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New Supermoon In Virgo Crystal Synergy

By on August 30, 2019 in Astrology with 0 Comments

New Supermoon In Virgo Crystal Synergy

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by Jennifer Marie,
Contributing Writer,

New Supermoon In Virgo Crystal Synergy

The New Moon on August 30, 2019 will be a Supermoon in the Zodiac Constellation of Virgo. A Supermoon is when the New or Full Moon occurs while its location is at the closest point to Earth that it will reach in its monthly orbit. New Moon energy is synonymous with new beginnings, fresh starts, positive changes, and is the ideal time for setting intentions to begin the manifestation process.


Supermoon energy expedites and intensifies all of the attributes associated with the New Moon, making this a quintessential, opportunistic, astrological timing to begin new endeavors, become happier/healthier, attract love/friendship, and setting intentions to manifest your deepest ambitions and desires.

Virgo is a grounding, mutable, Earth element sign, ruled by the planet Mercury. Mutable signs have the ability to diversify their means of expression and sympathize with most any situation, thus assisting others in times of trauma or chaos comes quite naturally to this sign. Virgo is an intensely loyal energy that emits vibrations of nurturing, patience, and dependability. This signs energy is intelligent, logical, rational and can be analytical to a fault. Virgo energy influences us to meticulously interpret, evaluate, and resolve any issues or obstacles we are currently facing, as well as to successfully settle disputes in a humble, practical manor.

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However, asking for or accepting help is a struggle in the nature of Virgo, and although this signs energy is outwardly cool and composed; tension, anxiety and stress can become an inward battle. Detail oriented perfectionism is the double-edged sword of Virgo energy, as becoming overly critical of yourself is one of the negative attributes this energy can amplify. Becoming judgemental (of yourself or others) and inflexible overthinking can also be increased during this time. Although Virgo is a great listener, this energy can make expressing emotions difficult, and can enhance passive aggressive tendencies and short temperedness.

Blue Celestite is a high vibrational Water element crystal that connects to the Throat, Third Eye, and Crown Chakras, (as well as the 8th lesser known Soul Star Chakra, which connects the Crown Chakra to the Celestial Realm.) Celestite is a powerful manifestation crystal that purifies negative energies, balances spiritual/emotional/physical bodies, and invigorates the Aura with vibrations of love, serenity, calmness, and divine connection.

This crystal heightens communication (guidance, messages, lucid dreaming…) from the higher self or (spiritual guides, angelic realm…) and inspirits a conscious awareness of the Hearts truest desires/ambitions. Once we have transparency of the Heart, and truly know what we aspire for, the manifestation process begins. Celestite is also extremely beneficial for Virgo energy, as it balances the Analytical Left-Brain Hemisphere with the Creative Right-Brain Hemisphere, calming the overactive logistical mind and stimulating creative flow states of meditative spiritual inner peace.


By simultaneously activating all the higher Chakras, psychic abilities (Intuition, Clairvoyance, Clairaudients, Prophetic/Lucid Dreaming…) are also intensified, and can be beneficial for guidance or direction when faced with roadblocks or crossroads while on the journey of manifesting your dreams.

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Smoky Quartz is a supremely grounding Earth/Air element crystal that strongly connects to the Root, Sacral, and Solar Plexus Chakras. This protective, detoxifying crystal absorbs and neutralizes all negative/lower vibrational frequencies from the energy body, creates harmony between the Mind-Heart, stimulates the flow of “Chi” throughout the entire Chakra System, absorbs Electro-Magnetic-Frequencies in the air, restores the energy bodies cellular structure, protects the Aura from the harmful effects EMF pollution causes, and also amplifies the healing energies of other crystals.

The grounding centering vibrations of Smoky Quartz calms the overactive mind, halts negative self-talk/self-defeating thought patterns, dissipates overwhelming emotions of fear, anxiety, and depression thus promoting peace of mind, tranquility and mental clarity. Smoky quartz encourages creativity, mental self-awareness facilitating the ability to distinguish whether our thoughts root from perfectionism vs. neuroticism, enhances lateral thinking capabilities, improves concentration/focus, and strengthens communication with others by enhancing the minds receptiveness to new or other ways of thinking.

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Meditate with or carry Blue Celestite and Smoky Quartz during the New Supermoon in Virgo to Ground, Center, Release Toxic Energies (Thought Patterns/Neurotic-Perfectionism/Criticism), Reduce Anxiety/Depression, as well as to Harmonize with the Positive Attributes of Virgo Energy (Intelligence, Problem Solving-Lateral Thinking, Compassion/Helping those in need.) These crystals will assist in balancing the Mind and Heart with Clear Thinking, Love, Creativity and Intuition which are all key components to successful manifestation. May we all harness this powerful energy of the New Supermoon in Virgo, and create beautiful realities of Love, Abundance and Fulfillment.

Love and Light,

Jennifer Marie

About the authorJennifer Marie is the Founder of Jennifer Marie Wellness, an Intuitive 2nd Degree Usui Reiki & Crystal Energy Healer, Meditation Coach, and Spiritual/Metaphysical Enthusiast. Find out more about Jennifer

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