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New Protections From Sol – Golden Pyramid Energy

By on October 2, 2017 in Meditation

New Protections From Sol - Golden Pyramid Energy

by Meashenu,
Contributing Writer,In5D.com

There’s a new protection in place on Gaia that is available for anyone to use. On September 19th, 4 of us worked with the Lyrans & our Higher Selves to pull a big golden pyramid with gold flames, out from Sol (our sun) and put it around Gaia. We each took a location on Gaia to tether it and we were each assigned an element to anchor it with that element (air, fire, earth, water) as well. We successfully put it around the planet & kept anchoring it for a couple days. It ended up changing so that instead of one big pyramid around the planet, it turned into 4 golden pyramids and were set at the bottom of the oceans near those points that were designated for us. The Whales & Dolphins are now the guardians of these pyramids.

The intentions that were set for doing this was to make it so that no more beings could come to Gaia with negative intentions. There were supposedly more negative beings that were on the way to Gaia because they wanted to try to come and take control now. Since we already have more than enough of those beings, we were guided to set this up. It was also set up to add extra protection to individuals. There are many of the energy workers that have done their inner work that they needed to (cut cords, cleared past lives, ended/destroyed contracts, shadow work, etc) and are doing all of the correct protection rituals, but are still getting attacked. The intent for this was to offer a way so that the ones putting in the work and doing all the right things will finally have the protection they need so their free will is no longer being messed with.

How You Can Use The Golden Pyramids

These pyramids will not be solidly filled in. Instead they will simply have golden frames of energy that are on fire with gold energy. When you want to use this for protection you can ground yourself and connect into our sun Sol. From there you can visualize & put intention that the golden pyramid comes out of Sol and comes down around you. Ask that it anchor in so it stays with you and set your intentions that it protects you against any being that is not of Love & Light. You can use the Golden Pyramids for yourself, your pets, your house, your property, your car, cell phones, internet routers/hotspots, & whatever else you need to.

Don’t stop doing your normal protections, but you can add this to it to be more of the icing on the cake so to speak. Ask your higher selves & guides to assist you with this and they will. Sol will be assisting you as well :).

Love & Light,


Image: Pixabay

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