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New Earth News- Big Shift, Big Change, Big Happening!

By on February 21, 2018 in Spiritual Awakening


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by Candace Craw-Goldman
New Earth News Correspondent

Quantum Healers all over the planet have known for some time that a big change is coming for humanity and our earth, but it seems like things are really ramping up in 2018. BQH (Beyond Quantum Healing) and QHHT® (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique) session stories are filled with clients tapping into information about the New Earth and a shift and merging of consciousness.


Every quantum healing session is beneficial for the client, but some of them are extraordinarily powerful in their connection to a Higher Self that has information for us all. Just last month in January 2018, long time practitioner and Quantum Healer Tom Waagboe, who lives in Norway, experienced a session with a client whose connection was so big and powerful he described the HS (Higher Self) as being on steroids!

This HS connection was so strong that the physical human vehicle of the client had trouble keeping up with this big presence that it almost sounded like babbling at times.  The HS found that it had to sometimes shout and even repeat itself to “get the information through.”

There was a great deal of information that was shared in Tom’s very long session, information about what the shift would feel and look like, how some people were making different choices and how we can all, right now make a choice about what we want to do in our own reality. The HS also had specific information how technology like cell phones and wifi and smartmeters are hindering us, and how communication will absolutely improve in the future.

Here is an excerpt:


Are you saying that something is going to happen on earth…?


“It has already begun. It is a big happening that started a long time ago. It is moving on constantly. New things happen all the time adding new information to it. Many people are a part of this big movement. It is going to affect everyone on earth and other planets and dimensions as well. It will be on a different frequency than what you are experiencing at the moment. You could say it’s like being a different version of yourself, a different state of being. Imagine that you are walking under water or flying in the air. It’s a different level of experience. You are not going to be the same person that you perceive yourself to be right now. All the things that you thought was difficult in your life before, won’t be a problem at all.”



“She is going to participate in the merging that we told you about. When the consciousness of many people merge into one, it creates a great force on the earth. Many are going to be a part of this, but some will choose a different consciousness that is not in the same dimension. It has already begun. It is happening now. It can’t be avoided.”


It is an extraordinary and exciting time to be living on planet earth, especially if you are one of the waves of people who are waking up to these changes! Quantum Healers like Tom Waagboe and others all over the world are available to assist you find information and healing that can be helpful in your life, and maybe you too can tap into a Higher Self as big as the one Tom did last month!

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About the author:

candaceCandace Craw-Goldman has been involved in the healing arts since the year 2000. A regular contributor and radio show host of‘s popular show,“Quantum Healing with Candace.” she is known in the Metaphysical Community as a healer, writer, broadcaster, speaker, consultant and creator of the Worldwide Directory for Quantum Healers, Currently offering instruction in her own concept method called, “Beyond Quantum Healing,” BQH is breaking new ground for both healers and clients who are ready to experience a new modality that moves beyond “old earth” concepts like dogma and limitation. Her personal website:

Image: Pixabay

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