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New Moon In Leo, Black Supermoon Crystal Synergy

By on July 30, 2019 in Astrology with 0 Comments

New Moon In Leo, Black Supermoon Crystal Synergy

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by Jennifer Marie,
Contributing Writer,

New Moon In Leo, Black Supermoon Crystal Synergy

The New Moon on July 31st, 2019 will be a Black Supermoon in the constellation of Leo. A Black Moon is defined as the second New Moon in the same calendar month (July 2nd being the first New Moon we had earlier this month). A Supermoon is when the New or Full Moon occurs while its location is at the closest point to Earth that it will reach in its monthly orbit. This astrological alignment will bring with it an exponential intensity of dualistic energies. Grounding and finding balance are essentials to overcoming the negative traits this energy can accentuate, while simultaneously harnessing the many positive energetic characteristics the Black Supermoon in Leo has to offer.


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Leo is associated with the element of Fire, is ruled by the Sun, and is considered a Fixed Sign. Fixed Signs tend to have feelings governed by the emotional need to feel secure and supported. The Moon in Leo emits positive vibrations of love, devotion and generosity.

When the Moon is in Leo, we take great pride and honor in our endeavors, especially when in regard to those whom we care for and have a more intense need to be appreciated and supported than usual. Creativity and artistic expression are also intensified during the New Moon in Leo, which make for an opportunistic time in bringing creative talents and passion into tangible fruition. The Moon in Leo has also has a very authoritative, proud energy, which can tend to bring out arrogant, domineering and over-dramatic tendencies from within. Ego driven materialism is another of the less attractive qualities that the Moon in Leo can accentuate, so finding balance and recognizing the difference between our hearts desires and our minds Ego is key to overcoming these negative attributes.

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Black Moon’s energies intensify all the qualities of the New Moon, with an emphasis on cleansing and releasing deeply repressed emotions and spiritual blockages. These emotions tend to be hidden, painful and unrecognized. Early childhood traumas, past life wounds, and ancestral karma are a few examples. Black Moon energy brings these deeply repressed emotions to the surface, to be recognized, acknowledged and released. This might seem scary, however, what we do not acknowledge, we cannot heal from. This Black Moon, also being a Supermoon, will bring healing from these wounds rapidly, so stay strong and know these feelings are coming out to be released and transmuted into personal fortitude and aspirations. The New Black Supermoon in Leo is also a quintessential time for instantaneous manifestations, so meditate and stay focused on your goals and dreams during this time.

Tigers Eye Crystal is associated with Leo energy, is ruled by the Sun, and connects with the Root, Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakras. Tigers Eye is an extremely powerful crystal that protects from negative energies, envy, animosity, malice and some say even curses. Tigers Eye enhances ones will, practicality, integrity, creativity and manifestation. This fiery crystal promotes optimistic feelings of self-worth, confidence, stability, and balance. Tigers eye is also known to bring prosperity and can be worn as talisman of good luck. Meditate with or carry Tigers Eye Crystal during the New Moon in Leo, to harness the positive energy Leo emits, while staying protected from the negative traits this Zodiac sign can bring out.


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Malachite holds Heart Chakra frequency and is the most powerful stone for deep and intense energetic cleansing. This impressive Stone absorbs negative energy, releases spiritual blockages, and encourages us to let go of the past so that we may open our hearts to receiving love. Malachite assists one with the insight to distinguish between abundance and materialism, which can be a personal power struggle during the Moon in Leo. This Stone also enhances creativity and is known to bring about prosperity and good luck. It is important to note, that Malachite needs to be cleansed more often than most other crystals, as it holds the deeply repressed negative energy it absorbs, so keeping this Stone on a Selenite Charging Wedge when not being used is highly recommended. Meditating with or carrying Malachite during the Black Supermoon in Leo will assist greatly in releasing deep, painful emotions, and ultimately healing and anchoring your personal energy field in love frequency.

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Happy New Black Supermoon in Leo Everyone! May we all manifest creatively, and release all energetic blockages holding us back.

Love and light,

Jennifer Marie

About the author: Jennifer Marie is the Founder of Jennifer Marie Wellness, an Intuitive 2nd Degree Usui Reiki & Crystal Energy Healer, Meditation Coach, and Spiritual/Metaphysical Enthusiast. Find out more about Jennifer

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