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by Paul Dobree – Carey,
Contributing Writer,

During the build up to this Equinox, our physical bodies have been absorbing and integrating the consistent streams of Sacred Geometry Living Light encoded messages arriving from our celestial companions and the Great Central Sun, to create Liquid Light as golden plasma flowing around the diamond core of our Divine Self. The blue-print of the physical body transforms to the gold-print of the Higher Self and then to the diamond-print of the Divine Self.

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The previous opening of the Lyran star gateway greatly assisted our process by opening the Sacred Heart nexus located at the Thymus to allow the Christ Consciousness energies to open as a portal within, bringing the rich deep experience of unconditional love, compassion and acceptance of Self as a Divine Being.

Many, however, may have not been prepared for the sheer amount of clearance work that still remained at deeper levels within the emotional and mental bodies. The subsequent resonance of deeply buried and forgotten memories rises from the depths, energized in vibration and frequency and attract the very scenarios that allow us to look at issues and triggers derived from childhood, parental, sibling and partner relationships.

The March Equinox opens many more to the feelings of Others around them also dealing with their own personal emotional issues. Being empathetic to Others should mean that we are open to be understanding, kind, patient, considerate of what they are going through and how we can help to alleviate them of their pain and sorrow.

However, sudden empathetic bursts of Others around you becomes a burden and responsibility when you are still reeling from your own revelations, realizations and impact of feelings to be dealt with. ‘Got to deal with my stuff before I can help Others with their stuff’ became a theme of necessary introspection to understand what is being attracted as a result. Many relationships have been tested to the full as these issues have arisen and presented themselves for processing, acceptance and release.

The only Judgment that truly takes place is YOUR judgement of your Self – as the deepest darkest parts of you present themselves to the Light. All around you, Soul Contracts with strangers, family, friends and neighbors have highlighted and presented you with the mirrors of Self to take a good look at who you are. Blood runs thicker than water as family relationships and genetic and inherited behavioral traits become the hardest most ingrained patterns to let go off and transmute.

As detailed in my previous messages, many awakened Souls have opened to full awareness of their own emotional and mental states. This has also expanded to include Others present or connected to their energy fields too.

As if that was not enough to contend with, the past Eclipses and Tetrad BloodMoons opened emotional floodgates internally to the entire Human Collective Consciousness. This vast influx of energetic information is being fed directly into the hearts and minds of every living Soul on this planet.

Seven Billion streams of consciousness available all at once for each of us to feel, process, accept, reject and release. Not all on this planet will be willing to accept the tumultuous onslaught of this tsunami of energy pouring through their energy systems.

How many channels on TV can you watch at any one time? – could you watch a comedy and a tragedy and sport at the same time and separate the emotional triggers they create within you?

How many radio stations could you listen to all at once? – could you separate the moods created by rock music whilst a classical piece played at the same time?

How many differing emotional, mental and physical states can you cope with simultaneously? What is yours? What is your partners? What is anyone elses?

These questions present answers to be found and integrated within. All are following their own paths and no-one walks the same path as another. Guidance and assistance can be offered but it is your own personal acceptance of what you feel to be your Truth that will find a place within your own Heart Center. Sacred Truth is simple in form but our perception of it is constantly changing as we grow in spiritual maturity and understanding.

As Children of the Sun, we should seek to bring together all that we are and have ever been, into this world and create an authentic Way of Being that absolutely embodies the higher energies of Living and Loving in the Fifth Dimension.

With Loving Blessings <3
Paul Dobree – Carey

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