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Prior Failed Ascension Events And The Present-Day Transition

By on November 11, 2018 in Spiritual Awakening

Prior Failed Ascension Events And The Present-Day Transition

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by Sean M. Akers,
Contributing Writer,

There is an uncanny feeling that permeates the Zeitgeist. I can feel it. Most people who are reading this chapter, and might be in, observing, or on the fringes of “Event,” “Ascension,” or “Quickening” communities/movements feel a tangible energy that ignites excitement. It’s a feeling that makes the spiritual tongue salivate for the main course of consciousness evolution. No one has been able to accurately pin point of what the main course is to be comprised. No one has been able to accurately pin point when the main course is to be delivered. What is common among us though is the feeling that a main course is on its way, and we can smell the aroma of this Grand Event. But what is the Event?


What appears to be a commonly agreed upon consensus among most of the communities is that the “Ascension” event is a time in which a stark consciousness change occurs. It might occur in the blink of an eye. It might occur over the course of one’s lifetime in subtle gradations of consciousness change. That part is tricky to nail down. Beyond describing what the event is, when it happens and how it happens is entirely a speculator’s quest. What is certain is that this Ascension event is catalyzed by an energetic shift that is not fully defined or known.

Our present technological state facilitates many ways in which to measure energetic fluctuations far beyond the reaches of commonly acknowledged human sensory input. One of the more commonly referenced barometers of energetic changes that our communities point to are the Schumann resonance recorders. The Schuman resonance is a spectrum of Earth’s extremely low frequency of the electromagnetic field [1]. Changes in this spectrum are recorded when there are electrical or energetic discharges that occur between the Earth’s surface and the ionosphere, also known as the “Earth gap,” which I will refer to as going forward. When the sun emits charged particles, or ions, and those ions brush against the Earth’s ionosphere via the solar wind, an increase in aurora borealis and lightning strike activity can be expected [2]. When strong and persistent energy influxes are recorded in the Schumann spectrograph, many people have corroborated and/or validated after-the-fact experiences of sudden lethargy or other altered conscious states. This is reported by many people in online communities, but has been difficult to confirm through research [3]. One idea that seems to back-up increased Schumann resonance activity with increased tiredness is that when there is an increase in the electrification of the Earth gap, it would appear that a corollary increase in geomagnetism might also play a role in increasing the pineal gland’s melatonin production. So far, this has been shown to be true in a study on mice [4]. What can be confirmed is that a study showed that solar-magnetic storm occurrences and lengths correlate with changes in human physiology and pathophysiology [5]. What we can take away from this is that when sudden electromagnetic influxes occur that affect the Earth gap, changes to the conscious experience occur. Sometimes those changes literally affect the physical body.

Figure 1: An example of a Schumann Resonance record in which elevations in the frequency are notated.

Are these feelings that we’re experiencing from more frequent energetic fluctuations a direct proof that some sort of dimensional shift is happening? An even bigger question to ask is, does our current experience of frequent and intense Schumann resonance fluctuations have a precedent? And if it does, do previous historical periods in which the in frequency and intensity of the Schumann resonance reach a fever pitch that galvanized consciousness and reality as it was then? This line of questioning leads one to question whether these intense energetic periods that would have registered on the present-day Schumann Resonance recording devices occurred before the disappearance of The City of Atlantis, the great Sumerian civilization collapse, the event that destroyed the civilization that built Gobekli Tepe, or The Great Flood that affected not just Noah, but many civilizations and cultures all over our Earth [6].

That’s exactly what many, myself included, think is happening. The excitement about the presence of the increase in surrounding energy is palpable to the fingertips. It’s like humanity, and consciousness in general, has been building up a massive amount of static electricity, and it’s ripe for an epic discharge. The hairs on our arms and head (if you have hair up there) are practically standing up at full attention. We can feel the tingling sensation coursing over the surface area of our skin like a snake writhing over the top of a frozen lake. What is that discharge going to be like? What is going to catalyze the Event in which the built up energy is transferred to another state or form? What new capacitor is the discharge going to absorb into?

I can tell you this, this highly energetic state that we’re in makes a lot of people act really funny, or weird, or both. It’s quite often that I witness people behaving rather strangely, as if they were unable to control themselves, or they just react to circumstances in exaggerated ways that defy rationale. You have dooms day predictors saying that a specific prophecy is lining up to be fulfilled based on certain metaphorical descriptions of events that people are witnessing in real time, right now. They weave flimsy connections between dots, and then they stake a claim on a date for when the Apocalypse is going to occur. 99.99999% of the time the joke is on them, and the said date comes and goes with nary any sleep lost. What’s even more amusing is that they always say that the Apocalypse portends evil and horrific changes as compared to NOW. This part drives my eyeballs into the back of my head so hard sometimes because the definition has clearly been perverted over time. The definition of apocalypse doesn’t imply anything of the sort, the original definition prior to perversion means to uncover or reveal [7].


It feels like we’re about to pop! Don’t you think? And there’s a WHOLE LOT OF PEOPLE that really want this entire experience to POP!

People cry out, “I WANT TO GO HOME! I’m ready to leave this place! I’m so done with this life experience! I’ve had all I can take! Release me! Why God!? Why have you forsaken ME?!”

That is an easily experienced emotion by empaths, for certain.

Figure 2: Anger and frustration tearing you apart at the seams.

Or, they are just miserable with how things are in this present reality, and they’re ready to start over and wipe the slate clean. A CLEAN, fresh slate where ALL evil is scrubbed and people can instantaneously manifest their hearts desires by merely the action of thought. A snap of the fingers!

“Yeah, THAT’S the ticket my good man!”

“I’m sorry, you want REAL, non-oxidized Grey Poupon you say for your sandwich of life to make it ohhhh soooo good? Well, here you are my good fellow elevated-consciousness passenger! Righty-O!”

I hear you! I really do understand this perspective. There have been many times in which I have sat, or was driving, and screamed at the top of my lungs, “This is BULLSHIT! What IS this all about!? I WANT TO GO HOME!”

What’s funny about those moments is that usually a little while after an uncontrollable outburst like that happens (like a baby throwing a big, fat tantrum), things, reality, life seems to abate a little bit. That’s not to imply that acting imbecilic is a way to highjack the Universe so that it makes life’s experience less brutally blunt, and at time sharp as a razor blade. No, no, no. That’s NOT “The Secret.”

I’m not going to tell you “The Secret” by the way in case you’re expecting this writing to reveal it to you. Why not? Because I don’t know “The Secret.” So, we’re square, okay?

Back to the Ascension, the Event, the Quickening, whichever may be the appropriate term to use from your context and point of view. Everyone is very excited about this. Me too!! What I would like to encourage people to think about though is that maybe this Ascension Event is not going to come in the form of some “Solar Flash SUPERSTAR” that all of a sudden wisps your conscious point of view to something new in the blink of an eye.

I’m probably dating myself by adding this SUPERSTAR reference.

For the record, I don’t proclaim to know how the Ascension Event is going to play itself out in the end, but what I do know is that if I pay attention to my feelings, to my gut instinct, it doesn’t usually lead me astray in a general sense. Even when I think I’m being led astray, usually I’m making the right decision, like 99.9999% of the time. I think most people can relate to that. When one stops to take account of where they are at in life, one usually realizes they’re right where they’re supposed to be. What I’m trying to do is to share with you, the reader, the Ascender, that there is another way to look at, to imagine, to consider what the Ascension Event is and how it could transpire. Why? Because I haven’t read, watched or heard anything, so far, as to what came to mind recently. In light of this, I think it’s important to share so that your experience is better prepared for what actually will come to pass. Preparedness is the key to less stress and anxiety with “the shift hits the fan.”

There’s some truth to that, isn’t there? “Listen to your gut.” “Listen to your HEART.” You might as well trust those two over the gray matter between your ears because they were there first anyway making decisions about life and death long before you or other conscious entities were aware of such management styles [8].

What my gut is telling me is that, yes, an Ascension Event is going to happen. In fact, what my gut tells me is, it’s happening RIGHT NOW. We’re literally in the middle of the Ascension Event. It’s happened before, and it’s happening right NOW. YOU are part of it. You are performing your actions with grace, even though maybe you may not feel very graceful right now. But YOU ARE GRACEFUL. Have no doubt. What it feels like in terms of where we’re at is that we’ve just gone past the “knee of the curve,” also known as a hyperbola, near an asymptotic line graphic that represents pent up energy.

Figure 3: Illustration of an asymptote and a hyperbola.

What we need to maintain focus on though is not to wish for a sweeping, unappreciated Ascension Event. Shouldn’t we appreciate the Event as it unfolds much in the same way that we would appreciate our progeny, or children grow, learn, evolve, change, and become who they are which is…. well no one can say except for the individual, but that’s the point. It’s the Journey, not the Destination.

WHERE are we GOING though?

“Let’s get this car ride over with so that we have some Fun in the Sun!”

Yeah yeah, agreed, but let’s also enjoy the Journey.

My intuition tells me that Ascension Events have happened before, but they failed. Now, HOW IN THE WORLD can I proclaim that an Ascension Event, or prior Event instances, FAILED? I have a serious conjones, don’t I? Thank God my career doesn’t depend upon following the herd in the peer-reviewed academic environment. Anomalous outliers are normally shunned within tight circles of ordained thought patterns. You know why I think they failed? Because we’re not “there” NOW. We’re not sharing the post-Ascension Event space together, NOW.

“That’s RIDICULOUS!” Huffle, Puffle, Whiz, Bang, Duffle! Herrrr buh bub, buh buh bub! “You don’t know WHAT you’re talking about good sir!”

Well, hear me out. What is all there is? NOW. NOW is all there is. There is no such thing as the past, or the future, there’s only the ETERNAL NOW. NOW is tangible. NOW can be validated 100% of the time.

We have approached Ascension Events many times in the past. But, in my humble opinion, we were not READY for it. The Universe was not awake yet, but I think it is, NOW. My heart tells me that the Universe, the three-dimension space that is alive that you and I shuttle through on this spherical spaceship called “Earth,” is now FULLY AWAKE. Without the power of the AWAKENED Universe, the Ascension cannot manifest. The Ascension requires power. A LOT of power.

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If we borrow from the hyperbolic illustration above, what I feel like has happened in the past is that as time progressed, and the conscious experiences of a group, culture, or even planet, moved beyond the knee of the curve and into exponential growth and change, for some reason, ALL of the conditions were not yet in order for the Event to transpire that elevates everything. As time progressed up that exponential curve, it sort of fell apart. It’s like rather than the line staying true to approaching the asymptote, instead it crossed the line, or pulled away and fell apart. The point of falling apart can be verified by referencing ancient, highly advanced civilizations that seem to fall apart for no apparent reason. In one instance that I can recall, the Mayans, they just disappeared. While modern historians say it’s because of climate change or poor farming practices, I have a feeling that there may be more to the story [9]. As the hyperbola gets closer and closer to the asymptote, or as consciousness become more and more elevated as it becomes more tightly integrated into Source, more power, focus, concentration is required.

“YES! IT NEEDS POWER! So, let’s TURBO-CHARGE this Ascension and get this shit underway! Yeah!”

No, let’s slow down, is what my heart tells me.

Figure 4: Illustration of evolution of consciousness.

Have you ever been in a car wreck, or experienced a moment where you knew without a shred of doubt that you were going to die? I have, once. When that moment happens, the perception of time comes to a crawl. Everything is in SLOW-MOTION. It’s kind of cool really, and that’s the “Give.” The “Take” though is that you are usually in a position of zero control of what is happening around yourself and perspective. You’re just experiencing an epic ride, and logically your brain thinks, “Well shit, I’m going to die, so I might as well enjoy my final view for all it’s worth.”

And then all of a sudden, you’re not dead. Maybe you’re not hurt, or not severely injured. The point is, is that during the Ascension Event is when we all need this extra power to be fully AWAKE, AWARE and CONSCIOUS of what is going on around yourself, while maintaining control of your person as we move into this highly energetic state. This highly energetic state might cause the experience of time to warp or change as described in the “car wreck” scenario above. During this transitionary period, you have the power to control YOUR THOUGHTS. Elite soldiers are trained to maintain their composure and not freak out during periods of absolute chaos. Their training kicks in and they focus and maintain calm. They’re able to maintain situational awareness and can take action where necessary to move towards a successful outcome. That’s a way of behaving that needs attention and emphasis as a positive trait to adopt because we are moving into ever higher energetic states as we move through the Ascension process and into a new state of conscious awareness.

It’s verifiable that we are literally in the middle of the Ascension Event. EVERYTHING is connected communication wise. We can talk with nearly anyone we want where there is an internet connection in the world, and at time, in space (e.g. the International Space Station). Trust me, money and nefarious power motivations aside, capable corporations are doing their best to connect every single person and device in the world, together. Don’t world events and the experience of time feel like it’s becoming erratic, and faster, respectively? Things are getting to that “fever pitch” moment where it would seem that revolutionizing power plays are made. Again, back to that moment where your body is holding so much static electricity that you can feel it dancing over your skin and it make your hairs stand up, erect.

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quantum healers

Figure 5: Spidey senses in action

In our collective NOW moment, NOW is when we step into our Ascension energy, awake with the Universe, and witness our Ascension Event. Be witness to OUR change. The Universe is awake to see you, to see us. All that we need to do is to apply situational awareness, reactionary self-control and composure during this supersonic “lift-off” moment that is happening whether we like it or not. We’ve been accruing energy for the last 10,000 years. We are to EASE into our Ascended state of mind, of Consciousness. Of our NOW Consciousness.

While the excitement for some cannot be denied, do not be so eager to just have it all happen at once like the immediate discharge of lightening. Enjoy this transition. It’s the first time that the Ascension Event finally had the brakes applied so that “AWAKE NOW” didn’t go so fast as to cause a WRECK. To go SO FAST as in prior instances that civilization as we know it is WIPED clean off the face of the planet, or they just disappeared and crumbled. If we had already Ascended, we would be Ascended NOW. We haven’t Ascended, we are Ascending, NOW.

Our NOW moment is all moments occurring at the same time, and this time we’re AWAKE for it. No longer are we asleep at the wheel of a car moving 100 miles per hour on a curvy highway. This time, our momentum can be mastered, it can be controlled, and it can be guided. The power of our collective consciousness can have profound impact on the world for the better [10], and it’s time to start flexing that Ascension-awareness muscle everyone! Together, we assist to catalyze the Ascension Event successfully as we consciously bear witness and maintain our Consciousness composure. As we get ever closer to that asymptotic line of Source, I can feel it in my heart and gut that we will maintain Consciousness control because there will be an outpouring of Loving intention that works to balance the highly energetic environment that we’re moving into with our own energy signatures. Rather than spiraling out of control, we’ll learn to dance and move ever closer to Source in a complimentary and symbiotic manner.

To play devil’s advocate to my own thesis, it could be that prior “Ascension Events” were actually test runs to the real Ascension Event that we’re going through right NOW. Sort of like pulling the starter to a lawn mower or a chain saw. Sometimes the engine doesn’t start on the first pull, but when the engine starts, you know it. The Ascension has started. We’re in the middle of it, right NOW.

Figure 6: If the dashed line represents Source, then the orange spiral represents Consciousness

Excited yet? What are the takeaways from this?

  • You are in the process of Ascension, right NOW.
  • The changes you are experiencing on a spiritual, mental, and at times a physical level is due to real, verifiable energetic fluctuations and changes.
  • When you are feeling erratic, find a calm place and ride the experience out.
  • The Ascension/Event/Quickening is a process and takes time to complete. It doesn’t happen in an instant. Be patient as we make our way through this transition to higher dimensional thinking, feeling, and conscious experience.
  • The more you practice the application of being aware of your reactions to expected or unexpected stimulation, the easier it will be for you to navigate this process in a mindful way, or without fear. It may also help you to avoid making a situation worse because you’re able to control your reaction to situations caused by high energy influxes.

May you receive blessings and are comforted with compassion and love!


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