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How To Guess Someone’s Astrological Sign

By on March 21, 2015 in Astrology

How To Guess Someone's Astrological Sign in5d

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Has anyone ever guessed your astrological sign? It’s an amazing feat to perform and it requires research and practice. While not everyone believes this is possible or that the Zodiac has any meaning, here are some tips from those who believe it can be done.

Always remember though that this is just based on sun signs, if we were talking about Ascending/Rising signs it would be different since the ascending sign of someone represents how they appear to someone before we get to know them. We are also not talking about Moon signs which are the persons inner personality, emotions and reactions to certain things in their life, so it could complicate pin pointing down just their Sun sign, since that only represents their characteristics.


STEP 1: Look for people with strong personalities.

Are they confident in their habits? Do they display distinct qualities that most people do not possess? Do you know the person rather well? If so, this person may be a good candidate for analysis. On the other hand, does the person tend to act like everyone else? Is the person shy? Is the person quiet?

  • Aries – Very forceful confrontational voice, fiercely independent, extremely competitive, freedom-loving, adventurous, enthusiastic, bold, ambitious, athletic, impulsive, reckless, dynamic, powerful, overly-confident, dynamic, loud, warlike, blunt, hasty, hard-headed, stubborn, strong-willed, hot-tempered, rude, selfish, impulsive, enterprising, a risk-taker, an achiever, tends to act first and think later, the unstoppable force.
  • Taurus – Loves nice things, can come across as extremely materialistic, enjoys the better things in life, sometimes slow to act, great at managing money, loves the outdoors and doing outdoor activities such as farming or gardening, very practical and down to earth, strong appetite, attracted to construction, dislikes change.
  • Gemini – A good arguer, witty, adaptive, flirtatious, playful but may come across as offensive, a trickster, inconsistent, could be touchy, easy to please, intellectual, chatty,quick-witted, a social butterfly, knowledge-seeking,changeable, likes reading, writing and mental games, great at multitasking.
  • Cancer – Very sensitive, has unpredictable moods, romantic, nice, sweet, caring and nurturing, motherly, homey, likes home-cooked meals and quality family time, is socially conservative, and withdraws from the scene when hurt or offended.
  • Leo – Loving, sensitive, loves children, likes luxury and jewelry, bigger-than-life attitude, bold dramatic attitude, ambitious, very demanding, wants to be the center of attention, smart, arrogant, pompous, conceited, intelligent, loud, loyal, strong-willed, tremendous vitality, highly attractive with a distinctive thick mane of hair.
  • Virgo – Performs tasks in a perfectionistic manner, critical, detail-oriented, fastidious, practical, intelligent, sharp witted, keen intellect and powers of observation, shrewd, penetrating, great mental dexterity, judgmental, opinionated, naturally shy, organized, tries to be healthful, likes order and cleanliness, likes simplicity in decorating, knows how to prove points in arguments.
  • Libra – Indecisive, flirtatious, frivolous, graceful, diplomatic, likes equality and justice, loves beauty and beautiful things, a social butterfly, lazy, polite, gracious, has pleasant manners, idealistic, attractive, a peacemaker, makes a great judge.
  • Scorpio – Secretive, passionate, confident, loyal, athletic, hyper-sensitive, mysterious, penetrating, investigative, powerful, sexual, resourceful, jealous, controlling, hot-tempered, magnetic, strong-willed, resilient, resourceful, great stamina, revengeful, self-mastery orientation.
  • Sagittarius – Adventurous, independent, friendly, enthusiastic, broad-minded, overly-optimistic, brave, intelligent, charismatic, flirtatious, rebellious and freedom-seeking, dislikes restrictions, talkative, natural entertainers, impulsive, exaggerating, over-indulgent, blunt, a risk-taker, has child-like wonder, always hungry for knowledge, opportunistic, philanthropic, philosophical.
  • Capricorn – Stubborn, argumentative, stingy, mature/reserved character, cold and detached, cautious, generous, hard worker, very ambitious, likes responsibility, self-disciplined, loves to tease, respects authority, status-seeking, career-oriented, remarkable endurance and patience.
  • Aquarius – Loves to help others, liberal, democratic, humanitarian, broad-minded, likes social equality, a reformer, freedom-oriented, cool, cold and indifferent, eccentric, erratic, rebellious, unpredictable, highly opinionated, original, one-of-a-kind, friendly, sharp-tongued, idealistic, inventive, quick to change mind, resolute.
  • Pisces – Sensitive, friendly, compatible, beautiful eyes and smile, imaginative, escapist, lazy, can be moody, likes to take care of others, offensive.

STEP 2: Examine their appearance

If none of the obvious signs are there, look at the person carefully. What strikes you most about how they look?

    • Aries: High set and narrow facial bones, broad foreheads, rosy cheeks, strong, well-proportioned body, above or below average height, and dark or sandy colored hair, strong eyebrows as well as clear and penetrating eyes which are often close-set.
    • Taurus: Innocent, childlike eyes, full and thick, full lips, small/even teeth, and has thick hair with low forehead, slightly thicker than usual neck, attractive face.
    • Gemini: A mischievous smile, full lips, average height, a well-proportioned chin, high cheekbones, youthful appearance, thin or even bird-boned, pointy features, long fingers, jaunty walk, bright and sparkling eyes, has great fashion sense.
    • Cancer: Far-apart eyes, innocent facial features, below average height, a fleshy body and short legs, usually have brown hair, a round face, a prominent forehead, small eyes, a short and upturned nose, crooked teeth, and a full mouth. In essence, the upper body is invariably larger in proportion to the lower, which may make for a rather clumsy or top-heavy bodily appearance at times.
    • Leo: Glamorous, thick mane-like dark hair, large dark eyes, proud and confident expression (resembles a lion), prominent nose, fuller than average lips, usually tall, with thin waists, trim athletic legs.
    • Virgo: Fair, clean-looking skin, roundish head, delicately-shaped lips, large and clear expressive eyes with an outward apex, strong symmetrical refined features.
    • Libra: Dimples on the cheeks, nose, knees, or elbows, chiseled lips, roundish head, small face, a thin nose, refined and well balanced features, makes lots of facial and hand gestures while talking, ringing laughter.
    • Scorpio: strong attractive features, intense hypnotic penetrating eyes, glowing skin, questioning expression.
    • Sagittarius: innocent face, chiseled facial-set, usually have a large and well-shaped skull, a high, broad forehead, has wide and infectious smile, a tall, slender and well formed figure with strong legs, usually good runners.
    • Capricorn: A chiseled, certain face, doe-like steady eyes, brown or dark hair, capable hands, and prominent cheek bones.
    • Aquarius: A friendly and approachable expression, vague expression, large and rounded eyes, finely chiseled features. Aquarians also have rarely average noses and lips that are full at the center and thin out toward the edges.
    • Pisces: Innocent features, delicate and feminine expression, Pisces natives tend to be middle to short stature with short limbs. They lean toward corpulence (obesity) in their later years.
    • Face – People born in the Spring tend to have an attractive face (not necessarily handsome or pretty, just striking): Aries, Taurus and Gemini
  • Features – People born in the Summer tend to have exceptional skin and hair (hair does not have to be straight, just glamorous): Cancer, Leo, Virgo
  • Movements – People born in the Fall tend to have natural, attractive gestures, looks, and movements: Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius
  • Body – People born in the winter usually have a strong, attractive bodies: Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces


STEP 3: Learn about astrological masculinity/femininity

It has little to do with being macho or girly. In fact, men with astrological femininity often compensate by acting macho (working out, claiming to be promiscuous or tough) and women with astrological masculinity often compensate by acting “girly” (wearing “girly” clothes and makeup, claiming to be emotional).

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  • Astrologically masculine qualities: Independent, dates a lot, tends to be rude and selfish, travels a lot, energetic, active, headstrong, talkative, confident, open-minded, sexual, flirtatious, prefers to pursue a mate.
  • Astrologically feminine qualities: Prefers long-term relationships, prefers to stay at home, needs more sleep, methodical, considerate, reliable, kind, stubborn, polite, shy, prudish, prefers to be pursued.
  • Here is the approximate ranking of signs from most masculine to most feminine: Aries, Sagittarius, Leo, Aquarius, Gemini, Libra, Capricorn, Virgo, Taurus, Scorpio, Pisces, Cancer.

STEP 4: Become familiar with the elements

  • Fire (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius): Physical and active, tends to be rude and selfish, headstrong, confident, talented, charismatic, in good shape, into sports. In a word, the “doers.”
  • Earth (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn): Physical and passive, perfectionistic, hard-working, tends to be introverted, confident, reliable, consistent, interested in many things. In a word, the “thinkers.”
  • Air (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius): Mental and active, intelligent, interested in knowledge, energetic, charming, good with words, tends to be too changeable, articulate, optimistic. In a word, the “talkers.”
  • Water (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces): Mental, passive, and attractive, emotionally sensitive, fantasize, creative powerful thoughts and actions, passionate, sexual. In a word, the “feelers.”

STEP 5: Observe their behavior, especially in conflicts or while working in groups

We all learn to hide our inner feelings to some degree while in public. People usually display their astrological traits in relationships and tense interactions. Refer to the element for the nature of the reaction that they will use (for example, Aries’ first reaction when faced with conflict is to yell or threaten, Gemini will talk his/her way out of it, Cancer usually responds with an emotional outburst, Taurus responds to conflict with silence and a posture of strength, etc.):

  • Cardinal (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn): Usually responds to conflict with a bold, decisive, instinctive action in an attempt to trump the assault. Easily motivated to start tasks.
  • Fixed (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius): Tends to hold in their reaction and respond that the attempt to hurt them was futile, with passive aggressive behavior or with silence. Concentrates on finishing things well.
  • Mutable (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces): Tends to be artful with conflicts, and is known to try to avoid arguments. Good at motivating people.

STEP 6: Pay attention to the age of the person’s sign, Aries being the youngest and Pisces being the oldest, also known as the oldest souls

The younger signs tend to display quick tempers and be more selfish and eager to learn while the older signs are wiser, more compassionate and more set in their ways.

STEP 7: Ask the person’s birthday and birth time

Use Google to find a birth chart calculator.


STEP 8: Don’t use pick up lines like

Hey, baby. What’s your sign?” For one thing, pick up lines don’t necessarily work, and for another, it takes all the fun out of guessing, doesn’t it?

STEP 9: Predict a person’s two basic signs

1) monthly sign such as Aries, Taurus, Gemini etc, and 2) yearly sign such as boar, rat, ox etc. Base your prediction from your study of astrology. The average guesser should have a 1/12 guess rate, and your results will be less than 1/12. Any study of astrology will, however small, improve on the 1/12 rate. Keep studying astrology from experts and from your own observations and your “guessing” will be 1/11 – 1/10.


Image: Pixabay

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