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Discernment – Developing Your Intuition

By on March 26, 2019 in Spiritual Awakening with 0 Comments

Discernment - Developing Your Intuition

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by Angelina Stojic,
Contributing Writer,

Discernment – Developing Your Intuition

I am led to approach the subject of discernment yet again. We all know what it means, but for those of us that like a little refresher it is simply, the art of knowing what IS or what IS NOT for us.


In these times, there is so much information out there relating to so many subjects especially pertaining to the spiritual realms. Teachers, healers, speakers, writers, chanellers, psychics talking to us about angels, galactic presence, mercury retrogrades, light infiltration, 5D ascension just to name a few.

Please understand, I am one of those people. Yes, I am a channeler, writer, intuitive healer, galactic rep and talk about all those subjects at length and absolutely love it, for it is part of why I am on the planet, but the simple fact of the matter is that part of our evolutionary process of expansion in self is to refine our discerning process. It quite simply means, ‘Does this feel right for me or not?”

We must learn how to discern what is for us, for when we work with this tool, we develop our intuitive abilities.

Let us understand that not all information is for everyone all of the time, for each of us are on a different place in our journey. For example, if you choose to travel down a garden path and half way down the path you see a beautiful rose bush and stop to smell the sweet aroma of the roses.

The person at the start of the path has not yet encountered the rose bush so doesn’t know what you are experiencing with your mind and body, or they may even choose to go down a different path and instead encounter a beautiful lake experiencing similar emotions but in a different way. So, although we are in the same garden, the experience will be different.

Collectively things will continue to happen on the planet and in the universe like light infiltrations, retrogrades, new energies, portals opening etc etc, and when they happen, they may or may not affect you in a way that you can feel or recognize as described by the many messengers in our world.


Our DNA, as we know, is very unique. It holds light, and that light holds our past lives, present life, every memory and moment, what we have processed and healed and what we have not. When there is a collective shift happening on a level that you have already dealt with, you may not feel the affects the same as the next person who may not have cleared or healed that patterning as yet.

What we hold within our light body systems, that is physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, is what will be triggered if it needs to be shifted out or to a new level. What we need to feel, see and be happens when it happens in our own space and time. Trust in that.

We also need to remember that as we are evolving on our journey that Johnny may have felt an expansion during one of these highly talked about shifts but was not felt by you? This does not mean that Johnny is more advanced than you, this is an egoic pattern that sits in fear, a very human pattern that involves competition and conditioning to vibe against each other.

There is no competition in evolution, it just happens. And yes, there will be people that will be open to more information and have different talents and abilities to things that we do not understand at this moment, but we are all needed here for different things, to awaken different aspects within us and each other, so refining and sharing our gifts is part of the process.

We are all traveling in evolution every day and each one of us move in many directions with no order on how it is presented or processed but the way we are heading is all the same way and that is out. Expansion. We are all expanding our awareness, our consciousness, our light and our love, and the beautiful thing is we are all doing it in such unique precious ways that we are then able to share and experience together. Yes, we will experience moments of understanding one another’s journey emotionally, but no two journeys are the same.

Our light body, our DNA shows us the way with what we need to know by triggering our internal guidance system. So, when we ask, ‘Does this feel right for me?’ then it gives more strength, power and clarity to our own intuition, building and refining that skill. And the more we listen to this knowingness, the more things become clearer where the question will not be needed any longer for the feeling will then be the guide. Even now if we now notice a ‘jarring’ in our system, this guidance is our internal system showing us what to listen to.

I do recommend however, that it is good to take time out and disconnect with all the noise in the world at regular intervals. All that is around us can confuse our mind creating an imbalance. Take time to stop and listen to all resides within, for one of our greatest gifts is hearing the truth of all that we are. Everything we need to know is within us, and in time listening to our inner knowingness is all we will need.

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A reminder here also that we are on the right path and that one of our greatest gifts is to learn how to discern. Be discerning with information, energy, people and grow your intuitive abilities. We are the masters of our universe, creators of our own world and each of our experiences and lives will be different, needing and attracting many different things from many different sources until it is our own source we choose.

For now, be selective, for it is our internal guidance that knows what we need at each moment.

Infinite Light

Angie xx

Messenger of Light. My information, ideas, and concepts come from my own challenges and life experiences. Understanding each other’s journeys evokes our innate human kindness. I am a writer, channeller, healer, speaker, intuitive messenger, galactic rep, lover, leader, creator and aunty! We are all messengers for OUR LIFE IS OUR MESSAGE so shine your beautiful light?

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