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Ascension Codes

By on August 13, 2018 in Spiritual Awakening with 0 Comments
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Ascension Codes

I received these ascension codes in an email to me as an article for In5D. Honestly, I’m not familiar with any of this, so I’ll allow the reader/listener to discern for themselves regarding the validity of these ascension codes.


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by Brooke Maureen,
Contributing Writer,

In May, I listened to a YouTube video from Beverly Nation entitled, “The event is approaching by Beverly Nation published on 5/18/2018.


Beverly provides the latest news on the 5D ascension. She explains ways to help push the ascension through and ensure The Event happens. Beverly talks about ways to keep your frequency high to transition to 5D. She also explains aspects of our new bodies and when we will have our new bodies.

This video talked about the ascension codes from a man named Neo Glimmer. Beverly stressed that she and Neo felt it was extremely important to get these ascension codes out to as many living souls as possible in order to speed up our ascension.

I am attaching the codes in hopes of the team at reading and helping to distribute these codes to anyone who is accepting of the information.

Ascension Codes

These codes have also been put to music. The YouTube video is entitled, “The codes of Neo-Robb”.   The song writer published this on 5/13/18.

Possibly this song could be played at your meet and greet events to spread the codes far and wide?

This is a song created by Robb the songwriter with the codes of ascension. Enjoy this beautiful tune. All credit goes to Robb. The original song is in 440hz standard. In my video is in 432hz with lyrics. Thank you Robb

The ascension codes are sleeping inside you as junk DNA….find the trigger mechanism to allow those codes to flow through you and become a conduit.

I thought I would check these words in the Gematria Calculator myself and see what I turn up with.

I want to thank entire staff of for their articles, time and effort to raise the vibration for everyone. I love the site because the articles are very uplifting and teach us to get out of the victim mode and get into the creator/love mode.

Namaste to all of you!

Image: Pixabay

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