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Receiving The 5D Language Of Light

By on September 14, 2017 in Spiritual Awakening
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Receiving The 5D Language Of Light

by Janie Carter,
Contributing Writer,

Light is translated into images. Images become our imaginings. Imaginings create our reality.

While 3D language is based on beliefs and words, 5D language is based on light and images.

Beliefs are the foundation of 3D reality. In terms of language, beliefs are filtered by the conscious mind and communicated as words.

Light is the foundation of 5D reality. In terms of language, light is filtered by the conscious mind and communicated as images.

5D language comes to us as daydreams, imaginings, fleeting images in our mind’s eye, and in our dreams.

These 5D images are packets of light – called quanta – that contain layers and levels of highly detailed information. This is similar to the packets of information sent over a computer network. These small packets contain an abundance of information.

When we receive a package of light it is loaded with information. It is a multi-sensory experience – we may see it, feel it, hear it or simply “know” it.

Receiving and interpreting the quantum packets of light and information is dependent upon the receiver – just as a transmission of network data will be lost if there is no computer processor to receive it.

The ability of the human mind and body to receive and translate the 5D light quanta is based on the 3D filters of the human mind. The filter is the current belief system. This belief filter is what attracts the 5D packet of information to us like a magnet.

If we believe that our daydreams and imaginings are pure fantasy then we may receive quantum images, but we cannot translate them.

If we believe that our daydreams and imaginings are somewhat interesting then we may translate them in very simple ways – such as dream interpretation.

If we believe that our daydreams and imaginings are incoming transmissions of 5D light language then we can translate them into personal meaning at a very deep level. We understand that they are personalised messages specifically for us, our healing, our purpose, our evolution or our next steps… Then we start to bring more awareness to the light language, we may contemplate or meditate on it, and then we apply it in our lives.

The more we do this successfully, the more we further energise the belief that we are able to successfully receive and translate 5D light language. Therefore, we increase the strength of the transmission of that belief via our DNA and then draw stronger and more frequent 5D light messages to our human field.

We can further increase the attraction and intensity of light language the we receive by feeling strong positive emotions about it – such as enthusiasm, excitement, passion and anticipation.

It is important to understand that our beliefs are rarely black and white. We often hold conflicting beliefs that act like a train with an engine on both ends, attracting one thing at the same time as its opposite. We seem to be going nowhere but there can be great force being applied in opposite directions.

If we have a strong belief that daydreams and imaginings are pure fantasy but we have a strong intent to heal, then we may attract strong 5D light messages to our field that are filled with solutions for our healing. But our beliefs about the relevancy of the messages themselves means we cannot translate them.

The ability to access the 5D light language is about bringing awareness to our intents and beliefs and making sure they are aligned. Then we can receive and translate the amazing messages they bring to us.

How do we know how well we are reading 5D light language? We can feel it. A successful translation may be accompanied with an “aha” moment, goose bumps, shivers or frisson, or just a deep inner cellular knowing beyond all logic. It may feel like intuition or inspired action. Everyone has their own unique style to be discovered and embraced.

“Those who exemplify the Gift of Imagination understand light and the properties of Light. Light makes images possible and images are the fuel of imagination. To imagine is therefore to see and envision. It bridges inner vision with the outer eye. It allows your life to become a work in progress – a true work of art.”

~Richard Rudd (Gene Key 64)


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