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The Infinity Breath

By on September 14, 2017 in Health
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The Infinity Breath

by Angel V. Ornedo Jr.,
Contributing Writer,


A 50 years continuing research for cure of respiratory diseases and stress.

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Medical doctors found it difficult to find a cure. My uncles, three medical doctors and three US diplomates who decided to practice in USA gave me pills that provided temporary cure for these chronic diseases. Dr. Georgi Stankov, MD Canada and Germany MD researcher and spiritualist said the same. Chronic diseases cannot be cured.

INTRODUCTION: Breathing has been the life of man and without it life we know stops. It is but natural that we understand this natural way of breathing and learn more ways to reinforce it to live better fruitful lives. The lungs are our air-breathing filtration system while our heart circulates our blood and distribute all nutrients and oxygen to all parts of the body. They are our main internal organs thru what we call circulatory and respiratory systems that clean, expel, bring, distribute air, ultimately oxygenate, provide nutrients and enzymes to all parts of the body. We are now learning that the light from the sun provides needed vitamin D, other elements and related converting enzymes required to make the body function efficiently. We can do further research on our pineal and pituitary glands that perform this assimilation and absorption process of what we get from sunlight. For spiritual discussions pineal gland allow us to absorb pure white light and activate our crown chakra.


Anxiety, asthma, bronchitis, chronic bronchitis, control of fear, control of anguish, depression, direction control, general well-being, hay fever, headache, nervousness, stress….finding other results.


The author got sick after high school graduation with chronic bronchitis, says Dr. F. Tan, uncle-in-law MD, USA+ and minor stress, both chronic diseases and medical doctors have no cure. Pushing for better physical life was an objective aside from creating livelihood, helping others and family, real purposes of curing the disease to attain good health. 15 years of intensive research, medical books and journals, yoga, Tai Chi, meditation are all merged into this research project to come out with a continuing “BREATH”. This is not scientific but pure research and actual application to sick people as the MDs cannot cure me. The lungs and the heart are complementary organs that has to be strong, active and healthy all the time during a lifetime of an individual. Both children and adults who exhibited respiratory stress- diseases are subjected and agreed to use rhythmic breath developed by researcher and added every year new methods and corollary system to improve it. The Yoga system was used at first as the basis of systematic breath.

The ‘breath’ has gone a long way around the world as brothers and sisters, initially six, then five of them live in North America in four states and local professionals help. The exercise use and reach is phenomenal in Philippines as the researcher with students, captured co-employees in thousands joined morning and afternoon breaks in breathing exercises and their comments accepted. Boardrooms and gymnasiums are part of in-situ tests and results reported and fed back by researcher. The author never maintained any written names of people healed but accepted their appreciation and gratitude for being healed. This is done for privacy of participants who would not like their names known for obvious reasons which is the target of the research.


A. Put your two hands down bending reaching the floor (bend knees if you can’t reach the floor), inhale fresh air counting six seconds with your abdomen expanding;

B. Hold breath for twelve seconds while you write the number eight horizontally in your mind,( eight is INFINITY symbol) while you raise your two hands up;

C. Exhale, alternating in every cycle both mouth and nose while you count twelve seconds and while you put your two hands down reaching the floor.

D. START the next cycle until completion of at least 30 sets. DONE! Congratulations you can do it.

That is one cycle or one series. For a start, half second count will do as a second is difficult to attain. For first week, do ten sets, second, twenty, third, thirty, fourth, forty and the fifth week, fifty. Perfection comes after a month and you must affirm “This is the most enjoyable part of my daily life and I love it.” Do this when you wake up and before you sleep, take not more than ten minutes at perfection. After 25 years, I just do 30 sets.


1. Do not rush to 20 or 30 sets, you will get dizzy or faint, start at ten sets;

2. During inhaling portion, insure that your stomach/abdomen expands just like a new born baby or a dog panting catching air;

3. This is done standing on clean room, garden or park with trees, in air conditioned room with anti-toxic plants. See pictures from NASA’s research to know;

4. As you raise your hands write the number eight horizontally or two circles joined together on ends, signifying Infinity, an inspired movement. To make the routine enjoyable, say/affirm, “I love the gift of Infinity Breath for humanity and myself” at least ten times. Add TAI’CHI hand movements approximating six, twelve and twelve seconds, 6-12-12 seconds,(Inhale-6, Pause-12, Exhale-12) clock it in and see how you count, you will love the Chinese hand movements.

5. Those sick has to perform this for life, once in morning, another before bed time to avoid relapse, at least for chronic diseases application. You have to make your lungs and heart strong with pollution killing humans everywhere. China has to stop manufacturing for two months to be able to host the Olympics. Still their faces are masked.

6. Preferred to have a continuing cure if you adopt the vegan way of eating, with an exception, fish, those without mercury component/ strain like tuna and salmon.

7. For people with heart diseases, consult your MD of the breath application.

8. Infinity sign shows your confirmation to universal law and your desire to attain oneness with Source Energy, thus healing is accomplished.


FOR SECRECY of names, people cured include my two dentists, medical doctors, engineers, blue collar workers, clerks, the physical type exposed to pollution daily, children, students, plant workers….. Shared around the world that started in Philippines and North America and came back to Asia, going strong in 50 years, changed in name by others. I started studies for myself in 1962, applied it to other sick people in 1974. THE BENEFITS: No sickness, no pills for these diseases, general feeling of well-being, always strong and healthy complemented by 45 minutes brisk walking of 4 kilometers four times a week. .A shift to Vegan eating with exception of added fish for protein source. Consult medical doctors, are required for heart disease and hypertension. Better still drop your pills after three months or as you feel you can, decision is yours. I asked my neighbors to drop their pills immediately as I can see them every day and am appraised of their medical condition on a weekly basis. My cardiologist-internist examine me every six months for the last 15 years. Again this breath works for respiratory diseases of the chronic bronchitis, asthma, stress and depression types of illnesses which are all pests in the lives of men and women.

I have to do it for life for my deepest love for Earth and humanity. It is love of myself shared with mankind, all brothers and sisters. We all deserve to live a life of joy and happiness in this illusionary world of wonders, of trials and tribulations.

It took me 50 years to fully understand INFINITY BREATH. Breathing is expansion, the Universal Law. Inhaling and exhaling are acts of creation as we trek to the sixth vibrational frequency dimension and universal expansion, while as you pause, you prepare for universal contraction, that is creation, expansion and contraction. Original and continuing creation, expansion and contraction to ONENESS. This is universal law, the laws of the Source of All That Is. I share my love of a lifetime with all of you awakening and learning humanity.

Love and light,


1st edition November 8, 1974, 2nd edition , November 10, 1994, 3rd edition March 15, 2007, 4th edition, November 17, 2015, 5th edition, September 5, 2017

About the author: Angel shares love- light and unity consciousness., a corporate man providing livelihood while healing Earth in his little ways. Link with him at and visit “Knowing the Infinite Creator” by Angel Ornedo, and Barnes and Noble.

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