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Merging With Incoming Waves

By on May 5, 2019 in Spiritual Awakening

Merging With Incoming Waves

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by Amanda Lorence,

Merging With Incoming Waves

During the NOW moments of any Incoming Wave, it’s ultimately of benefit to be in presence with the incoming energy, as opposed to participating, being in distraction with the illusion via thought, word or an action. Presence could be lying down, sitting, Meditation without Mantra or thought, or, most beneficial, to stand eyes closed and allow the incoming energy to move your body. Relaxed state is key. Letting go of thought is key.


Releasing the MIND’s control over your body that is controlling your body to be in certain stance. Relaxing your head completely. When the head and the MIND is totally relaxed, so follows the body in being relaxed. So that your vessel and muscles are completely relaxed. Then just allow… with practice, with your saying YES (your Will) to conscious participation, the Incoming Wave will move your head and body. To the be, consciously, at ONE with the energy being gifted. The body, on the outside and also on the inside moving to the exact same wave patterns being received by our Sun.


Being present with an Incoming Wave, being with it, in those moments, leads to an experience of amplification of the Incoming energy physically felt within your human vessel. This leads to an increase in your physical sensitivity towards energy. Which in turn, over practice and ‘time’ leads to an increase in the human ability to interact, consciously, responsibly, with energy.

Interacting with energy, due to human physical sensitivity and conscious awareness, is already here and amplifying as we go. It will evolve within humanity, to HUman abilities that will benefit the whole, as humans continue to evolve from human to HUman (light activated). The NEW human has a ‘consciously aware’, UNIFIED energetic ability that utilizes their skill with wisdom and bigger ‘picture awareness’, aligned and connected to the Divine Will.

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