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The True Art of Self-Acceptance

By on March 19, 2019 in Spiritual Awakening
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The True Art of Self-Acceptance

by Surya Ishaya,
Contributing Writer,

There is a common tendency in all of us that keeps us from our greater good: We do not accept things the way they are, right now, in ourselves, in the world, in anything. Instead, we often worry, doubt and in general think about how things could be better. This is not to say that there is no improvement to be had in the world or in ourselves, but it is our constant doubts, criticisms and judgments that keep us distracted from creating anything new.

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The mind habitually runs thoughts like “I’m not good enough, I shouldn’t have done that, I should be prettier, stronger, I shouldn’t have married him/her, etc…”. We end up pushing and pulling in life, not accepting ourselves for who we are, what we are doing, feeling or thinking and feeling separate. These can seem so real, however they are illusion only.

As MSI (1996) writes in his book, ‘Ascension!’, “Our experience of reality cannot be separated from the beliefs, thoughts and perceptions of the mind. The major function of the mind is to create what it thinks is reality. The mind is like a mirror. If the glass of the mirror is dirty, the reflection is necessarily going to appear hazy or distorted. What is never experienced is the actual reality of anything, but only its resonance with our beliefs, judgments and internal programs.”

By cleansing this mirror and releasing deep-seated beliefs and judgments, we can connect with the True nature of Reality.

Many are seeking out meditation and other spiritual practices that offer us a way in – to build a relationship to the true Self. This is really an awareness of the present moment, beyond thoughts and beliefs.

As Rumi once wrote, “There is a place beyond right-doing and wrong-doing. I’ll meet you there”. This is a state of presence, appreciation and true acceptance. This is who we already are; we are just removing the obstacles that keep us from this Truth.

We do not anymore need to be tossed from one worrisome event to the next, always wondering why this is happening, what choice to make or trying to control the outcome. As we place our attention on the Source of all thought, we naturally act for the good of all, without any forethought or planning. We therefore accept everything just the way it is, while retaining an inner stability.

There are many practices and True Teachings that pass on knowledge and tools to help turn inward and expand consciousness. These will always point the student back to their own heart; to discover and experience this for one’s self.

About the author: Surya Ishaya is a teacher of The Art of Ascension, an easy, simple tool to transform the mind from lower based thinking to higher states of consciousness through techniques based in appreciation, gratitude and love. To contact and learn this practice: For more info on the Art of Ascension, as taught by the Ishayas, visit

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