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New Earth News: New Transformation Codes, Emotional/Physical Purging

By on June 13, 2018 in New Earth News
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New Transformation Codes, Emotional/Physical Purging

by Kurtis Lorenzo,
Contributing Writer,

We are all now going through major cellular/dna transformations. With this, of course brings up emotional, physical purging. As new transformative codes, are being released through our sun (our portal to the 5d/home) into our space, we humans, are collectively/individually saturating our consciousness within our cells, (the nucleus), with these new codes, which are effecting us all in many different ways, this depends on what we have to purge within ourselves individually, but also collectively. As we are also a collective consciousness.

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It feels very important that right now, we spend more time outdoors, in the sun/light (safely and very hydrated) to allow these new codes to activate our code/cells and transmute all of the old code/data that is to be purged/transmuted. We are now shifting/metamorphosing constantly and it is very important we stay as hydrated as we can, to allow the flow of these new energies coming in to saturate every aspect of us..

In regards to purging, I can say from what I have been observing, and have been going through myself that all of the programs we have, that have been programmed within us on such a deep cellular memory level, are now truly coming up and out, waving goodbye on the way out of this vessel of ours. Just remember, these programs are aspects of this matrix that we are currently still living in, that as we are detaching from this matrix and moving into the 5D/New Earth, anything that is a part of this matrix, aspects of this, also have to be removed itself for many reasons. As we are going through these transformations, anything that does not server a purpose for our ‘highest good’ no longer is being lifted and returned to its source. These programs that exist within fear, hate and guilt etc. Cannot sustain within this new space we are moving very quickly towards, also as we are light bodies encapsulated within a literal shell that belongs to this matrix, we are going to be leaving behind what belongs to this matrix, and leaving with nothing but just our light bodies/higher selves. I visually think of a very strong magnet that is collectively and also individually tuned to draw out certain frequencies that no longer serve a higher purpose to ourselves in anyway, and that these are being pulled out as we move closer to the new earth/home.

It is now time to really stay centered within ourselves in this purging/extraction space we are in and just allow the individual process that we are however all going through collectively, and have no emotional attachment to these programs of ours beings cleared and transmuted. It is best we just observe this taking place and not to get too caught up in this process or in the mind. I am seeing close friends and family of mine in physical, emotional pain. Some aware of their experiences, and some are not aware at all of their experiences or of this major event of awakening taking place.
Both examples are perfectly ok, as they are experiencing what they need to right now for their transformation as we all are.

My aim of this article is to simply share that despite how hard this purging, clearing, transformation process might feel right now, despite how it may have brought up deep emotions, triggers, pain etc…, this is a process all of us, humanity, are collectively going through together right now. We are fully merging with our higher selves and for this to happen we have to have free space, free space within ourselves to just allow this process.

As many of us are/might be aware, with these clearing of programs, self doubt, fear, etc… Emotionally it has been a very big struggle, but just remember that we are powerful, we are co-creators, we decide what we choose to experience and what we choose to project. This is the end game and we are taking our power back and going within ourselves and choosing to attune to our new reality, therefore projecting it from our hearts. Literally being in that space, as we have all been waiting for..

We are moving out of hate, doubt, fear into a new, yet familiar, space of unconditional love, creativity, expression, magic and pure freedom.

As a collective, let’s just focus on these frequencies/feelings of unconditional love, creativity, expression, magic and pure freedom and just imagine what we can create with this true power of ours! Imagine a time/space where you have just been so happy, in the moment and not thinking about yesterday or tomorrow, just living in that present moment…. And how it makes you feel. Let this been your grounding memory, and just allow yourself to be in this space whenever you may be struggling, whenever you may be going through emotional purging, physical purging etc.…

Surround yourself with your loved ones, family, friends, partners, children, pets… unity is very important in this space and time right now also. We must join hands together as one in this very moment of this human collective shift, share the love, receive the love and express with love…

Just remember, what we experience externally is a true projection of us within. Therefor our creation is created from within us, internally. From our hearts. Create, think, see and feel from a space of love and freedom within yourself and then you will experience the shift that you have been looking for within yourself. The answers, are never external, they are internal, within us, and always has been. We are just now remembering. We are the shift/the event. All of this time we have been thinking/believing this event is an external event. But it has recently been made aware to my friends and I that this event is us, that we are the event. Again, its all within and energetically this has all already happened. We are now just experiencing the physicality of our energetic experiences, work and creations.

All that we are experiencing now is perfectly ok, and is what we have created for us to experience. Of course there are interferences, externally that have been effecting many of us for a long time in our journey/experience here, trying to prevent us in many ways continuing on our journey here, connecting with our tribe, mentally/physically/emotionally etc.… however, we have made it this far, coming to the end of this game. As a family, we can take these last couple of steps together, knowing this is truly the end of this journey, and that we are going home. That all of us will see each other there soon enough.

Also, we are all collectively experiencing timeline merging, aspects of ourselves from past, present and future timelines integrating in this very moment. Some of these aspect of ourselves may be integrating with this aspect of us here in this realm, or at home/new earth. With this, may be experienced personality/behavior changes, changes in the way we may feel about ourselves or others. It may be discombobulating for us and others. Especially if we don’t know anything about this aspect/aspects of us from these timelines closing out integrating… I have seen with good friends of mine and myself how this may also not be a comfortable process for you, your friends, family or your pets etc.…

But as we are to continue moving forward in this process, we are to collect/integrate these aspects of ourselves so we can become full integrated, as one being, one aspect again. Again, whether these aspects are integrating with this aspect of us here in this space or at home/the new earth aspect of us there, this is about us fully integrating all of the fractals/aspects/parts of ourselves as one again.


No duality, no separation and no polarity.

Unconditional love, creativity, expression, magic and FREEDOM.

Thank you.

Much Love to All.

Kurtis Lorenzo

I have to Give a Very Big Thank You and Much Love to for allowing me to publish this Article for Others. For Creating this Space for this Type of Discussion/Sharing of Important Information to be shared among many! Also, a Very Warm Big Hug to my Family and Friends, for Assisting and Receiving most of this Information. Lisa M Harrison, G. M and the Rest of Our Gorgeous Family. Much Love to All Here Sharing this Experience and See you all at Home/New Earth Soon Enough.

About the author: My Name is Kurtis Lorenzo Smith. Since the age of 10 Years I have been researching into the Metaphysics and Magic/Energy and felt a close connection with the Universe and any ‘Idea’ that was not limited to just the Information that we have been Told within this Reality… Knowing there was always more than Just ‘This’.

Since then I have continued to Research more and more, at the age of 16 I became a part of the Truth seeking Community, Looking for the Truth, Seeking the Real Truth and knowing our Power, as Humans had been diminished and all the knowledge been Hidden. I have worked with Tarot and Energy Healing since the age of 17 and the Energetics Consciously since the age of 19. I see myself as a Volunteer, also working this way in Parallel lives also in bringing in the Freedom Energy as many Collectively are.

In Late 2016, I connected with my Soul Tribe, and Connected with The New Earth/Home and found and connected with my family there and have done since then, continuing to connect more and more. I moved to Australia here in mid 2017 to Physical Connect with my Soul Tribe and since then have been working together, and with a larger family Internationally on Connecting with Home and our Family there and Bringing down the Layers of this Matrix and Bringing in the New. Freedom.

Image: Pixabay

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