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NEW EARTH: We’re Now Seeing Physical Signs Of It Occurring

By on June 17, 2022 in New Earth News, Spiritual Awakening with 0 Comments
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NEW EARTH: We're Now Seeing Physical Signs Of It Occurring

by Gregg Prescott, M.S.
Founder, Webmaster, & Editor,

There’s something MAJOR going on in the evolution of humanity and we’re in the midst of it right now. The late Dolores Cannon spoke about the New Earth and instead of trying to describe what she said, I’ll play a short clip of her saying it.

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What we’re starting to see is actual evidence of the shift to the New Earth happening in real time!

Backdrop People

By now, many people in this field have heard of the background people, or as Dolores Cannon calls them, the backdrop people.

Dolores Cannon mentions the backdrop people in her The Convoluted Universe Book IV but goes further in depth in The Convoluted Universe Book V.  They’re just like movie extras.  They’re in the scene but don’t play a major role, yet are needed to make the scene seem “real”.

Dolores wrote via her hypnotized subject:

They (the backdrop people) won’t survive.  They’ll be gone. The others (us) will move on.  This new place will be so beautiful.  The vibration will be so high and this will be a learning place. The old Earth will be on one level and the new Earth will be on a higher level, but they won’t see each other, like they’re in two time warps.

Dolores added, “This is why it is important for us to realize that it is only an illusion and (to) find our role in the creation of the New Earth, and our part in helping others find theirs. You can find out more about the backdrop people in my article, “Who Are The Background People And What Is Their Role For The New Earth?“.

If you’re reading this article, you’ve probably experienced this many times.

I started experiencing this several years ago and this has probably happened to you as well. I was in the grocery store shopping and it felt like everybody around me was a zombie, just kind of walking around aimlessly. You look at what’s inside their shopping carts and it’s basically garbage. Then, someone walks by you and without saying a word, you know that that person is awake. You kinda smile and nod at that person and that person does the same in return. No words are spoken… it’s just a knowing.

On a different occasion, I saw a man pick up a piece of garbage and bring it to the garbage can.  I said, “Thank you” but he never heard me say it.  I said it loud enough for him to hear it and he wasn’t wearing ear buds.  Maybe he was deaf but it’s highly unlikely.

What’s REALLY happening with the Inner Child(ren)

The other day, I was at the beach when the weather was forecasted to be rainy, yet the day started out beautifully. There were relatively few people 0n the beach… it was so deserted that it already felt like the New Earth.

But what’s even more fascinating is how I’ve been seeing more and more adults simply PLAYING at the beach without children. I couldn’t tell you how many times I’ve seen adult couples building sand castles and there are no children around…. except their own inner children…. and that’s one of the things that I’m noticing. The inner child on many awakened adults is coming out.

As many of you know, I play bocce ball on the beach. It’s great exercise for me after my quadruple bypass surgery. But what am I actually doing? I’m playing ball on the beach. The other day, I was playing bocce with a friend and a young man approached me and asked me if he could play with us. Unfortunately, I didn’t bring an extra pair of bocce balls with me, otherwise it woulda been cool to have a third payer.

But what REALLY happened? Think about being a kid at the playground. You run up to some other random child you never met before and say, “Can I play too?” That’s what happened at the beach.

This is why it’s really important to pay attention to everything around you. One morning a couple days ago, I’m playing bocce by myself and I see a large ball roll by me with a man chasing after it. Then I realized he was jogging on the beach and this is how he made a game out of it.

But what was really happening in the bigger picture? He and I were two grown men playing ball on the beach. It’s that simple. Our inner children are telling us it’s time to play but what’s really happening is that the two earths are separating and those people whose inner children are coming out are the first responders to what’s happening. I’d be willing to bet that many of you who are reading this article have experienced your inner child coming out recently as well.

The Old Guard Is fading Away

Not only am I noticing those whose inner children have come out to play, but I’m also noticing the old guard fading away.

Here’s an example:

I was on my “Walk of Gratitude” when an older man, about 75-80 years old, was walking towards me and we’re looking each other in the eye. He was wearing a red Kansas City Chiefs t shirt. Being a Chiefs fan myself, I said, “Go Chiefs” and he didn’t flinch. No smile. No acknowledgment, nothing. It was as if I was never in his realm of reality and the first thing that came to mind was what Dolores Cannon was saying about how people simply fade out of other people’s realities.

Incarnated Angels

Something else really special happened as I was walking toward the beach. There was an old man wearing sunglasses that looked like the kind of sunglasses a blind person would wear. As he was nearing me, I smiled and said, “Good morning.” No response, whatsoever. I said good morning again but this time, it was louder and he was closer to me. Nothing except what seemed like a grunt of some sort. It wasn’t a normal grunt. It was as if he may have been trying to say something but nothing came out. As he walked by me, I wryly smiled thinking to myself how bizarre that experience was. Then, only a few seconds later, I turned around to look at him and he was gone. That evening, I told PsychicAlly Ali Janes Prescott about the experience and she said he was an incarnated human angel. It takes an incredible amount of energy to incarnate into the physical realm and speaking takes even more energy. All this being could do was make a grunt-like sound for acknowledgement. I’ll never forget that experience!

Watch For New Earth Signs!

On that same beach path, I’ve been recently seeing this brown rabbit, so I left some spinach and carrots for him the other day and the following day, they were gone. As I was leaving the beach yesterday, I saw him again.  I didn’t have any vegetables with me to give him so I tossed him some sunflower seeds.  He loved them!

The spirit message of the rabbit is good luck and abundance.  I felt like this was a global message for humanity.

What we’re now experience has a lot to do with the energy vibrations ramping up, which Dolores spoke about in the above video.


The Children Already Know

One thing that you’ll notice as well is how people will simply stare at you, as if they’re looking at something they’ve never seen before. Children are the best barometer of this because they’re so innocent and are not tainted by society. Plus, many of them are likely able to still see auras in people, so your aura and energy is likely to be what is causing this reaction.

We’re living in a really exciting period of time right now. The shift to the New Earth has already begun. Are you noticing as well? If so, what are your experiences? Leave a comment below.

Sending you all infinite LOVE and Light!


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