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Proof That Roman Catholicism Is Witchcraft

By on May 4, 2015 in Awareness
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Proof That Roman Catholicism Is Witchcraft in5d in 5d //

by Eric Phelps

Doc Marquis wrote a book entitled ‘Secrets of the Illuminati docir?t=in5d recommendations 20&l=ur2&o=1‘. While this topic has been explored before, no author has been able to bring a truly occultic angle to the discussion. In other words, Marquis looks at the plan to bring in the New World Order from the viewpoint of a former witch. In his book, Marquis includes a chapter entitled, “Is It Catholicism Or Witchcraft?” At the beginning of this chapter, Marquis makes a quite startling statement, “I must emphatically state that Catholicism and witchcraft are one and the same…there is no difference between witchcraft and Catholicism.” Then, Marquis examines Catholicism and witchcraft from the vantage point of a former witch.

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Marquis identifies several critically important areas in which the practice of Roman Catholicism and witchcraft are identical. We will first list these areas of commonalty and then comment specifically upon them. These common areas are:

The altar. 1. The altar. The altar.
The golden goblet known as a chalice. 2. The golden goblet known as a chalice. The golden goblet known as a chalice.
3. Colored candles used in services. 3. Colored candles used in services. 3. Colored candles used in services.
4. The use of incense.
4. The use of incense. 4. The use of incense.
The use of bells in the ceremony. 5. The use of bells in the ceremony. The use of bells in the ceremony.
6. Praying to statues. 6. Praying to statues. 6. Praying to statues.
. The use of Latin in services. 7. The use of Latin in services. . The use of Latin in services.
The use of a golden scepter in giving a large blessing to the people. 8. The use of a golden scepter in giving a large blessing to the people. The use of a golden scepter in giving a large blessing to the people.
Common belief in Purgatory. 9. Common belief in Purgatory. Common belief in Purgatory.
The common belief in the host. 10. The common belief in the host. The common belief in the host.
Common belief in the five elements. 11. Common belief in the five elements. Common belief in the five elements.

Now, let us examine each of these areas of commonalty:

1. The altar in every Catholic church is prominently positioned at the front of the church. The “Mysteries of the Mass” are celebrated on and around the altar. In witchcraft, also, the altar is similarly used for three purposes:

  • To practice certain metaphysical rites, such as the casting of certain spells or to honor occult deities.
  • To hold the tools of magic.
  • To perform human sacrifice.

The Roman Catholic altar also holds their tools of their magic, and they daily perform human sacrifice. Remember, we are looking at this subject through the eyes of a former high-level witch who is now a born-again Christian. This daily human sacrifice is performed according to the false belief in “transubstantiation”, the belief that the priest magically transforms the wafer into Jesus’ body and the wine into His blood. Marquis states, “In other words, every day Christ is being reincarnated and then sacrificed.. they perform daily their human sacrifice in which Christ is …sacrificed for their sins.” It is shocking to realize that the Roman Catholics are daily performing human sacrifice in a manner similar to that of witches throughout the centuries.

2. The Catholic Golden Goblet, or Chalice. “It is this cup that the wine poured into it becomes the…literal blood of Christ. When a witch does a human sacrifice, after the victim’s throat is sliced open, the spilled blood will be collected in a chalice, just as the Catholics do, except the witch’s chalice holds the real thing.” In Satan’s eyes, the Catholics are performing the same rite as the witches.

3. “Candles were introduced to the Catholic mass about 320 A.D. There is no Scriptural reasons for them, unless… you are a practicing witch. Below is a list of different colored candles a witch would use throughout the year. See if you can recall any of these colors used during a Catholic mass:

  • White — Purity, Truth, Sincerity
  • Red — Strength, Health, Vigor, Sexual Love
  • Light Blue — Tranquillity, Understanding, Patience
  • Dark Blue — Impulsiveness, Depression, Change
  • Green — Finance, Fertility, Luck
  • Gold/Yellow — Persuasion, Charm, Confidence
  • Brown — Hesitation, Uncertainty
  • Pink — Honor, Love, Morality
  • Black — Evil, Loss, Discord, Confusion
  • Purple — Tension, Ambition, Power
  • Silver-Gray — Cancellation, Stalemate
  • Orange — Encouragement, Stimulation
  • Greenish-Yellow — Sickness, Anger, Jealousy

“Using these colored candles and the right spells, a witch can cause anything to happen…our Catholic friends are not only using these >occult tools, they also pay for them when they go to various statues and light…candles.”

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4. “Incense is a constant tool that is used by priests. They will take a philter (incense burnerir?t=in5d recommendations 20&l=ur2&o=1), walk around the altar, and then wave it out toward the crowd with an invocation…Not only do witches use incense, but they will consecrate their altar and their fellow witches in the exact way the Catholics do…”

5. Bells are also utilized by both Roman Catholics and witches. The bells are actually baptized, and in both witchcraft and Catholicism, altar boys attend the priest in sounding the bells.

6. Witches were praying to images or statues for many centuries before Catholics began the practice.

7. “Until recently, most of the rites of witchcraft were said in Latin…why is it, when the witches stopped using Latin as much as they did, about twenty years ago, that the Catholic mass was stopped being told in Latin? Today, it is spoken mostly in American English, the same way in which a witch’s mass is held.”

8. “…when the Pope, Cardinals, or priests want to give a huge blessing, they will take out a golden scepter, or wand, dip it in holy water, and then wave it on the people…wands are nothing new in the occult. When a witch wants to direct his power he can do it by means of wands.” He can also control the demonic forces at his disposal by using a wand to consecrate a circle with a pentacle inside. Holy water is also used by a witch to purify himself and his instruments, and the water is made holy in both witchcraft and Catholicism by mixing water with salt.

9. The teaching of Purgatory is not found in the Bible. According to Catholic catechism, Purgatory is described as “a logically deduced place. Since a Catholic could not go straight to heaven if he had sinned, and since he could not go to hell if he had not died in mortal sin, there had to be a place in between where he could be purified” — Purgatory. However, the belief in Purgatory is “totally occultic in origin”. Witchcraft teaches that after a person goes through Purgatory, he is reincarnated and is more powerful in his next life than he was before. After several reincarnations, he will become purified enough to live with the gods and goddesses, precisely the same end as the Catholics teach.

10. Both Catholics and Witches teach that the host becomes the actual body of their respective gods. To the Roman Catholic, the host becomes the actual body of Jesus Christ; the witch believes the host actually becomes the body of their pagan deity, “I.H.S. — or Iris, Horus, and Semiramis”. This concept is known in both circles as transsubstantiation.

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11. Both witchcraft and Roman Catholicism teach that the universe is comprised of five elements: Spirit, Water, Air, Fire, and Earth. These occultic five elements are also found in the Catholic mass.

  • Spirit — of the wafer god they sacrifice daily.
  • Water — Holy water they use to purify and baptize
  • Air — symbolically used through the incense
  • Fire — used in tangent with the incense burning
  • Earth — The elements of the wafer come from the earth in agriculture, and the flesh of their sacrificed deity, Jesus Christ, also came from the earth.

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Doc Marquis’s conclusion is inescapable and damning: The practice of occultism has come full circle from ancient Babylon to the Roman Catholic Institution today.

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