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My Soul Is Screaming At Me To Gather The Tribe

By on March 19, 2019 in Spiritual Awakening

My Soul Is Screaming At Me To Gather The Tribe

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by Ashley Aurora,

This yearning for the Beloved, for community, this ache for unification, to dissolve the boundaries and merge, this is your Soul, your Truth.


So many fear connection and intimacy, so many believe that this desire is wrong. We are so isolated, we spend hours on social media to feel connection, yet every night we go home and feel lonely.

We shame ourselves for feeling lonely, just be like that monk on top of the mountain, just learn to be alone, stop craving connection. Do you see the insanity of this? America is the most isolated and individualistic country, we celebrate our so called autonomy and yet it is killing us.

Addiction? What do you think addiction is all about? We are much more powerful than our biochemistry and the deep neural grooves that create patterns of compulsion within our brain.

Addiction is about the longing for connection, the incessant urge to feel connected and loved. It is the soul’s cry for unity. When researchers isolated a rat and confined it to a cold cell with a drip bottle of heroin, that rat became very addicted. When they created a beautiful home and brought that rat into community, into a party of rats living together and offered water and heroin~laced water, what do you think that rat and the others chose?

They chose the water, not heroin.

This points to something significant, we are wired to be amongst tribe and those cute little rats reflected that truth. Here we are all working to pay bills and live in our nuclear, safe little palace of isolation, while feeling so utterly alone and blaming ourselves for feeling this way.


This is the definition of insanity. To continue to do the same thing over and over and expecting something different to occur.

What are we so afraid of? Why do we hide behind our smart screens and continuously separate ourselves from tribe?

So often people say to me “Ashley, I have never met anyone like you, you are different.” F*ck that, I am you and you are me, and I have a whole tribe of friends that are just as awesome as I am.

The truth is people have been hiding, isolating themselves, and using spirituality as some excuse to remain separate. Wake up. Embrace the ten thousand things. Feeling a little on edge because of the bad vibes people are putting out? That is called suffering, why are you resisting? Feeling like no person understands you? How long are you going to repeat that story?

We deserve to restructure our society to reflect unification, we deserve to feel supported and be connected to tribe. The high rates of depression, suicide, criminal behavior is a direct result of our isolationism and the Soul’s intense call to dance and merge together. We came to Earth to learn about relationships. Yes some will chose a solitary road because that is there lesson for this life, but the majority of us came to learn and grow with each other.

My Soul is screaming at me right now to gather the tribe and help heal this separation. The only way to navigate through these times is through interconnection. We are challenged to clean up our ego and learn how to live together again, and quit bitching and focusing on what divides us.

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We must focus on what unites us. This life, this world, we chose this, we are not Victims to the matrix system of slavery. I repeat, we are not victims to this matrix system of spiritual slavery. We are empowered to embrace that this life is a grand teacher and this world, that is seemingly filled with so much darkness, is a beautiful expression of our powerful we really are.

If we as Souls wanted to experience total descent in vibration and consciousness, we had to create this madness, it all reflects our power to separate our Remembrance so we may plummet and play in the shadow realms of Creation.


Now, we are ready to ascend right? To return and be welcomed back Home and remember who we truly are? We will do this through intimacy and radically vulnerable connection with each other. We will do this by allowing ourselves to be seen, by reaching out and saying “I need to be held and heard today, I need a friend.” We will dismantle the slave system once we come together in person and say how can we do things differently, focusing on possibility rather than lack and barriers.

Holding space for love, for remembering the power of community and connection, for the healing of our isolationism and for the unification of our tribe.


Ashley Aurora

Image: Pixabay

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