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New Moon in Cancer, Solar Eclipse Crystal Synergy

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New Moon in Cancer, Solar Eclipse Crystal Synergy

by Jennifer Marie,
Contributing Writer,

New Moon in Cancer, Solar Eclipse Crystal Synergy

The New Moon on Tuesday July 2, 2019 was paired with a Total Solar Eclipse in the southern hemisphere, both peaking within the same hour. This exciting magical synchronicity combines intense super powered feminine (lunar), and masculine (solar) energies, creating BIG changes to our own energy fields, and everyday lives.

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The energy of the New Moon stimulates new beginnings, visualization, and manifestation. You could look at it as the New Moon is when you plant the thought seeds, and the Full Moon is harvest. This particular New Moon is also in the zodiac constellation of Cancer, which adds a vulnerable emotional twist to this month’s New Moon energy. This feminine and emotionally charged Lunar energy will have the most effect on personal relationships and matters of the heart. The New Moon energies last for 3 days, which are the most important days of the month to keep your mind focused on what you WANT to attract into your life, so keep your thoughts clear and positive.

Total Solar Eclipse energy is a catalyst for extreme change, particularly for new beginnings and endings that help align us to our true souls’ purpose. Another exciting aspect the New Moon/Solar Eclipse synergy is that the Eclipse energy superpowers the New Moons affects! Solar Eclipse’s also prompt us to self-realizations repressed wound healing and spiritual evolvement. These amazing Solar Eclipse energy waves last for 6 months and learning how to harness this energy can propel you to achieving your goals and dreams rapidly with great ease.

Crystals and Gemstones emit vibrational energy frequencies unique to their color and mineral compositions, and each Crystal/Gemstone is associated with a specific Chakra on the body, and healing properties spiritually, mentally and physically. Crystal vibrational frequencies are also governed by ruling planets and stars, which when combined with meditation and the planetary alignments, can create a truly astonishing spiritual alchemy.

Peach Moonstone connects to the element of water, the frequency of the Sacral Chakra, and the feminine vibrational energy of the Moon. Moonstone comes in an array of colors, and also connects with the 3rd Eye and Crown Chakras, however Peach Moonstone is best when working with the Moon in Cancer, as this ruling planet resonates with the emotional Sacral Chakra. Moonstone can help to stabilize emotions, sooth anxiety and has an overall calming/nurturing supportive vibrational energy. Moonstone is also synonymous with new beginnings, intuition and can be worn as a talisman of good luck. Meditating or carrying Peach Moonstone during the New Moon in Cancer will assist you in staying emotionally balanced and guide you by assisting your intuition in times of change or uncertainty.


Sunstone connects with the element of fire, has the masculine energy of the Sun, and its vibrational frequency resonates in the Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakras. Sunstone is an energizing, protective, aura cleansing crystal that clears negative self-defeating thought patterns, removes blockages and emits positive vibrations of confidence, optimism, abundance and good fortune. Meditating or carrying Sunstone during the New Moon in Cancer, and for the next 6 months of the Solar Eclipse energy waves, will assist you in channeling this amazing energy to let go of the toxic thoughts, people, places, jobs etc. that are no longer serving your highest good, and propel us with the confidence, positivity and luck to ensure whatever your new beginning is, it will be an abundant, rewarding and successful one.

Happy Eclipse Season Everyone! May the New Moon in Cancer/Solar Eclipse energies be the catalyst for manifesting wondrous new opportunities into your lives, while simultaneously releasing all that no longer serves you.

Blessings, Love, and Light, Jennifer Marie

About the author: Jennifer Marie is the Founder of Jennifer Marie Wellness, an Intuitive 2nd Degree Usui Reiki & Crystal Energy Healer, Meditation Coach, and Spiritual/Metaphysical Enthusiast. Find out more about Jennifer

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