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New Earth News – Before, During and After the Event

By on March 6, 2018 in New Earth News
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by Michelle Walling, CHLC
New Earth News Correspondent

In a recent video, QHHT Practicioner Allison Coe shared more information from her client sessions that points to the events leading to New Earth changes that could be coming very soon. She warns to take dates with a grain of salt because clients that are in a hypnotic trance have been accessing higher energies outside of time have a hard time translating time to us. However, we are all looking for some confirmation that the energetic changes that we are feeling are indeed leading to the change in reality that we are eagerly awaiting.

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It is up to you to not only be responsible with this information in your everyday lives, but also to use your own discernment as to whether this information, that is provided from a “higher self” perspective, aligns with YOUR soul’s plan. It is also important to remember that everyone has their own path and could experience “the event” different than someone else. With this in mind, the information Allison brings to us gives us hope and reduces fears around how this shift to a New Earth frequency will unfold.

The first client in mid December experienced the event first hand in her session. “It’s gonna get big, it’s gonna be huge, she’ll be at home, she’ll be awake, she will be looking out the window, and she will be watching it come at her. It’s all different colors…it looks like a wildfire. Like smoke, colored smoke rolling in. It’s huge, miles long, it’s going to lay her down. Everybody’s gonna need to lay down. She’s going to be vibrating, it’s going to be affecting everything physically. It will not just affect humans but the whole planet. It looks iridescent like colored cellophane, like rainbow smoke.”

Allison always tries to get dates by asking when this will happen in the client’s life and the answer for her was that she looks the same as she does now, not much older.

As far as how it may affect other people that are not aware it is coming, people are stunned, nobody does much of anything right away, and everyone is laying down. The energy comes from the south (the client is in the Pacific Northwest, looking out of her window). Note that another client said that it comes from the east, so Allison is deducing that it my come from the southeast.

“I think everyone is going to completely freak out.” I don’t feel like she meant this to bring fear about the wave but to show that there are many people who are not going to know what is happening. Apparently that won’t matter because it will cause people to eventually lie down in order to process it. To me, this sounds like the most compassionate way for everyone to be able to go through something they have no idea is coming. It also sounds like a much better than a mass landing of spaceships without any preparation, causing military attack and heart attack alike. If you are like me, you have already been through several smaller but powerful waves that have literally put you to bed in order to assimilate the energies in the last few years, so this gives us an idea of what this could feel like.

It will come in the afternoon where the client lives. The solar flash is the precursor for moving the client to 5d to the New Earth. It takes a little bit for the client to sit up and the sky is an iridescent Lavender. The client will stay on the Earth, but the Earth will be In5d. The wave hits, the client is in her house, and it takes a little bit for her to assimilate the energy as it moves through her.

This client states that not everyone will be able to handle the energy coming in while in a body, and if the energy is too much to handle, it’s better to lift up out of the body and to come back into the New Earth at a later time. Some people will go to ships in the upper atmosphere if the individual feels like they can’t handle this energy.

Beings will then come down to teach humanity because we are so far behind. They will get us up to speed and speak our language, and are not coming to rule us.

This client says everything is pretty and sparkly in the New Earth reality. We will get help in learning how to clean up our messes. The currency change will finally occur after the flash or wave of energy. The client felt like this event will happen within 3-6 months form December of 2017 but also felt like March 2018 was accurate. Allison also re-iterates that a vast majority of her other clients have also said march is a possibility, however there are others like her second client that mentioned well within six months of February 2018.

The second client’s session revealed that the event will occur when this client is at home as well. She described that she feels brightness, like love and energy. “Afterwards, she’ll have more happiness and free time, more of what she needs without having to work so hard, and more focus of what she wants to do.”

Allison asked what the client should do to prepare. “Just keep going, don’t let go”. The client has been working on healing herself, changing her diet, and exercising. Her sister will be at work with others who will not see much of the light, and will not last as long for some as for others.

Allison asked what will happen to people who are in a precarious position at the time the wave occurs. The client’s higher self said that there will be a moment that seems to be like suspended animation where everyone will be cared for. The client will remain on Earth, changing in preparation to ascend even further, and the majority “will go well within five years”.

From the explanation in the rest of the video, what this shows is the difference in the amount of time from one person transitioning to the New Earth vs. another after the wave occurs.

“Once she ascends she can go anywhere and nowhere, everywhere at once.”

This client’s higher self said that after the wave, if you want to stay on Earth, you focus down, if you want to travel elsewhere, you focus up or out. A further explanation was that is was like going from being on the slide of the microscope to looking through the eye of the microscope.

If this kind of information interests you, you may want to listen to the rest of Allison’s video, which picks up at 19:33 from my introductory synopsis.

About the author:
Michelle Walling, CHLC is a Holistic Life Coach specializing in starseed support. She is an international public speaker, writer, webmaster, and radio show host. In 2013, Michelle started writing spiritual, metaphysical, and esoteric articles for Michelle is the webmaster for and Michelle is the host of the Cosmic Awakening Show and hosts conferences and workshops in the U.S. and Europe. Michelle’s personal Facebook page can be found here. To contact Michelle or to book a session, please visit

Candace Craw Goldman runs an international support forum directory for all kinds of practitioners and healers at

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