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What If I Fail?

By on February 21, 2018 in Spiritual Awakening
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by Summer Garner, Spiritual Coach, Mentor, Psychic Medium,
Contributing Writer,

You become interested in a course, class, speaker, business. You feel the pull to experience something within this.  You look further into the pull and as you lean into your excitement, fear and doubt creep in. The wounded, small self has its way. You hear: “I’m not ready,” “I’m not good enough for that,” “What if I fail?,” “I can’t afford this.” All these impressions that are stored within you are triggered again. You see others take leaps into new spaces but something is holding you back.

As cyclical beings, we conform and continue where we feel safe. What we know. We hold ourselves back in fear of all the past projections we took on from our surroundings. But what if none of it were true?

As souls having a human experience, we choose every single moment to stay small or expand.

When we choose expansion and trust in the pull we feel towards it, we win. We align. There is something drawing you into those experiences. There is growth in what is new and uncomfortable. But you are afraid. You doubt your intuition and have been taught to ignore it.

I know you. I feel you. I, too, experience this from time to time. But there were moments of leaping into an experience with complete faith, where I found a new me. I found treasure where I could not see it before. A new normal. I expanded.

I’ve built a business from my new expansion. Of finding lost parts of me. Within me and within you, we are whole. We must trust our inner pull to leap into our next levels.

Your soul is calling you to it.

And as you show up, the universe responds in kind. Synchronicity becomes every so increasingly present. The universe lovingly guides you to push you into your higher purpose, your north star. If you ignore it, it may come back around stronger, but you lose the opportunity to expand in those moments.

The universe is ever expanding. And as you are the universe, your soul calls you to ever expand. Shall you deny it?

All those people before you, who you see living out higher versions of themselves in big ways, they were all right where you are. In these moments, they chose.


About the author: Summer Garner, The Blonde Oracle, is a medium, spiritual coach, soul readerand QHHT practitioner. She works with spirit to help you uncover your trapped wounds, beliefs, patterns and unhealed pain in order to bring you in closer alignment with your true self and on the path to Joy.

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