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Moving From Darkness Into Light

By on February 17, 2015 in Awareness
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Moving From Darkness Into Light

There are many changes happening upon the planet that is affecting each of you. Many of you feel the need to get things done. Many feel the impulse to move to a new location or are having difficulties finding your place in the work field. These are natural occurrences; let these things flow through you and not get caught in the angst of the moment. Many of you are leaving the planet, dying in quick and sometimes unusual ways. A host of you are having emotional and mental issues arising as a result of repressed feelings of childhood memories. Hospitals are filling with those who have contracted diseases such as cancer and heart disorders. This is all part of the ascension process.

We are all equal

For eons, you have been able to exercise free will and make choices based on nothing more than wanting to have a new experience. These times are changing. The experience that allowed all of this to take place has now reached its end. It is similar to having a free pass to a carnival. You can go on any rides you choose, play any of the games, sit in the kissing booth and eat all the candied apples and hot dogs you desire. However, at midnight, the carnival closes and you must return home.

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This is what is happening on Earth at this time; the carnival is closing and it is time to go home. These changes will affect many of you deeply and not very gracefully. As you look around, it seems others are barely affected; they still have good jobs, their homes and plenty of money to spend on trivial things. You may feel jealous or upset. You have worked hard and feel undeserving of the difficulties in your life. Those who are faring these times well may feel they are better in some ways, especially in moral issues or because they feel more spiritual than others. Either way, you are about to learn that you are all equal and that each of you, through your thoughts, words, actions and emotions have created your reality based on the belief codes you have accumulated.


This will be a hard lesson for many to learn, for you must take responsibility for all of your current issues. You will realize that every judgment you placed on another has now come back to you, as you experience others judging you. Every act of kindness you expressed will also come back to you. Will you receive them with gratitude or feelings of unworthiness? Your financial situation is dependent on your feelings of inadequacy or blocking of abundance on various levels. Your relationships are a mirrored response of your ability to love others unconditionally. Those who love without judgment are able to receive the love of others without feelings of mistrust and misgivings.

Material Possessions

Those of you who find yourselves homeless or on the verge of losing all your worldly possessions will find that deep within you lies belief codes attached to poverty issues. As you uncover these codes, it is wise to not be angry with yourself. Simply see what you have accumulated, bless the ability to see more clearly and take steps to create the reality you desire.

Moving From Darkness Into Light |

In the news, you will hear stories of governmental cover-ups that affect every area of your life. You will come to realize that your insurance companies, banking institutions, educational systems and health industries have been designed to keep you under the control of a few wealthy people who have an ultimate goal of world domination. This may sound like fantasy to you, however, read history books; every generation had moguls with this goal, why should your generation be different?

Moving From Darkness Into Light

Keeping your emotions under control

Through the ages, you have given away your power to those that blinded you and kept you in the dark. They have led you to believe they are wiser and all-knowing and that you should trust them to make legal and monetary decisions for you. Blindly, you accepted their generous offers and now it has come back to haunt you and suppress every area of your life. As you realize the truth and magnitude of this invasion upon your life, it is crucial that you keep your emotions under control. As we have spoken in past Messages, your thoughts and emotions are highly charged and reach out to the entire universe. This is the fabric that creates your reality. Can you imagine millions of people getting angry as they discover all the offenses that have occurred? Remember that heavy negative emotions glop together. If all this anger is released, it will create havoc in the world. As a result, you will see a rise in the force of hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes and social unrest.

Maintain positive thoughts and express gratitude

On the bright side, if you look at these things without judging them and can maintain a sense of peace and forgiveness towards those in control, the results will be much different. Feel gratitude that you now have a clearer picture of what has occurred. Be thankful for having the opportunity to be on this planet, especially during this time of great transition. Feel the joy of knowing you have the power to create your reality. What a blessing! Instead of focusing on revenge or harboring resentment toward others, place your awareness on how you can create the life of your dreams. In previous Messages, we have shared with you that love is a flowing energy. Love flows through things and continues sending blessings to all that are able to receive. Those filled with dark thoughts and gloppy energy will not be able to receive love, for their energy field is too dense.

Releasing the dark energies

If you wish to change your status on the Earth, you will need to release the dark energy that inhibits you from accepting the blessings of free-flowing love. That is why we share these Messages with you, to encourage you to daily go within yourself and seek out these gloppy energies. We have much concern for those of you who are hard-headed and most likely to create more dark energies as the truth of your oppressors comes to light. We highly suggest you spend much time reflecting on your own inner darkness rather than what others have done, for you have no control over their choices, only your own.

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We have talked at length about how to rid yourself of these dark energies and how to put love energies into practice. This is the time to begin, for there is no other thing on Earth that is more important. There is a great change about to occur on the planet, many believe the Earth will be destroyed and many believe that life on Earth will become hellish. We are here to tell you that your role will be played out exactly as you believe it will, for your belief codes are creating your reality.

Your world will be exactly what you create

This is why some among you are not being affected by the rising tide of poverty and disease; they see themselves in a different reality. Have you ever tried to persuade others to believe in something you hold dear to your heart, yet they would not listen or change their opinion? Nothing in the world will persuade them until they make the choice. This is the beauty of free will. It also applies to you. There are many things you hold dear to your heart and no matter what others say or do, you will continue to hold fast, until you choose not to. This is why we encourage you to work on yourself and not others. Your world will be exactly what you create. If you choose to hold onto feelings of unworthiness and lack, you will stay in that position. If you choose to be a victim of oppression, you will stay in that reality. Like the carnival story, you have a choice what to do after midnight. You can go home and go to bed or hang out with your friends and do other things. You can wait for the gates to close and sneak back into the carnival. There is an array of possibilities. This is true for every area of your life.


You are the creator of your reality

We say all of this to let you know that indeed you are the creator of your reality. Yes, there are things that are beyond your control due to the mass consciousness of large groups. However, these issues cannot affect you on a deep level, if you choose to believe otherwise. Disease, depression, oppression are all belief codes you can hold dear to your heart or reject. Look inside deeply, observe your beliefs and choose whether to continue with those belief codes or to discard them and replace them with new codes. You do have the power and ability to create a utopian society for yourself even amongst all the angst of the world. Seek like-minded individuals who are not in the doom and gloom of the unthinkable acts of those who have taken control of the masses. Talk to these like-minded individuals, learn what they have done and are currently doing to avoid being caught in the web of hysteria. Make friends with these people. Move to another location if you feel that where you are is not in your best interest. Pay attention to your passions. What do you truly desire? Once you find your passions, take steps to make them a part of your reality.

You have everything within you to create the world of your dreams. How much more effective will it be if you who have a vision of Heaven on Earth begin to work together co-creatively toward this common goal? Just as light overcomes darkness when a candle is lit; know that each Lightworker cancels out a huge number of those who work with the darkness. Exponentially, your creative powers accelerate and offset what those in the dark realms are trying to achieve.


Image: Pixabay

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