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Residing In The 5th Dimension

By on January 27, 2015 in Spiritual Awakening

Residing In The 5th Dimension

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by Christie Pennington

Many have asked us “How do we live within 5th dimensional awareness now?” Consistency is what you question as though you may enter a doorway never to return.


You must understand this process is not so unilateral. It involves stages and progressions laterally back and forth for attunement. So it is that you move mostly now into the 4th dimension with a sort of back and forth motion into the third. This occurs when you jolt yourself back into 3rd dimensional so called “reality” through fear or anger.

You live mostly with 4th dimensional frequency as you live more and more in trust and your nature returns to oneness with all surrounding you here where you reside on the earth planet. When you react less to what appears to be and live in foundational awareness of what truth is, you live in trust and not in circumstance.

Living in circumstance is 3rd dimensional awareness, living in the truth of your being now, is 4th, living in what you are becoming, blending personality into soul is 5th, but there is more from there to go.

Believing in yourselves without need for outer condonement and approval brings you more steadily into living in the 4th frequency. Trusting in your inner guidance to form your decisions without need of logical comparisons and tally sheets. Finding the pinpoint place within that knows which direction you should take in each moment.

But more importantly, knowing that direction will change from moment to moment and becoming accepting of that. Trusting that directional guidance is always available. The path need not be set out as a map, your inner guidance will usurp any need of maps and will take you wherever you need to be in the next moment of conscious awareness.

5th Dimensional Living

Becoming very comfortable with change without fear is part of 4th dimensional living and an absolute pre-requisate to moving into the 5th dimension. Some of you are visiting there and even so residing there at times. The moment you look around to check to see where you are and applaud yourself, you lose your footing there.


5th dimensional living dispenses with measurements and comparisons. It is moving with the trust of who you are into who you are becoming as a physical being moving into non-physical while in the physical realm.

No small feat, no play on words here. it dispenses with the small stuff. Many of you must be much clearer of what it involves before committing to this habitation, for it takes strength of mind and heart to inhabit this frequency. Many who believe they have accessed it are still within the 4th dimension at the portal looking into the 5th.

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Yet you see again, if you are concerned of your level at all, the 5th dimension escapes you. So it is better to not ask “Can I get to and maintain myself in 5th dimensional capacity?” Better to work with what you have where you are and do it well first, without labeling of attitudes and levels.

We find it amusing to mention that there will be those making statements in future such as; “There goes Harry, oh he’s so 4th dimensional in attitude”. We ask that you not be one holding such conversations with another, best be off visualizing and vibrating elsewhere without concern to another’s level of attunement.

So we say, do not worry what level you are to attain. Instead make each moment, this moment, grand. Living within it in trust, open and embracing of whatever comes in the next, knowing it is only for your good. Invoking of this beneficial essence guarantees joy wherever you reside. And after all, we believe that is the perpetual point.


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