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New Earth News – Receivers Of The Mythic Call

By on March 30, 2018 in Spiritual Awakening
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by Ariel Spilsbury,

A mythic call was sent out to countless beings in the Universe. A great circle of these called beings gathered from far and wide. The Joy of the Universe then entered their circle, gracing them with a ravishing light and said the following words…

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“You are being invited to incarnate upon a world where a great transformation is taking place. You who respond and embody this call will go to a place where the illusions of fear and separation are being played out and a great cycle of evolution is coming both to and end and a new beginning. I am calling those with the needed talents and gifts to act as my emissaries there, to lift and transform the frequencies of planet Earth, simply by embodying and anchoring my presence there. You will, by your very presence, transmute the vibration of fear that now blankets consciousness there. In this myth, you will play yourselves, creators of a new reality.”

“On other journeys, each of you have proven to be able to awaken your consciousness and align your heart to the promptings of pure joy and compassion. And so, I invite you to incarnate en masse among the tribes of Earth to assist her and all her children in their transmutation of matter. This event is very rare and precious, even among the many miracles of the cosmos. Your presence will assist Earth by utilizing the alchemical frequencies of transformation that you hold, and will open up new dimensional realities. You transform simply through your vibrational presence.”

“It is part of the plan that you will be veiled in forgetting so that you will experience directly what this level of fear and separation feels like, such that you can transform it. You will incarnate strategically, often in some of the most vibrationally dense areas on the planet. You who embrace this mythic call, walking into this illusion, may forget the splendor of who you are as light beings, experiencing the overwhelming density of Earth. To some, this illusion of separation from Joy may create feelings of hopelessness, lack of support, and alienation. The very gifts you have may be seen as a cause for resistance, fear, and projection by that which is being transformed. Yet it will be these very gifts that will transform the depths duality, and your frequencies of light will quicken the many.”

” Your participation on this quest is purely voluntary. You are being invited to incarnate as a single global family. Should you choose to accept this mission, you will have the opportunity to catalyze and synthesize all that you have been during many incarnations, receiving a rarely offered quantum leap in consciousness. It is up to you to choose how you will dance with Earth and her children as she completes her ceremony.”

And so it was that the beings chose to incarnate on Earth to assist in this crucial event, the awakening of consciousness from the dream of matter, form, and separation. As warned, many luminous beings have indeed forgotten who they are, and why they came to Earth, but there was a fail-safe process built into the plan to awaken these beings from the veil of forgetfulness. The ones who would journey to Earth’s in assistance agreed to spark each other’s remembrance, and that the plan would be played out victoriously.

Thus, these beings were encoded in many ways with sounds, colors, lights, images, words, and symbols- a vibrational resonance that would assist them in remembering their commitment. These encoded carriers would act as catalysts to the others who agreed to incarnate, assisting in their remembrance. These Companions of Destiny were encoded in the very cells of their bodies with the new templates of consciousness, awakening them to their power.

So it is that you are now being bathed in the waters of remembrance to fulfill the promise of the new and ancient myth unfolding. You embody the key to igniting Unity on Earth. Know that the magic you were born with is indeed real. As you emerge in this time, your gifts awaken and empower others. You are creating a powerful surge of transformation that will transmute the limitations of the old myth of duality and separation, birthing the miracle of Unity.

The time is now. You are helping to ignite a critical mass triggering which will transmute matter into a higher octave. You are called into wakefulness. Utilize your gifts on behalf of Earth.

The mythic call has been sounded, the quest begun. Awaken! Stand in the beauty and power of your true identity. Set aside self-doubt. You are divine. Go where your heart draws you and share your great gifts. Surrender to the magic that you are.

Ariel Spilsbury

About the author: I am a mumbling mystic, a brilliant fool, a savant of symbols, a wily wordsmith, a crone and wise-woman of word, a fairy godmother, a sound priestess and crystal singer, a consciousness trainer, a ceremonial magician, an initiator and truth teller, a lifelong cheerleader for the Goddess, a serpent moon visionary, a scribe and oracle of the Mystery, a Glass Bead Game magistrate, an archetypal agent for transformation, a mythic guide, a Crazy Wisdom initiator, divine child magician, a mythic script writer, a dragon dreamer, a harmonic navigator, a planetary midwife and inner dimensions journey guide.

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