history  in 1960-62 years that emphasized the Egyptian Pharaonic period and that of a certain God Ra who lived with the pharaohs and taught them the Law of One.  Instead the pharaoh and the priests kept the knowledge for themselves and left the people illiterate on medicine, astronomy, other scientific disciplines and spirituality. The leaders are negatively polarized so the learned 5d teachers on 3D vessels Ra family left.   Alexandria of Egypt is an archive of historical significance opening our minds and providing us the truth in terms of  what we are being taught in schools are appropriate or not. The best is yet to come from Alexandria as they decipher all records available to Anthropologist are made public and part of the library are rediscovered in 2004.

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With this background,  I give you my latest  25 years of studies and readings which are all remarkable for all of us who would like to learn or teach where we came from and where we are going and who we really are though they are not chronologically presented as they come to my mind from inspired origin or intuition. Some are in forward statements but generally they are all historical with metaphysical perspectives.  It all starts with negatively polarized  beings  who are not welcome on earth by humanity.  Solid evidence from great libraries, ancient land and buildings, ruins left by non-earth colonizers cannot be denied. I visited some of them that amazes the mind. Believe it or not as you have free will.

A million years ago, the negative beings made it appear that humans are dumb  hominids  as they have written in hieroglyphs and picture writings in Mesopotamia- Southern Iraq, Turkey and Egypt in clay tablets, caves, stones, obelisks and rock  monuments.  Some of these stone-clay tablets are in UK and New York museums. My family saw them in person in UK confirming my studies.  Negatively polarized beings made sure the human brain is blocked to perform only minuscule jobs, like mining and slave tasks without question, as we have amnesia they implanted blocking genes on our perfect mind and bodies.  We are cloned, carried for ten months in the wombs of nine Anunnaki  female ‘Gods’  made subservient to serve their ends, so the tablets of stones said.   Read ‘Énuma Elish’ and be amazed how we are brainwashed for eon by succession of alternating negative oriented races of Lyra, Draco, Orion, Sirius and other planets of nearby constellations. The bright star Vega of  Lyra  constellation  was first on earth due to her nearness 23+light years to us who had the positive integrative point polarity for earth beings, the best news we have for that historical period,  are very  welcome to earth humans.  The Lyra negatively polarized beings  came to our planet that brought  sufferings, wars and fears to the populace.  Vegans, outnumbered, outfought,  left the planet as the negatives are more powerful in terms of dominion, power over others, common to our end of days, NOW.

Olden books written in testaments including those propagated by Emperor Constantine of the Roman Empire, 325-357 A.D. at Council of Nicene-Niceae,  318  bishops congregate from a thousand invited, wrote lies to make them subvert human talents and utilize the Christian belief for  control.  Christianity had grown to a movement that can create problems for the empire.  The  Romans  wrote and inculcated false beliefs adopted and made  Christianity the religion of the empire for power over others. This strategy jumpstart the control of the growing Christian movement, originally both of the  Sects of Mother or Father God creation stories.  They spin beliefs, testaments, 3 sets of records made for different beliefs, rituals produced including the last father, son and spirit concepts when we all know there is only one Source Energy, The Supreme Creator and no other thing is truth.  Men cannot create gods, but  the Romans created Gods.  The Greeks are first in this God creation concept,  made so many of them for  adoration and worship. Historian Philostratus, 30-90AD had this on record at Alexandria of Egypt, dug,  discovered in 2004.

We are perfect creations of All That Is, and we have evolved over billions of years.  The truth is there is a Supreme Creator, an Intelligent Energy,  Infinity or Founders of fragments that creates the universe and all beings.  Humans are fragments of God,  light  fragments,  became dense and made carbon bodies, humanoids.  This is a continuing event throughout the whole universe where there are 3d planets and humanoids that lived and flourished. At Earth’s atmosphere,  there are martyrs, advanced souls, anointed ones and our space relatives who volunteered to raise earth and humanity’s consciousness after it has fallen or placed out of orbit when stricken by a lost planet and her moons.  Colonization of earth by other beings made us who we are and another big shift is happening to our planet, the raising of consciousness.  There is an ïn-situ” in-place  ascension, the first in the universe that will make us the cog, raise  the consciousness of planets and universes to one or two notches higher on their way seeking ALL THAT IS.  The universe is so huge beyond our human minds capacity to understand and Source simply made light fragments of  Himself for his delightful experience, in HIS thought.


Several billion years of evolution, Source created sentient beings planetary, star, galaxy systems and carbon based creations.  Scientists say creation or big bang is 13.6B years. The spiritual teachers say each one passes thru frequencies and dimension to graduate to their perfect form to ONENESS or be part of the whole . The stars and the suns seemed to be perfection of all creation, representatives of light beings.  It is the destination of planetary consciousness and our planet earth and that of the Solar system where we belong.  Look at Jupiter it must be transforming to gas form and can be a candidate for star hood, to wholeness.   It is the Source ways of knowing Himself from a unique form He wants.  Each one is raised to the next higher vibrational consciousness in a continuing fashion, Infinity, till creation recognize we are one whole Being with All That Is.  Earth is a living sentient being while humans at 3d are carbon based creation on a dense environment with a light structure, a soul spirit within.  The human form is a way of experiencing Himself thru us what He calls a fragment of light, fragmentation from a prism of light. The rainbow is a typical example of  creation from prism and conversion to dense form to solidity in illusion.

Colonization from other star systems happened several million years on Mother Earth, long before these dark souls came and saw us the perfect compassionate beings that we really are. These colonizers of the polarized negative beings alternated to make humans work animals, manipulated and controlled.  From eon to the 21st century, the practice was carried on, copied in the Americas by white cabal Caucasian. This was done to the aborigines, the other colored races of red, yellow, brown and black.  The dark colors for humanity are created as they are suited to tropical and hot climate. The most popular of these beings,  ArchonsAnunnaki,  generic term for the dark, came to mine gold and silver of Mother Earth, abuse and ransack her blood and breath in terms of the earth integral type we call fuel from fossil oil, gas, black sand, tar and everything, flowing water and blood of earth, utilized by the dark to make wealth till the planet is suffocated to death.  They use this Earth ‘material’ as energy when they know of  free Photon energy.  Negative beings use earth materials to create a grandiose living for themselves alone,  for their exclusive use while they trample us.  The Archons made a systematic destruction of the planet in all material forms using energy and humans as destruction agents.

We know that everything is  ENERGY EXCHANGE  or the changing of forms from one energy to another and the flowing energy from Sol and the Central Sun provides us a continuing source of energy where humans can exchange free energy to other forms. In simple words, water in liquid form turn to ice or glaciers to gas and back to liquid water. This truth is known and made available in the 21st century, our times and we are learning and getting awakened. You can awaken.

Eons ago, Earth falls off her axis and revolution from the Sun, a result of collision with a hurtling Nibiru planet and her moons breaking her to two.  The other half turned to asteroid belt as a result of planet and their moons collision billion years ago as written in stone tablets. A planet,  Maldek near Mars and Earth  had terrible holocaust from nuclear wars resulting in destruction and was the first asteroid  material destroyed by negatively polarized beings.  Earth’s  fall  is the history drawn and written in hieroglyphs recited from writings at step buildings and temples.

Anthropologists, archeologists, hundreds of them are right in their lifetime studies where they devoted their lives to make our civilization better fit by knowing history from artifacts and relic, carbon dated more than 200,000 years ago. The past serves as the foundation of the future,  truth,  falsity or colonization commercials, that we will find out as we evolve. Most technology of today are from the past hidden from us.    Some dark beings of the Anu race   pretended to be the God-creator of Earth, and recorded in stones for history and control that they created the human form.  They are cut off from Source light and human energy is their alternative source.   They simply operate like mosquitoes, leeches and vampire bats attacking you in darkness.  Future perspectives based on these antiquity and recorded facts provided by scientists gave us a base to move on.  They are 4D based or living in shadows.

Religion who says they are 2,000 years old or less in later negatively polarize created beliefs cannot be a substitute for recorded truth and history  which is tampered to fully exploit human energy.   Humans, influenced or cloned turned negatives took the cudgels for Archons and continued the pillage of earth.  Per stone tablets, they mated with humans and loved it as we turned as beautiful or ugly as they are, dependent on the beholden who appreciates what beauty is.


Source energy  created the universe on a positive and negative charge, we call them electromagnetic energy where perfection is reached by attaining the integration of the two points into the integrative point of balance. Our scientists excel on this with an explanation that it is electricity and how it is created.  The Universal Law is explained best by Dr. Georgi Stankov and those who would like to be enlightened can visit his site.  For myself,  what is best is simply open your minds and  soul  as God is within  your being.

Lyra constellation is as close as 23-30 light years away from us and is full of higher vibration beings.   Lyra and Vega Beings are our ‘parents’ or origin, in fact most of the nearby planets near their constellation are seeded from Lyra.  The “Lyra Prism” of fragmentation created the Intelligent Energy, the Founders group that made dimensional 3d-4d creations possible with their thoughts.  From thoughts, Supreme Creator or Founders  created the positive and negative energy charges which integrate into one dependent on the choice of  the creation, the created beings.

Majority of  Lyra beings of Caucasian bearings chose the integrative negative position and the  bright star Vega beings  of  darker countenance also belonging to the Lyra constellation took the integrative positive position.  This resulted in continuing wars of the stars and the planets where the influence swept the Milky Way galaxy dependent on who colonizes first a planet. Scientist call this effect or creation electromagnetic energy.  Orion star planetary beings are traumatized by colonization extending their reach to earth by the Vega positives.  Later the Lyra negative beings came to earth with their love for self, evolved to dominion over others what we know today as the power over others.  Orion star ‘resistance’ beings incarnated on Earth as they are chased by the negative polarized beings of Lyra for destruction and death. Those who incarnate on earth are subject to forgetting or amnesia thus the Lyra negatives cannot trace the location of the Orion resistance beings.  They have attained light language and telepathy making them connected by thought.  There is a continuing fight on Earth, our planet on whose consciousness will prevail to an integrative point of the two polarities.   Let us make our collective consciousness prevail, on the positive note, our real desire for a higher consciousness in our evolutionary search for Whole or Oneness.  Choose positive integrative point to point of balance.

Lyssa Royal, awakened lady author, has this to say on the expansion of Lyra to Orion:  “The Orion drama is not an experiment done to someone by someone else.  Those who choose to be part of Earth transmutation do with their Free Will.  This transmutation and Integration will affect the entire galactic family created through the Dimensional Infusion. This would initiate the beginning processes of the Integration back through the Prism of Lyra. Integrated polarities can thus be termed the “Orion Light. ”  “The crucial stage is occurring presently upon the Earth–the mass reawakening of millions of souls to a greater spiritual purpose….. ““Humanity does not have the ugliness and pain of a tormented past to the extent that the Orions had. As Earth reawakens, all the tools become visible for humanity to claim responsibility for the Whole and the Self.”

Free will is the new desire and experience of God and thus transmutation and integration is what we have been quoting in yesteryears, for myself  since 12 years old. Our planet is the cog of raising by a notch or two the consciousness of every planet and sentient beings in the universe.  Let us work for it, imagine that honor and responsibility brought and given  to Earth by the Source of All That Is, raising the consciousness of everyone, every being in the universe! Humans bring knowledge to the universe.

Humanity has suffered colonization from Lyra beings, we call Archons-Anunnaki,  the 500+  years of dominion, domination of the Roman Empire,  the religious wars of domination and in the 20th-21st century, slavery-control thru religion, politics, monetary control and consumerism.  Orion beings were terribly disadvantaged creating resistance to get away from Orion Stars, their home planet.  For Lyra colonizers, our experience is not as bad as theirs but we have to be awakened for us to unify and raise our consciousness similar to our satellite  planet on her way to in5d, the heavens.   We cannot tolerate kingship, worship of many gods or dominion on humanity as we are all equal in the eyes of All That Is.


The story of  Sanat Kumara, the ‘Lord of the World’ is the most amazing channeled and inspired information.  Kumara predate the story of the Archons that happened after the fatal collision of earth Tiamat with an ‘invading planet and moons’,  billion years says  C. Leadbeater1925 visionary.   Sanat  Kumara (King) is the ruler of Venus, in light crystalline form, our twin planet and when the Earth is left to go to nothingness by the Council of the Cosmic Consciousness,  Sanat  alone volunteered to save planet Earth. Later, his 144,000 family members, ‘lightworkers’ joined him to save the planet and restore it to the road of light consciousness when humans lost their touch with God’s consciousness.  For years I have read about the 144,000 lightworkers taken as astronauts,  star seeds  or  light warriors in various publications as fascinating of the King of Kings stories. In some stories they pioneered being humans. These 144,000 thousand warriors-lightworkers appear in the pyramids of Egypt, at the Gobi desert, at the Middle Eastern countries and stories are woven of their deeds of righteousness,  or their individual examples of paths to positive consciousness.  Each one is a story to behold. Million years ago,  Sananda reported that Venus consciousness has been raised to 5D-6D way ahead of other planets. That is what we aspire for.

The first Anointed Being, of the Council of Light, One of God, Christ Consciousness,  King  Sanat took residence with his Causal Body form,  at the Gobi Desert more popularly known as Shamballa, beings of the light crystalline form.  He is not carbon based, and lived on Earth for a million years until a human Earth born being  can take over.  He returned to his twin flame Venus after Gautama Buddha took the mold, the firing of the light at our planet.  Ascended Master Morya/Nancy B. Detweiler,  St. Germain and humans with psychic minds  said and I quote, “For millions of years  Sanat  Kumara has remained as Lord of the World.  Through the powers of Divine Love, He began to stir the soul-light among those still belonging to Earth’s evolution.  These individuals were magnetized by His Presence and visited Shamballa often, first in their finer bodies at night and between embodiments and later in their physical vehicles.”

I quote:  A youth is looking for Shamballa and a Tibetan monk replied, ‘‘Look no further as it is within yourself.”    NOW look within yourself!!

As  Sanat  Kumara was the anointed one of the Council of Light,  historically the Roman Empire led by Emperor Constantine of Rome, copy nut,  has always in his mind dominion and control as his living rule of power over others.  At Council of Nicea on 325, later at Chaldea, 357 AD, from nothing Constantine,  created Jesus, aka Apollonius Tyannaeus, a miraculous man in those age as the anointed one as the instrument of religion, changed the name of Apollonius.   Archons, thru a puppet created another anointed man from air and ask humans to worship him as God, unknowing that in time falsehood will be exposed.   3d humans cannot create Gods for the sake of power over others and this is what majority of Christians believe in terms of beliefs created by the meetings at Nicea by beholden bishops who will lose their title if they do not follow the caprices of  the emperor, now a Pope by decree.  What a fallacy of fallacies, food for the dumb and idiots said the Chinese communist leaders headed by Mao Tse Tung and his military team. It is possible he is right, look at China today, 2nd economic power.  Teach and learn and we all know the truth of our being. Keep living in the negative ways and you stagnate.   This is the only way we will know universal truth the moment we open our minds, our spiritual heart to divine love and truth.  Go within yourself and know the truth.  The truth is men cannot create Gods as Emperor Constantine, his negative soul did to control humanity.


In written records at ancient libraries, the Archons wrote that they created us, recited that Nibiru-Marduk’’ planet with Kingu and 3 brother moons cracked Earth at the first encounter called Tiamat billion years ago. The next planetary encounter 3,400 years of elliptical solar system revolution hit Tiamat again creating the asteroid belt and cut Tiamat-Earth into half   says  anthropologists/archeologists and the dominant author, Zechariah Sitchin in his 7 volume books.  The Anu knew all our planets at our solar system 500,000 years of record and wrote our history in stone tablets, fired clay of  1M x 2M  or bigger, as their lost planet passed Sol while they are in their lost orbit.  They kept their records  at their home planet until they are pulled by gravity and be part of the Solar System. They painted this as the creation story scenario told and retold to multitudes of humans preaching at olden halls, libraries and step buildings.   Our planet turned spherical after almost several billion years of revolution around the Sun.  Scientists stated that with earth’s spherical shape, we add 200 tons of space dust to our planet’s mass coming from space dust and debris. In billion years we regain our Tiamat form, growing, restored to size.  Find these tablets in New York, UK and Iraq museums not in papyri or animal skins copied and reproduced by scribes of the Roman Emperor to last multiple lifetimes of humans to propagate falsified information.  Animal skins and papyri scribe copied writings come in 3 forms, beliefs, partial beliefs and falsified writings to misinform or read by members for their internal purposes.    “Priests,” olden or new ones, in colored robes preach to impress humans,  saying  that their beliefs lasted more than 2,000 years.  We have been living with Mother Earth, riders of the planet as “experience sentient host” for several million years in our perfect form. Source perfection creation thru evolution takes  billion of years, His thought experience.   Dark claim is falsity, not a grain of truth.  Beliefs in our planet are what you make of them!   You try to believe it.

The existence of Nibiru and her encounters with our planet written in step buildings and walls of pyramids  are proven fact as Planet X is approaching earth in between Mars says NASA and other Astronomers as far as the elliptical orbit is concerned.  In olden records from stone tablets, we are the planet of the crossing, a history of crossing and cutting earth into half  and thru  routine orbits, planet X passed thru the same  cross every 3.400 years. The Romans interpret this as their mode of execution of criminals by nailing them on the “Cross”.  This is true with the spiritual fallen concept of the planet alone, never with the creation of humans known as Adam and Eve for religious colonization.

The crossing, collision and cutting into half of Tiamat is further renamed as “Fallen Planet” by rulers of greed, written to signify the attack of dark beings called dark archangels on a pristine paradise planet. Why are they called Archangels when we had guardian angels all along our lives.  Be cautious as they may come from the dark as history has unfolded in the proper perspective.   The waylaid unnamed planet was thrown out of her star system’s orbit.  Supernova explosions that happened twice in our lifetime, mine at 72 years are one of the causes why planets are thrown out in the abyss in open space hurtling lost planets until it is caught by the gravity of another star system.  This event further happened to Uranus, astronomers confirmed, has a tilted posture on her belly when hit by this hurtling lost Nibiru  planet thrown out in space.

According to a news release they have found the Great Library of Alexandria of Egypt, I quote:  “In 2004 a Polish-Egyptian team claimed to have discovered part of the library while excavating in the Bruchion region. The archaeologists claimed to have found thirteen “lecture halls”, each with a central podium. It is estimated that the rooms could have seated 5,000 students.” This discovery exposed the hoax made by Constantine thru writings of Philostratus and relevant learned people of age 30-90AD.  A picture of one of the great developments carbon dated 160,000 years AD is shown below:

If the Ancient Anunnaki did exist on Earth, wouldn’t we find evidence of their existence today?  Well, according to a number of authors, the evidence is all around us. Courtesy of Michael Tellinger.
Recognize the pronouncement of a Roman Pope, says my buddy  Resurious-Sur,  that we are a part, extensions of humanoids or humans from other  races in the universe as he has access to two major astronomical equipment,  at Vatican and Mexico  and we know, like NASA,  humans or humanoids proliferate in the Milky Way Galaxy. NASA discovered more than 150 planets near us in the Milky Way galaxy that has the potential for life.  Metaphysical believers say there are 65M planets in the Milky Way alone with intelligent beings. The universe holds an array of beings all seeking Infinity. Unluckily we are novices on space travel and we do not even know about light space ships, remotely controlled or not which are bigger than an earth city and can home in thru Orbiters.  Space travel by folding of space and time and travel thru portals are still in our imagination. We do not know where portals and pathways to other planets are.  The likelihood of us joining the “galactic federation and hosting universal conferences is still a little far from our dreams.”  But we will my friends.

45 years ago,  Sur and myself talked about free energy nor is there a perpetual energy machine, all at their infancy. Had we known of photon energy from other sun and star systems, we will not talk about it. Our minds then are so limited by wrong physics of short knowledge ‘mathematicians’.  Dr. Stankov says, there is no such thing as physics, only mathematics.   We continue our intelligent talk that never ends as USA has a water energy machine and India has been distributing energy-photon electricity machines.  There is a Doctor of Engineering who is giving free plans at the internet of  perpetual energy machine. Graphene can filter sea water and turn it to purified.  There are Tesla patented inventions of the 1930’s on free energy disapproved by J. P. Morgan,  the  financier, as there is no money nor control in it.  All these technologies are bought by the 13 families, kept in their vaults of greed.  They are prolonging our agony to insure that dominion over us is maintained, a mechanism to make us always asleep.


Stone tablets show the false walking Gods, King Anu, Enki/Ea and Enlil, even Inanna quarrel on the use of human slaves and made decisions to eliminate humans at Sumer using their technology on weather control satellite system.  We became unwieldy, says the Enlil bin Anu, too many with unlimited reproduction capacity, uncontrollable at their habitat at Sumer.  Are these colonizer beings  unknowing or ignorant that they implanted these desires on men when they tampered with our genes and genetics to reproduce and make more humans as slave labor for their mining activities and degradation of  earth. My personal opinion is their technologies are similar to what we know today except for space travel  and portals where we are still toddlers. That means 400,000 linear years of learning and evolution.   Their only desire is for us to reproduce for use as slave labor,  worse than animals.   There are only 600 astronauts from Nibiru first space ship that pass over, shipped  and landed on earth via an Orbiter or  Rover  transport vehicle from mother ship, to mine for them as reported by a deposed brother of  Anu exiled on earth for trying to usurp Anu’s kingship.  These  group of beings,  trained astronauts  are  another slave group taken to earth to mine and Anu’s are good at their trade of slavery.

There are seven cities of Anu built-designed for landing Anu space crafts with a created marker known as the pyramid of Ghiza at the end of the landing strip built with anti-gravity machines to lift 7 ton rocks and limestone blocks, a technology known to us in 1930’s thru Tesla but kept secret by the Cabals/Illuminati.  Anti-gravity skateboards are getting popular in US schools today.  There must be something wrong with our carbon dating knowhow as it appears the Giza pyramid is only 4,500 years old or the better markers are the mountains at Sinai and Ararat for a lookout from landing pilots from outer space. Human satellites can tell what will be the best guide if we are to re-enact  the landing of Orbiters or  Lunar Rovers in Sumer or Southern Iraq  that we know for now.  We are as good as they are TODAY!!

We are starting to be aware at this period of time. They know we came from a perfect creation being, a fragment of Source who can create at will and we are the greatest threat to the Anu when awakened.  The 21st century, we  are starting to ask intelligent questions that will lead us to who we are not from quotations of olden falsified books that contradict each other’s statements.

Archons programmed us to reproduce, as slave labor is required in mining to replace the original Archon 600 slave astronauts who staged their revolt. They preferred sexual and entertainment exploits with beautiful earth women,  says Enlil,  very angry of this phenomenon. They told us we are hominids but they love to make sex with our female humans,  such contradictions my friends.   Our brains are tampered to work as slaves, unknowing the effects of continuous growth in population of the human vessels where our soul-spirit lives for God’s experience.  When the 600 original workers revolted, King Anu is forced to make human slave labor as recommended by God Enki, the scientist of the Anu,  tampered and manipulated  humans to reproduce  to be the best ‘hominid’ human  slave labor miners on the planet. Everywhere they are present, in Africa, America and part of Europe.  I wonder if PH, Solomon  No. 1  supplier of gold and silver  is included in these exploits of the Gods. Most likely, as Caucasians are in  PH Benguet,  we are  “Ophir” the famed source El Dorado  from the East of Moluccas.

Tampered  humans thought that reproduction is our future hope for growth and enjoined to do it to serve as slave labor to the dark gods.  Sexual entertainment became our prime concern as slaves of the Anu gods made us reproduce as we accept slaughter for minor faults at Archon’s will.  We are treated as herded animals ready for death at their caprices.  That is the only past time humans have, unlimited sexual appetite as we live as informal settlers  in caves and makeshift timber dwellings in the olden days and the Anunnaki live in palaces, step buildings the slaves built. On the sides, the Gods love to have sex with beautiful earth women.  Their lady Gods like Inanna or Diana have golden or blonde hair and sculptured looks and this form is what we call goddesses. She got competition from hybrid humans and  Anu Gods.   Now, the world over in the 21st century, majority of humans ¾ of human beings  are living in abject poverty, a result of uncontrolled reproduction capacity of the human vessel, what the Archons of the olden times programmed us to do for our transport vessel, the body as their vehicle for their mining and household slavery uses.  For awakened humans, the human body is a perfect human vessel,  self-healing as every cell heals, has the will to decide for himself where he is destined to go.  For PH, we are the perfect example of hybrids of Europeans, including the Dutch, Americans, Asians like Japanese, Malay, Chinese and Indian,  name it we have them as we have  11 million PH citizens around the world and we are now 101M for a country as big as California growing at 2.5% annually, sexual appetite is fantastic and the bishops encourage reproduction to make us poorer, in retrospect. Christian Economist said that the numbers are deceiving as the more the merrier like China.

We have awakened  and  I quote Dr.  Georgi Stankov, M.D.:  On a historical basis, please read  Philostratus’   biography on Apollonius, which was miraculously saved from the burning down of the Alexandrian library in Egypt by Julius Caesar for dominion with the aim of destroying all facts and reports regarding the life of this real person that would have questioned the validity of all Christian claims throughout the last 2000 years written in  30-90AD.  We have the official written records of that period of time from Alexandria.  From there,  learn about Monad  causal beings  Sananda and Sanat Kumara.  Apollonius is the combination person named by Constantine  as  Jesus,  his creation to be another God to represent the Christ,  the anointed one to replace the million years anointed Christ Kumara and earlier appointees like Sananda.  Constantine made the created  new human fall guy crucified to make sure that no human can defy the 500 years Roman empire and anyone  can be sacrificed by the  empire, even Gods of their creation. The  Sanhedrin or the Jewish pastors concurred even if he is a proclaimed god. Later the Jews disagreed in their bibles.  The emperor can do this sacrificial act  to any  human being, for their record or teaching for the new religion will control the empire.  This new recording happened in 325 AD, 280 years after the fact as the Mother/Father Christian religion has grown to threatening numbers that has the capacity for a revolution within the empire.


We are in the period of transmutation and potential integration  on our way to  5D, the first heaven.  If we attain a minority collective consciousness of raised consciousness and positive polarity to balance  point integration, a planetary period that happens every 26,000  years,  some of us are on our way to “Ascension”.    The negatives have tried all types of control and subservience thru the use of religion, politics, government, monetary needs and desires and consumerism.  Vices are becoming the norm of both the rich and the poor, manufactured or sexual, professional or not that comes in all forms.

Vaccines are now proven poisons or control system to limit population.  Name it and vices creep in every human, sex, drugs, Pharma killing vaccines and control drugs, even dominion over others or  power over others are affected by vices.   There are ‘vices’ more for your consumption and wildest desires to get you continuously hook and therefore controlled.

Start to be cautious, be aware and awaken to the truth. For a simple example, do not take any alcoholic drink when you meditate as you will feel a terrible headache or migraine.  You are the only solution to all your confusion.  No one else can help you to go within yourself  but yourself.   Awaken and choose transmutation.

As the Tibetan monk said,   go within and you find Shamballa,  the place we call heaven, in 5d.  There are of course more vibration frequencies that you can imagine than in 5d, as the sixth to the twelfth.  But we have to start somewhere,  NOW.

Love and light,
Angel V. Ornedo Jr.

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About the author:   ANGEL V. ORNEDO JR.,  MBA, CPA, teaches acts of love, light and unity consciousness. With capitalists, he had created livelihood in Industrial Estates  in SE Asia and Middle East. He hails from Philippines.  Link with him at or connect at  Barnes and Noble, Xlibris and  ‘Knowing the Infinite Creator.’

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