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How To Reprogram A Mercury Retrograde

By on December 3, 2017 in Spiritual Awakening

How To Reprogram A Mercury Retrograde

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by Michelle Walling,
Contributing Writer,

I’ve been knocked out the last few days, needing naps and feeling the need to stay home in balance and isolation. From my past experience, for me this is not only transmuting collective negativity but also preparing for another big shift.


Big shifts are caused by waves of energy as well as node points of collective chaos that are designed to wake people up from the spell of the mind control matrix. What is coming this weekend seems to be chaos rather than a blissful wave.

The following is a Mercury Retrograde post from astrologer Carl Boudreau:

This Friday is another one of those aspects we want to be aware of. I am referring, of course, to the Mars/Uranus opposition: Mars in Libra opposite Uranus in Aries, around dawn on Friday morning, UT. Let me say a few words about it.

This is another one of those aspects that, at first blush, seems loud, sharp, harsh, potentially explosive. It will cause short circuits and outages. Uranus will supply the high voltage, Mars will supply the sparks and *perhaps* some flames.

This aspect looks capable of disruptions, delays, accidents and general disarray because Uranus and Mars are intense enough to cause disruptions and rather skewed, disorderly, agitated mental and emotional states. There is bound to be plenty of that. There could be a lot of stress thru this weekend.

The setting of this Mars/Uranus opposition is many layered. It forms part of what I call a caldron. It is a multi-layered transformative structure, a mesh work of positive and negative aspects.
Also, Mercury is becoming stationary, preparing to retrograde. This will likely contribute a significant amount of confusion, with delays, postponements and cancellations. Mercury will change directions this weekend, too. Neptune is also squaring the Sun and Moon, adding to the abundance of smoke and mirrors.


A Mars/Uranus opposition in cardinal signs (Libra and Aries) might seem to promise a mutual show of force, or just an explosive event that clears the air and leads to a clear resolution, but that is unlikely, given the overall context, though, that is unlikely.

The Mars/Uranus opposition, for its part, might produce a lot of sound and fury, but nobody will be quite sure what it all signifies – before, during, or after.

Mentally and emotionally, this weekend could be turbulent but murky. Issues will smolder, like a fire in wet wood or a damp leaves. If you are in need of a quick and decisive resolution, don’t expect it this weekend.

There might be all the fuss and bother often connected with a crisis that leads to a resolution. This weekend, though, there will more likely be a lot of fuss and bother without the resolution.

My best advice would be to stay calm and don’t let yourself get caught up in a fight. It would be best not to draw any firm conclusions or make any firm decisions, either.

Conditions might be upsetting, discouraging and downright frustrating. But no matter how negative you are feeling about the prospects, very little will be decided once and for all this weekend. Walk away and live to fight another day.

Don’t assume the worst and give up. This weekend victory will go to the calm, quiet and patient, and to those who are willing to walk away and think until things calm down.

I posted Carl’s post because it is only one out of many I have read about this weekend. Also I have read many “warnings” about Mercury going retrograde December 3-22.

Mercury Retrograde

It sounds like it’s going to be pure hell dealing with people this weekend, and after that, Mercury in retrograde always brings electronic and situational difficulties.

What I would like to propose is that we move into fifth dimensional thinking and beyond and actions that are beyond what the matrix is setting up for the rest of the planet.

What this means is that we are going to re-program the matrix and what people are warning us about.

Try this Mercury Retrograde idea with me:

Go into your heart space and connect with your higher self, oversoul, and Source. Feel what it is like to be in the zero point of love. Spread this love all over the planet.

Think about what the astrologers are saying about this being a helluva weekend and about Mercury retrogrades. Then tell your higher self “I no longer consent to allowing astrology and the control matrix to run my life. I am Source incarnate and I follow the highest and best path toward my exit or ascension. Please support and guide my intentions for myself and for humanity to move to an alternate future timeline that helps us to shift with ease and grace.”

Do not focus on negative predictions, but allow these predictions to help in understanding what is wrong with the majority of humanity. Remember that these extreme time stamps of chaos are meant to wake people up, however they are also meant to steal negative emotional energy.

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It would be good to spend as much time as possible in the zero point this weekend, doing what makes you happy and blissful, using the principles of unconditional love and forgiveness as people around you work through their shit. Don’t forget to laugh inside when you witness what Carl predicted, as you have been forewarned about what is coming and you know not to let the matrix trigger your emotions. The key is to starve the archons while holding space for the transmutation of stuck energy as it is released this month.

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About the author: Michelle Walling, CHLC is a Holistic Life Coach specializing in starseed support. She is an international public speaker, writer, webmaster, and radio show host. In 2013, Michelle started writing spiritual, metaphysical, and esoteric guest articles for Michelle is the webmaster for and, and is the co-creator of Michelle is the host of In5d’s Cosmic Awakening Show and hosts conferences and workshops in the U.S. and Europe. Michelle’s recent partnership with Sharon-Elizabeth James at the Cosmic Center of Spiritual Light in Sarasota has opened new doors for community, including the “Sarasota City of Light” project. Michelle’s personal Facebook page can be found here. To contact Michelle or to book a session, please visit

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