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What You Need To Know If You Are An Ethereal Being

By on August 26, 2017 in Spiritual Awakening
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What You Need To Know If You Are An Ethereal Being

by Olga Star,
Contributing writer,

Lately there has been a great deal of confusion amidst certain reincarnations who, on first contact with them, may come across as angelic or somewhat unidentifiable. These reincarnations are in fact ethereal beings. They are greatly misunderstood and misidentified which, causes to many of them, a great deal of anxieties in their human body. They are highly sensitive and prone to withdrawal symptoms at a minuscule change of energies (or vibes if you prefer) around them. Depending on their strength, and it is worth noting most are quite powerful, they may learn to assimilate in their physical body to a degree that they will have a down-to-earth job and a select circle of friends. You’ll find them often drawn to magic rituals, Wicca circles and witchcraft without fully understanding why. Some feverously pursue the pagan path, again without fully immersing into their true identity yet somewhat feeling safe in such circles. And quite understandably as such circles do worship the ‘Five Great’ The ‘Five Great’ are: water, wind/air, fire, void and earth.

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Often, if in human form and seeking guidance, Ethereal beings will come across in a psychic reading that they are fairies, angels or perhaps even reincarnations of animal or insect-like beings, for example butterflies. More advanced psychics may even mistake them for the reincarnations of 7th dimension’ Andromedans (yes Andromedans have other dimensions too, I am specifically referring to 7th dimension Andromedans here), winged beings. Who are so beautiful and ever so elusive, that no wonder we may mistake the ethereal beings for Andromedans in our eager desire to meet one of them.

To be perfectly fair, most of us who are not Earth Seeds (humans), have had multiple reincarnations before descending to earth that were not of human experience, so it is possible that you, as an Ethereal being would have those reincarnations as well, as an angelic being or a witch or a sorcerer/sorceress for example. However, if your last most significant existence or existential experience was as an ethereal being – all the information you’d get so far would not help you with your true understanding. You would not get this: “Yes, that resonates with me. I now know my home. I am at peace”.

And here is the most interesting part, ethereal beings are somewhat elementals although not quite, they are as mentioned earlier, reincarnations of the Five Great. So, their home is not where a certain planet is, but whenever and wherever they encounter their ‘Great’. Be that water, wind/air, fire, void or earth. The most common reincarnations of such energies at this current period of awakening are of the water, wind/air and fire.

You would know you are an ethereal if what you read so far has resonated with you. You also know you are at your happiest when there is movement. A continuity of movement. Many ethereal beings are drawn to dancing, music and beauty. As long as there is something continuous about that form of art, etherial beings are there. Etherial beings are very guarded and yet somewhat protective of the people they accept into their trusted circle, and I have seen a few times that psychics and mediums mistook them as some form of ‘earth/human guardians’ almost like with angels. And you can see why.


What do you need to know should you suspect you are an ethereal being:

  • Normal grounding techniques won’t work for you, as they won’t work for most other star beings.
  • Your safety bubble, or your protective energy shield if you like, should be made out of your element, not literally though as you are in human form. Imagine your element, be that wind or fire or one of the other Five Greats, swirling around you so so fast that it forms a wall, almost like your shield and imagine it’s there around you to protect you from the energies that are too strong or the energies that are not necessarily bad for you, but given you are sensitive to them, may drain you.
  • As your cleansing ritual, you guessed it correctly, use your Great. Bathe, or swim in the lake (the best!) if your Great Five is water. Standing in the wind with your hair flowing freely if your Great is wind, lie on the ground in the open field on your back, so that you are attached at your spine, if your Great Five is earth, and sit in front of the fire or by candlelight depending on what’s available to you if your Great Five is Fire. In addition to cleansing, that can be your charging time and your best opportunity or ‘state’ for meditation and reconnecting with your core self, your true origin and reconnecting with your life and soul purpose.

I genuinely hope this information will help you as I’ve met so many lost etherial beings during my readings that absolutely knew there is more to their life and they were drawn to their Great Five and they were intuitively somewhat did what they were supposed to, yet without this knowledge they were under a pressure to conform to societal norms and what their family members were expecting of them. I hope this information is your liberation to your true self.

Lots of love and light,

Olga Star

Spiritual teacher

Image: Pixabay

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