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Revision of N.E.S.A.R.A Act and Constitution of The United States

By on August 14, 2018 in Spiritual Awakening
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While I have followed NESARA/GESARA for MANY years and firmly believe it’s a psyop as NOTHING promised ever happens from this movement, I thought I’d pass along this “Revision”.  There are a lot of good points in this revision but for now, I’ll remain reserved on this actually coming to fruition, while hoping for the best outcome for all of humanity.


by Anonymous,
Contributing Writer,


An ideological government based on the autonomous production of goods/products and technological and scientific advancement.

Also based around the advancement of Human/Natural Rights.

No man labor will be needed in the production of goods negating the need for costs.

All products necessary for survival (food, water, shelter, heat, electricity), will be given to ALL for FREE.

No homes will be taken from current occupants. Once a home is settled, no one can force the occupants to leave. All vacant housing will be stripped of private ownership and will be given out to those who are without a home first. Families and newly weds will be the next to receive their homes. Strict housing codes will be enforced. Moving from apartment to apartment instantly is possible. For a house, you will be put on a waiting list.

Taxes will only be necessary for a transitional period until the proper autonomous government owned factories and facilities can be created and maintained. After that point, all taxes will no longer be necessary.

Work will be ONLY volunteer based. No one will be forced to work if they so wish. Quality of all goods will increase as a result. Strict quality standards must be met.

If a company cannot become autonomous it must shut down unless enough volunteer workers can keep it running. Government may be able to help the company transition into autonomy.

A new resource backed currency must replace the current imaginary system after the transitional period. The Federal Reserve must be dissolved.

The governments only purpose will become to supply the citizens of the country with the necessities of survival (food, water, shelter, heat, electricity). All state/government services will be handed over to volunteer based unions. States will only exist for convenience of the government. States will have no power over what each community does. Insurance companies must dissolve; all will be given the right to free health care. One car will be given per household along with a replacement guarantee after the transition period.

Banks will become a FREE, zero profit government service. All debt and credit systems will be dissolved. International debt will be repaid (one way or another), after the transitional period.

Active military will be dissolved. Only when invaded will the people make the decision to band together to defend themselves. Invasion or attack of another country is strictly prohibited. All overseas military activity will be ended. Military spending will go to more needed areas like education and social security until the end of the transitional period.

All trade sanctions and tariffs will end.

Borders and immigration are open to all. Citizenship will also be offered to all. You must be a citizen to obtain these benefits offered by the government.

All spy activity will be dissolved. As well as the FBI, CIA, IRS.

Police will lose a lot of power. The police will be only ever on call. They will only be able to come help when they are reached out to and contacted directly by that person. They will not be allowed to drive around unless called to a location. They are not allowed to fine anyone for any reason. Citizens will gain a lot more rights but individual responsibility will increase. Prohibiting police use of lethal weapons (guns, tasers). May only carry weapons that shoot non lethal rubber bullets.

Prisons will become more like rehab centers.

All suppressed technology will be released safely. Technology will not be kept a secret from any other nation. Weather modification and any other unsafe technology will be prohibited until it can be safely executed.

All classified documents will be released to the public. Classifying future information from the public will be banned.

SAFE (NON NUCLEAR) Infinite energy devices and facilities will be created.

Protection of the environment and animals will increase.

Twelve year public schooling will be required for citizens to receive benefits. Additional schooling will be by choice and free. Volunteer teachers with credentials will be necessary immediately.

Will exit from N.A.T.O but still remain membership of the U.N. (NATO contradicts non aggressive military behavior)

After the transitional period, Social security and disability benefits will no longer be required because all necessities will be given to all for free. This would be freeing up even more spending given that social security is one the highest paid budget areas.

Disarming and destruction of all nuclear weapons, devices, and facilities. Prohibiting the future production as well.

Community’s will make laws only for that specific community. These laws cannot violate human, natural, or universal rights. Laws will be voted on and must be a super majority vote within that community. If one breaks community law, the community has the right to vote to exile said person from the community. Only when murder/attempted murder has occurred can one be sent to prison rehab. The sentence may not exceed 20 years.

All drugs/drug use will become 100% legal. Distribution will be legalized but must be done safely. Drug research for safer consumption will be done. Rehab centers will always be free to the public.

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