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Releasing Negative Emotions

By on February 21, 2018 in Spiritual Awakening
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by Lana Duncan-Hartgraves,
Contributing Writer,

As you get older, it just seems to come up, FOR EVERYONE. You know, all those emotions that you’ve pushed down for so long; the hurt of a spouse’s betrayal, the bullies at school when you were five, the anger at not getting the job you feel like you so deserve. They’re all there though, just waiting to rear their ugly head. At some point, they must be dealt with and released. But what happens when they’re not your current lifetime emotions? What if you were your ancestor’s emotions or emotions from another life.

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Yes, they are real. Science has proven that we inherit our emotions up to 14 generations from our ancestors (Science 21 April 2017, Vol. 356) All the pain, sorrow and anger can be carried in our DNA. Just look at Holocaust survivors; it has been proven that children of survivors suffer from post traumatic stress form their parents and grandparents.

So, we acquire negative emotions from this life, from past lives, and from our parents. No wonder there is so much unhappiness, so much anxiety and depression that we’re all trying to get rid of. But the question is, how DO we get rid of these memories, move one and have a productive life?

Three Types of Negative Emotions Explained

The three places you can pick up negative emotions are;

Acquired: These emotions are an accumulation of traumas, minor or major in this lifetime. These can include abuse to unfair treatment. All these emotions are negative, either way. These are the freshest and sometimes are still open wounds. We often push them down until we can deal with them.

Past-life: These are absorbed from your past life. Anyone who has an unknown phobia or aversion to something may be having a past-life emotion. I know from the age of 4 years old, I would scream and cry if I even heard the word ‘tornado’. It wasn’t until I pursued some release methods that I was able to release the fact that I had died in a tornado in Nebraska in the 19th Century.(This release helped me remember it clearly and release the emotion attached to it).

Inherited Memories: I was new to this until recently. I was looking for a reason for my blocks to feeling ‘stuck’ in my current life. It took many years for me to begin practicing as a psychic/medium; I had a lot of fear for some reason. This was when I did some release techniques and realized that I had an ancestor who was a Jewish Gypsy(Yeah, I didn’t know they existed until I did research!), who had been put to death for practicing as a psychic medium. I also had to release a terrifying ordeal of a great-great-great grandparent who had been through a very large fire in Milwaukee in the 19th Century, something that I did not know, but when I received emotional release therapy, I ‘let go’ pf these traumas that I hadn’t experienced. ( I could see and hear EVERYTHING through my ancestors. It was horrible; and I looked this up, and yes, this DID happen!)

So the next question for you is; we now know the types of negative emotions, how do we get rid of them?

Releasing Negative Emotions 101

I have come across four different things that I’ve experienced that have helped me. There may be more that have worked for others, and if any of you know of any other methods, send me a message. I’d love to learn from you!


Eye Movement Dedensitizing and Restructuring has been around for about forty years. It’s a method that some psychologists have used in the office to help ‘disassociate’ the person from their emotions, helping the person to recognize what happened to them, but releasing the emotion attached to the event. I have tried this and yes, it works to some extent. It helped me with some of my acquired negative emotions that I suffered from bullying throughout my current life.

Hypnotic Regression

Hypnotic regression helps with both acquired and past-life emotions. I have found it extremely useful in past-life emotions, where my feelings didn’t sometimes make sense, but were very strong. A lot of emotions can be released in just one session. This can be done in self-hypnosis, but I found having another to guide you through the session was very valuable. There are many good, loving hypnotists out there that specialize in past-life regression. I became a hypnotist after having one of these sessions because I know this method helps so much. You can even do it over the phone. I have several clients that I’ve helped greatly by doing this.

Reiki; Emotional Release

I am a Reiki practitioner and emotional healer. I thought I knew most of everything. That was until I took an emotional release Reiki session on the Heart Wall. There are several books out about it; there is also something referred to as the heart wall(Emotion Code, Nelson, 2012). This is a build up of negative emotions that are keeping you from experiencing your life to the fullest.

I learned a lot from this; I had been holding onto a LOT of baggage from this life, and my past lives, but I also had a quite a bit of baggage from my ancestors. Like I said, there was trauma that I was carrying from them that I didn’t even know about. It has taken several visits, but I can say that things are much better in my life and I don’t feel so blocked.

Self Healing Through Meditation

Yes, you can heal through meditation. There are several meditation styles to look through. You can also do a group meditation or a guided meditation with a meditation instructor. (I am also certified in that also). Meditation has helped me sustain my healing, but I have personally sought out people as guides. This is an ongoing process, while some of the other techniques are for a specific time.

Summing it All UP

So, yes, you CAN release these different types of emotions; acquired, past-life and inherited. Some will be much harder than others. But as we evolve, we are learning tools and using them to live our best lives. Remember to be kind to yourself through the process; sometimes you will be mad, sometimes you will cry. After one session I woke in the middle of the night, madder than hell, and I didn’t know why. But my soul was merely releasing those emotions to help me heal. This may happen to you also. You may have emotional symptoms for several days after the session when they released and when you have finally ‘let go.’ It’s ok. Remember to take care of yourself; drink plenty of water, keep meditating and doing something you enjoy. Balance, balance, balance.

Please feel free to message me with ideas or if you you’d be interested in meditation, hypnosis or a psychic reading. I would like to be of service to you.

These memories are the the newest and often the freshest ‘wounds’ to our subconscious. These are the ones we have acquired in this lifetime.

About the author: Lana Duncan-Hartgraves is a psychic/medium and emotional healer with over two decades of psychic services experience. She is a pet and non-verbal child communicator, a certified hypnotist, Reiki practitioner, expert tarot reader, health scanner/reader, certified meditation teacher, and a published children’s author/illustrator of Just Shades of Brownir?t=0bcp11wh33 20&l=am2&o=1&a=0910941351 and The Royal Fellow Who Banished Yellow. She also teaches psychic art and angel classes. She is currently holds fifteen teaching certificates with a background in Psychology. She currently lives on a hobby farm with her husband and several pets including dogs, chickens, horses, rabbits and cats.

Visit her on,, or her blog pages,, or thecrazychickenlady’

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