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Quantum Entanglement Gateway Open!

By on October 14, 2018 in Spiritual Awakening

by Razzy Schoolfield and Randel Renaud,
Guest writers,

Quasar black hole!

Time is enfolding and blending into itself. Bringing your future self into this reality. Blending of the dimensions not just into new earth, the body as well.

Remembering higher truths. Head is throwing off gamma waves. Face is red. This excites and intrigues me.

Being able to see and observe more than ever. Without wrapping myself into it, those days are gone. I’m allowing myself and others to have their own path without judgment as I see and understand this on a much higher level.

I’m watching with the knowing it’s all for the higher good for all and absolutely perfect while staying in my lane at all times with heart space and collective clearing!

My upper back, heart chakra and chest feels tight. My thymus is growing stronger while blending with the soul. I’ve experienced tummy and solar plexus swelling with every cell vibrating. Buddha belly!

Also, I’m blending with the soul and the rest of the body. It is more than a clearing, it is an actual changing of the way the body works. You could call it a metagalactic, metamorphosis!

We have to really listen all the time to see what has changed and what our body needs differently, since we are going through changes faster. You may notice a BIG upgrade of very natural DMT from the pineal gland. It makes me feel super dreamy, creative and “wavey” as the light flows through and changes the molecular structure. You could call it plasmatic!

There is a new awarenesses coming in fast. Stay open for these at all times. Writing them down helps, too. This is very different. I put on rock and roll and let it move through me!

Stag deer medicine was absolutely majestically magical today. It felt like a big new production of new earth unveiling.

I have been seeing hawks all day at the river and they have been unusually active, flying over me very close, circling, and squawking and talking in ways I have never heard, as if they know and are just as excited as I am!

Rock on our beautiful soul sisters and brothers.

This is a big jump! Let it enfold, unfold, and be!

Multidimensional living in the quantum being of now.

We love you all !

Razzy and Randel

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