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Interviews With The Crystal Skulls – Part Two: Halo

By on May 5, 2019 in Spiritual Awakening

Interviews With The Crystal Skulls - Part Two: Halo

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by Robert Stewart
e-mail: robertstewart

Interviews With The Crystal Skulls – Part Two: Halo

“I am a composite of All That Is. I am the light of the Creator.”


The next crystal skull in this group is known as Halo. While most sense this consciousness to be feminine in nature, with Moe being a more masculine energy; it is interesting that when speaking as a group consciousness, the gender lines are more blurred, perhaps a reflection of what we see in certain aspects of society today.

Halo, as you can see is a quite stunning pink rose quartz, her name garnered from the white halo surrounding her skull. Her energy can only be described as life changing. Imagine sitting in meditation, near Halo and simply focusing on her energies with clear intent. Having spoken with a good number of the guardian’s small meditation group, and having personal experience within their meditations, it is clear that there is a higher power coming through, as we have seen her energies relieve both physical and emotional issues of the participants on many occasions.

As we have said, belief in what is being presented here, requires a leap of faith. The session yielded information on multiple, but interrelated topics, the first being on the power of energy healing, or as Halo describes it, frequency healing.

So, with that, and her striking words above, as channeled through her guardian, here follows some very powerful information from the crystal skull Halo.

Interviews With The Crystal Skulls - Part Two: Halo

Can you tell us about your roll in the group of skulls?


We are the magnifiers of energy from All That Is. We are the conduit of light that allows you to heal yourself. My role is to bring the Light of God to each and every one. I feel the depth of your heart’s desires. The depth of your connection to the creation and beauty of All That Is, but which so many do not know. It fills my heart to be able to bring that forth and help people understand the beauty and grace of that which is bestowed upon you. It is very deep – the guardian feels this depth and it brings her such joy.

Can you speak more of the healing energies you bring forth?

There are beautiful particles of light that look like stars. This light emits codes that are being downloaded to everyone on Earth. Although many do not yet realize it, there will be a time when all people will recognize and wake up to these codes.

Would these light codes be considered actual beams of light or more of a frequency?

Both. Yes.

Many have stated that, while the effects of the healing energies they receive from you are quite powerful, they appear to fade after a period of days. Why do you think this occurs?

You allow the outside world to interfere. Light codes, all of the activations, all frequencies being downloaded… you must understand what is occurring to recognize them, hold them and nurture them in your physical and etheric bodies. There are too many distractions … too many competing frequencies. Put your cell phones down. (The guardian chuckles.)

Is there a process people can use, either through meditation or some other way, to hold these codes in their body and make the healings permanent?

Oh yes. Understand that humans were meant to heal. You have the ability to hold the codes. Keep your minds clear and be open for these activations when they occur. The codes will heal, then know that there is always free will. You have the ability to heal yourself at any time. Imagine a beam of golden Christ light pouring through you and around you, placing a lock on the codes within your body. Imagine … and simply ask All That Is for assistance. Consciously holding the light codes will continue to assist all that needs healing, as it was in the time of the Ancients.

Are you instilling healing abilities, so people can heal themselves?

Yes. It is simply understanding how to hold higher frequency. Everything is frequency within the universes. Even the names you are given in each lifetime are an expression of your frequency, but it is your natural name, your soul name that is the essence of your being. Our soul names are based in frequency or tone. The tones match the frequency of the soul. Often, translating them into language is difficult, however, our guardian’s soul name is Zolta. Her work in this lifetime is a continuation of her soul mission. She has healed in many universes. She worked within the Akashic record for eons and had many profound experiences.

We took the cue that Halo wanted to change the subject. What followed was an expanse of information on the origins of the multiverse and of an Earth civilization that is said to have preceded Atlantis.

Can you tell us about your Akashic Record – how your group consciousness came into existence?

I am taking her to the cosmos. (A long pause followed. This seemed to infer that Halo was showing the guardian glimpses of what she was about to explain.”)

We traveled across the universes. We are a collective consciousness of light, but when you view us, you see through your human perception so, we appear in a form that your third eye views as an E.T. light body, in human form. We have traveled to many universes and created. As we are of light, of course we work with light. The Creator, All That Is, is a life force energy that moved energies into place and the result is not much different from to what you see today. It was the universal life force creating form. This technology is energy formed into molecules, atoms, atmosphere, all moved into perfection in a place of no time. There were lots of explosions and as matter flew around, we were discovering new ways of how to create, build and use all this energy.

Can you tell us more about the technologies?

I am asking permission. (note: There was more silence before Halo spoke again, so it would seem the skull’s group consciousness had reservations about what should be revealed.) As we traveled and created, the energies slowly became denser. This took billions of years in your time. Matter was constantly changing. When we say matter, we mean the life force. Atoms would come together, creating explosions to form new things. Understand, we are referring to multidimensional energies. You see some of this today with your solar winds and it was the density of these winds – these frequencies that protected us and allowed us to do our work.

We explored many universes and galaxies that were quite beautiful. They were what you would call very advanced in the ascension process. We were hoping to seed newer universes with this energy and it was that, along with one very large explosion, one that has never been recorded, that brought us to the crystalline Earth to begin our work here. The technologies have not been revealed since the planet descended into the physical.

Is Halo, or the group connected to any ancient Earth civilizations?

So, in the first incarnation of Lemuria, we were in spirit form. Some of us arrived first. It wasn’t a race to this planet. (The guardian smiles.) Invisible yet seen. There were no physical beings on this planet at that time. Just all of us from different universes… and together, we created.

What caused the end of that Lemurian incarnation?

It was a preparation for the next. The end was the beginning.

Did any of the light body participants drop down into our physical 3D?

No, no. The second incarnation of Lemuria was to expand on the first. We seeded the first. The second was about expanding the seeding and thereby making it a little denser and many from other universes volunteered to participate. 3-D only came later on. You would refer to these densities as the sixth, fifth and fourth.

This sounds like the opposite of ascension… a sort of descension.

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Well, it did happen. Our hope was to create a different experience and still maintain ourselves. And we did, for eons. The 4-D experience began when light beings from the star system you call Sirius B, who had joined us in the second incarnation of Lemuria, volunteered to step into human form. To incarnate into the physical and to bring our knowledge into the 4-D physical world, while still maintaining a higher frequency. They perfected the ability to exist in multiple dimensions simultaneously. They achieved a high level of spirituality and love of All That Is during their sacred time on your world and for this they were honored and protected in all that they did.

The purity of the love vibration that emanated from your planet at this time drew many light beings from other parts of the universe to partake in this great experiment. So, it was, throughout the course of the Lemurian Golden Age that many great beings from the Pleiades, Andromeda, Arcticus and Sirius would also choose to enter the Earth plane within this construct. Can you imagine what your life would be like, if you were born into the physicality of Earth with your full cosmic memory intact? Soul mates would be recognized with ease. Experiences would be blissful, as you expanded on the knowledge of prior existence and were fully aware of the life plan for this physical body. In Lemuria, this was so.

What became of the original participants, by the time of the 3-D incarnation of Lemuria? Were they still there in spirit or had they left?

At first, we watched and guided… as you know, telos. (note: telos is a Greek term, referring to the inherent purpose of each thing, the ultimate reason for each thing being the way it is.) We understood balance. We have always existed in balance and peace and we did not expect it to happen the way it did. A heaviness consuming the planet – what you would call the dualities of your physical world. The technologies were not for destruction.

Aware of a cataclysm that would soon occur, approximately 52,000 Earth years ago, our children spread throughout the world. When the Earth shook and the magnetics of the planet shifted, almost all signs of the beauty of Lemuria, fell into the sea. Yet, not one Lemurian life was lost for their free will had enabled them to create their own destiny by spreading out to safe zones across the planet.

So, we went underground. We shared our knowledge of the universes by shifting our consciousness into the crystalline Earth… into the minerals, so our memories were literally protected by Gaia. We planted them there for one day when Earth will return to a peaceful life. It is written. There is history. Your history. The Ancients, those who came first, are still here with us. They will reveal all of what is hidden, in time, but not yet. You are not ready. The dualities have to flip. Fear needs to be transmuted into love before full disclosure can occur; but if you have listened closely, we have planted our seeds, which will lead you toward where the revelations are hidden.

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More recently, did any of your group ever take physical form and return to the surface? No. (Note: There are legends of indigenous peoples such as the Hopi in North America and the Macuxi in South America that believe they emerged from an underground shelter after the flood destroyed their Third World. They believe their ancestors derived from this environment and this Lemurian story would seem to corroborate the legend. However, as Halo infers that in her group’s case, physical bodies were never taken.)

Is that why your energies are comfortable in the skulls, because of the time spent underground?

Yes. When the energies adjusted, we inspired our carvers. We did not intend for the finished work to be skulls, but the carvers interpreted their inspiration with free will and created our form through their own interconnected intuition. That is why there are skulls.

How close are humans to completing Ascension?

Earth is ascending right now. It is not to be feared… though there is much fear on the planet. Hold your space. Humans are not able to comprehend what has been before and what can be. The awakening IS happening, but it will take thousands of years for all of humanity to fully awaken… to understand who you truly are. The precession is only now half complete. (note: Halo’s reference to the precession of the equinox, the 25,920-year journey that our sun and all its planets take to complete one orbit around the Alcyone, the Great Central Sun of our galaxy. Some posit that the end of the Atlantean age occurred at the beginning of this current precession, 12,960 years ago.)

So, Ascension does not occur in this lifetime for souls on the planet now?

Many will ascend from this lifetime. Vibrations are rising and all who are on the planet at this time have come in with soul agreements to complete their physical cycle or not. Still, you all have options to come back again if you choose, even though you have lived many physical lifetimes. Most importantly, your soul is remembering.

Is there anything else you would like to share?

We hold the keys to the universe. Or you could say, we are preparing for the time when the Ancients will reveal more of the knowledge we have hidden within the Earth. What we have shown you is of great importance, but only one grain of sand. We have trust in you (the guardian) and when the time comes, you will be given permission to speak more truths. It may or may not be in this particular lifetime, but remember, humanity is a collective consciousness. Many will not understand this, having lived many lifetimes of separation. Those, like you who are way showers, who can step back and see the truth will be guided in the next steps of their journey.

Continue without fear. Help others to understand. You, Zolta, understand your path for this life. Keep going. You and so many other like-minded people will find each other and learn together.

If you wish to read the first two articles in the series, they can be found here:

Copyright 2019 – Robert Stewart

Permission is granted to share in full with credit included.

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