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New Frequencies Bring Unprecedented Opportunity For ALL To Shift Into An Expanded Consciousness

By on August 23, 2017 in Spiritual Awakening
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New Frequencies Bring Unprecedented Opportunity For ALL To Shift Into An Expanded Consciousness

by Rosie Neal,
Contributing Writer,

New Frequencies are on the way! Nobody needs anything outside of themselves to get where we need to go. If people are looking outside of themselves to extraterrestrials, or anything for anything for that matter, to help with ascension, they need to take a good close look at the information they’re receiving with perfect discernment.

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There’s an awful lot of AI (Artificial Intelligence) out there that have many programs and labels that keeps everybody trapped in a closed circuit loop to loop and that stops them from moving forward because they become trapped in a paradigm.

New Frequencies  Lions Gate

The Lions gate, 30 year anniversary of the Harmonic Convergence, and the solar eclipse will allow that of the highest flow of the unified field to stream directly into the heart of humanity. This will provide an unprecedented opportunity for all to shift into an expanded consciousness with these new frequencies being available. Once we access, we will be directed to express and become the embodiment of the divine plan on earth.

The Harmonic Convergence is bringing people out of duality which is meant by neutralizing left brain versus right brain. Good versus bad light versus dark, male versus female, and pulling all that energy point of neutrality and of singularity into the heart chakra and becoming Christed.

The Christed state of being it is not about being in polarity from light to dark. It’s not about extreme polarities or putting us in a position of trying to balanced energies.

New Frequencies – Heart Chakra

Our job is to pull it all to the center and balance it to the zero point in the sacred place of the heart. It is by bringing everything in the heart chakra that will bring everything back to a state of neutralization and return to zero point.   It is not about living from the upper chakras; the throat, 3rd eye or crown chakra which opens us up the higher dimensions. Or living from earth chakras; the solar plexus, the sacral, or the root chakra. It’s about as above, so below. So pulling as above the sine wave, which is the heart chakra, and pulling the upper chakras and lower chakras into the sacred place of the heart in neutrality. Then, you are pulling the the polarized light and the dark together from the left and right of the sacred heart chakra and allowing it to become Christed in yourself in the heart chakra.

That is what the cross is all about. It is bringing of heavens forces and earth’s forces to the zero point and light and dark to the zero point through the heart chakra.

New Frequencies  – Kundalini

This will place you in the zero point of the sacred place of the heart so at this point you begin raising the Kundalini.  Energy begins in motion. The electrons and the protons begin to spin around the nucleus neutron which activates through the crown chakra and as it’s activated, the Kundalini comes out the crown and goes directly into your heart chakra and activates the Christed state. It allows the soul to stay in the body and not leave the body.


We are building a new temple which is heaven on earth.  This is making up the foundation for that temple. The goal is to move into a full ascension. We are not going anywhere but we are allowing our soul to enter our physical avatar. Bring heaven to earth.

The new frequencies process had to be 1% of the population. We now have not only reached the 1% but are on point at exceeding it. This now puts us at 70% of full activation. Moving into the 80% level. We need no-thing, ((nothing )) outside of ourselves to accomplish this.

~ Rosie Neal

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Image: Pixabay

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