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Multiple Incarnations In A Single Lifetime: Your 5D Existence

By on December 4, 2019 in Spiritual Awakening with 0 Comments

Multiple Incarnations In A Single Lifetime: Your 5D Existence

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by Alexander from Indigo Light,
Contributing Writer,

Multiple Incarnations In A Single Lifetime: Your 5D Existence

As we close each phase of our awakening, there is always a reevaluation point that precedes the next. This serves us to see if we are truly willing to fully implement the lessons learned, and apply them to our conscious creation of life, akin to an exam before graduation. This goes on, bit by bit, throughout our lives on this planet, as we discover the value of lessons learned, and the underlying reason why we are here, experiencing all of this: our Soul Purpose.


The Supreme Design has always been to incarnate physically to strive to fulfill this very personal journey. Many were able to achieve this, many were not. Once we had completed this to the best of our ability, our Souls would choose to consciously leave the body, through old age, illness, and so on.

Today, we collectively find ourselves in a proverbial “New Age.” We have chosen to awaken as a singular consciousness and to rekindle with what we can call our Original Template. When we were presented with human physiques and a physical existence many eons ago, we were able to conduct ourselves on many different levels and lead multi-dimensional lives. The body would serve as the vessel to sustain our lives on this planet, and others, and we would be able to fully access our consciousness and Guidance.

There was an inherent duality to life, with two simultaneous states of awareness that cooperated quite well. As the millennia passed and we succumbed to egoic lower states of emotion, we eventually devolved into what we now call a 3-Dimensional state of awareness. This would be solely dictated by fear-based beliefs and a purely physical existence.

What we are all experiencing today is a universal resurgence, a collective remembering of the form in which we were created, with the attainability of a dual state of awareness once again. We are now able to inhabit our human bodies and simultaneously understand the previously hidden meanings behind what we experience in physicality, conferring with Guidance and our souls, as we move through this new period in human evolution.

As souls, we have all individually chosen to incarnate during this demanding new chapter in Gaia’s book of life, and chosen different purposes in doing so. As we are now able to increasingly live in a physicality that spans 5 dimensions of density, we can consciously choose our paths and life lessons along with Soul, understanding what leads us forward, as opposed to the survivalist mindsets of our previous, denser, living experience.

In doing so, we have now shifted to a new design that enables us to live what we can now call an “Incarnation Within An Incarnation,” namely to be able to choose and complete numerous Soul Paths within the same body without the need for the ubiquitous death and rebirth cycle, at least not literally. This has already occurred within our lives over the last few decades, perhaps even unbeknownst to us.


The completion of every purpose is followed by a period of emptiness, often some sadness as well, as we experience the void between our different paths, and begin to question many elements in our lives. This can, again, occur without fully understanding the extent of what we are going through. As we reevaluate our condition and prior choices with our Soul, we proceed to take on a new purpose for the foreseeable future, and we start to feel relieved, and rejuvenated, as we move forward along this new path.

I can attest to having discovered this after having been illuminated by my most formative teacher around 2009. From that point onward, as I experienced this transition again every so many years, I would increasingly be aware of what it meant, what to release, what to extract from it, and, most of all, of the necessity for unwavering faith in vacuous times.

Since the beginning of 2019, we have collectively entered the most powerful and challenging stage of what we colloquially call the Ascension Process. This year, especially the next quarter leading us into 2020, gives us the opportunity to fully ground into this new state of awareness. For many early-wavers of the process, this will be a period of closure.

The Original Template will begin grounding itself into our physical bodies, reverberating into our surroundings, creating a total 5D experience. In this new time, we are looking to completely embody our Godliness, for it to be carried into all of our thoughts, actions, and creations. That being said, with every rebirth there are definitely growing pains.

This has been the most tumultuous period in many years for many. We are being brought face to face with our biggest fears and core beliefs that have been carried through many incarnations. We are actively being asked by Source what we wish to rely on.

Will we base our decisions, thoughts, and state of mind on what we extract from the physical realm, or will we be able to fully engage our faith, and to see the bigger picture, with unwavering faith?

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Will we see that physicality, its constraints, and associated fears, are only lower manifestations of our higher states of mind? Therefore, we have the power to create something entirely new, but what it becomes is solely dictated by how much we believe in it, and our connection to the Source.

This latest transition has been characterized by tumultuous times, overt fatigue, and many emotions coming to the surface to be cleared. There is an overwhelming consensus that it is the most engaging and challenging that many have experienced thus far. This is for good reason. Most births are not as fluid as we would like them to be.

We have to consider our individual resistances to the process, letting go of our fears and what we cannot control, and making room for a completely renewed faith in the light, despite what our physicality may look like at this time. This period in our collective and individual rebirth is the most important “Incarnation within an Incarnation” transition we have experienced thus far.

We have never been closer to the Source in this lifetime, and, as we ground these new Original Template energies daily, we are indeed getting closer. I was fortunate enough to watch a video a couple of months ago that triggered me by referring the this period as the “final living death” for many, leading me to understand the meaning beyond what we are experiencing as a planet, and the difficulties we face that prompt us to release the obsolete.

We are now experiencing the death of the existential meaning from our last incarnation, and all those prior. We are being confronted with the necessity for faith in all that we are and can be, from Source and beyond.

It is time to release the limitations of the person we see in the mirror, and accept what we are well beyond this envelope. This is true multi-dimensional living. It is by no means an easy, negligible, or usual process. At least not at this intensity. It is time to embrace our faith is what we know, not what we see, and to call upon Guidance to help us navigate through this. We are to understand where our new soul journey wants to take us, ultimately what we are to learn in the next chapter.

This new paradigm increasingly asks us to trust in what we believe, and to release the boundaries of physicality, not allowing our lives to be dictated by the eye, but by the heart and crown chakra. It is time to rest as this is a taxing process, to hydrate, and to find love in our hearts, sufficient to help us move forward. Remember that we are all in this together. This is a journey for humanity. The only thing that differentiates how we experience it is our faith and our resistances to wherever the process takes us.

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As we coast through the confusion and uncertainty of this period leading into January 2020, as we question everything, namely ourselves, the meaning of our existence, the support of our Guidance, and relive some of our most painful and demanding past experiences, we must always remember that this is mainly a transition. This is a plea for growth, a rebirth, and will enable us to complete our Ascension. and ground the reality we have always been dreaming of. We are Creators, We are Infinite, We are Amazing, We are the Light We have been Seeking. Faith is the door, we are the key.

Much Love,


Image: Pixabay

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