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Preparing The Way For The Great Rebirth

By on September 28, 2017 in Spiritual Awakening
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Preparing The Way For The Great Rebirth

by Lisa Childs,
Contributing Writer,

We are being shaken from our core root for change to happen from the root to the fruit. From a perception of transformation and not the ego this is where we find our power.

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Let’s look at what we are feeling from another perception one where we see the surfacing of our shadow as a gift and showing the way.

All that’s needs to collapse will collapse when we become the observer of what we are experiencing emotional crisis, feeling confused, fearful, angry and resentful we have the opportunity to view ourselves from another perception.

We are experiencing an inner and outer flow of intense energy that is ongoing.

These waves perpetrate individual and collective repressed energy being brought to the surface for transformation.

We can feel a victim and powerless like we are going down into a deep hole with no way out.

Wait ! here’s a reminder you may have forgotten.


When we give our attention to our inner shadow and question this is a wonderful opportunity for growth instead of poor me we embrace the unknown and become the observer of what is being brought to the surface for transformation and exploration.

When we look at a tree it is rooted and moves gently and strongly as the seasons change.

When we are aligned with nature we go with the flow and have acceptance of what is. We don’t try and stick the leaves back on the tree in the winter we accept that this is part of the cycle and transition and a natural part of the cycle of the seasons. And so it is with all life forms when in synchronicity and cooperation with each other a process of regeneration composting is taking place.

We all go through these cycles unconsciously or consciously when we are conscious we embrace the getting to know ourselves we see from a different perception and there are many the deeper we go all that changes is our attitude. We start to see that this is where we find ourselves this is the place we protected that is waiting for us our inner gold. We forgot shining our light on our shadow was the key to the door and what’s hidden behind it.

We settled for comfort and dependency in the known world instead of illumination and exploration of our inner realms our Hero /Heroine’s journey.

Crisis point is a pivotal point for transformation we are remembering this is not a hopeless place this is the place of self-discovery.

When we allow ourselves to embrace our innocence we allow ourselves to breath. We don’t interfere with our natural cycle of releasing we integrate our heart mind body. We don’t ignore our call for attention from our body we hold space to listen and give ourselves what we need to support us.

If you go to visit a child in hospital having an operation you don’t say I brought you a list of things to do go to work do this do that and use our energy on the outside this is not making our transformation process our priority.

As our old reality dissolves to make way for the new we hold our space for ourselves through this re birthing process. By allowing ourselves the space tuning in to our heart mind consciousness we can be the director of our vehicle giving ourselves what we need. Here is a simple way of connecting to your heart mind

We check out our moral compass and we allow the acceptance of what we want may not be what we need. Our primary intention is the questions we ask by   placing our hand on our heart and asking ourselves the question we seek the answer too then listen in the silence for the answer whatever arises to your awareness a feeling a symbol a picture a word a discomfort a song whatever we receive is for the next step to go deeper and give our focused attention.

When we ignore the call for our attention and don’t take up the challenge we hide from our shadow our gift and can experience catalysts to bring awareness.

If we do not slow down and allow space for ourselves to become the observer of all that presents itself to us because we are to busy trying to stick the leaves back on the tree while the storm gets stronger (control) we will be smashed under the waves catalysts.

So make space for yourself a priority and as my grandson says we are super heroes with the ability to transform our inner and outer worlds when we stop beating ourselves up. Take up your sword of truth and see everything from different perceptions. Nothing is what we think it is that is where the magic is in the unknown expect the unexpected.

Lisa Childs

About the author: I support myself and others for a few decades to embrace their gifts and create a heart mind work life balance taking visions from the dream stage to a reality. I am now excited to be sharing this online a mix of new and ancient tools with creative self-expression  for  today’s challenges. I shine you shine we all shine. If you would like to receive info Sharing Your Gifts online workshop, please email me at Engage in the Heart and the mind will follow. Namaste

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