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Sacred Passageway Of 12-12, 12-21, & 2020

By on December 12, 2019 in Energy Updates with 0 Comments
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Sacred Passageway Of 12-12, 12-21, & 2020

Kim Semetis,
Contributing Writer,

Sacred Passageway Of 12-12, 12-21, & 2020

Hello beautiful lights,

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What a beautiful and sacred passageway that we are in. The Christed energies are flowing in strong as we are in the 12-12 gateway, the Solstice on 12-21, and the higher timelines of 2020.

This is a magical time as this powerful trifecta of stargates are WIDE OPEN. I am sharing how this may present for you.

We may notice that as we fly higher we may experience multidimensionality on a whole new level. For instance, you may start to notice, if you haven’t already, that phone calls may drop, your phone may not ring or texts arrive hours or even a day’s later. This has been happening for me for some years now, yet it is becoming more prevalent as of late.

We will also notice a vast difference in our experiences, depending on what dimension we are in at any given moment. We experience less highs and lows, the higher we fly. Less drama is a welcome change from how we may have existed before. When we learn how to open our heart and keep it open, less things bother us that did before as we learn to trust that all is perfect in each moment. Trusting in our universe, which is us, is a beautiful place to be. We have the ability to observe more and react less.

We learn how to respond with love when we master the ability to not take anything personally and look at all from a higher perspective. It is mastery skill to be sure and I am still working on it myself, yet it is getting less and less as I observe my triggers and see all from a higher perspective.

We may notice visitations from members of the Galactic Council of Light as they are making their presence known. We may see them and or feel their presence. I have personally been “hearing” drumming and very low tones every evening for months as I further “tune” into the universe. I thought that I was hearing music from a neighbors home, yet I am now in a different state and am still hearing them every evening.

A couple of nights ago I finally realized that I was hearing the tones of the ships each night and in the morning the tones change to a very high pitched tone. Galactics do not usually identify themselves as a specific species to me. For me that represents more separation and they usually come unified and as a team.

Angelic and Unicorn presence is very prevalent at this time too. They have always been here yet their energies are are getting stronger with each passing day. Last week I took my very first airplane ride and was flying with the angels and unicorns as I have entered the final phase of full body ascension. It is exactly what I needed to do on my ascension journey.

I had faced one of the greatest fears of my life and the angels and unicorns gifted me with their presence as I flew. It was so beautiful to be with them in the highest realms. As we face our fears we move upward on our ascension journey as we cannot take fear with us in the higher realms. We still experience fear in the fifth dimension, yet, we are conscious that it coming up for clearing. With each fear we face the higher we go.

I personally have been challenging myself to face my fears, tackling them one by one. My body was in what felt like a shock for a few days afterward as I acclimated to my body being in a higher realm.

Then came what I am calling the Organic Rapid Detox that we have been experiencing for the last week or so. This has been occurring for us all so I will share what this month of December and into January may bring for many. We have been experiencing nausea as we experience rapid shifting of dimensions and shift higher and then come back down.

Many shifts are occurring at this time as we wobble/shift back and forth from dimension to dimension. This has been on the upshift for about a week now, linear time. Be mindful of your steps while walking as we may become unbalanced as we shift.

Organic Rapid Detox ~ What we may have experience during this sacred passageway:

-Sudden purges in emotion. Fear, anger, anxiety, sadness and feelings of being lost and isolation. These emotions may also be purging with sudden onset of boils, cysts, skin rashes and body odor. We may feel as if we are doing an actual physical detox as all of this emerges, yet it is occurring organically.

-Consciously Releasing ~ Honoring the anger, honoring the pain and hurt, feeling it fully in order for it to be released. Suppression /avoidance (ego tricks) will keep it in your body. The intensity of the energy is so uncomfortable, yet, we must go through it. Massive fear release – as soon as the body releases it, our merkaba will kick back in.

Clearing the fear as an unconscious program/unconscious energy, we are breaking through the old prison as we get conscious enough to separate the emotion/belief mentality/the story. As soon as the emotions go, you won’t believe the story anymore, but we must allow the body to shut down and for us to pull away during this important process.

When collective fear hits the collective, we will still feel it (hell) yet have the consciousness to know (oh, this is still held in my field and its clearing).

Key: We don’t believe the fear anymore. It is just fear energy, honor it, feel it, be okay with it and go through the feeling of hell (without dragging down anyone with you) and know that when it is cleared, your heart will open and you will see beauty again. This is learning how to clear consciously. Yelling, screaming, talking it out and or journaling will assist this clearing. All of this must be done alone as this is an inside job and it is important not to project.

-We may also be experiencing muscle aches and pain, dull or sharp pains areas of our body where deeper density is held as the light works it way through this density. This has been focused on the right side (masculine) predominantly, yet has now shifted to the left (feminine) in order to create balance. Reminder: Density is held everywhere in our physical vessel and the areas of physical pain are unique to each one of us. This is a massive shift as we go from carbon based body to a light body and every part of our physical vessel will be affected.

-Plasma has been very high, creating our physical vessel to feel extremely cold, especially in the lower extremities for some. This started some years ago for me, yet these last few days it has been back with a vengeance. This makes us feel so cold that we cannot warm up. This is normal when plasma is coming in strong waves.

-We may also experience sharp temperature changes in the body, clamminess and feelings of being extremely cold and hot at the same time.

-Extreme fatigue may be experienced as well and as we honor this phase, which occurs on many days, the further we go. Resting and honoring this is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT to integrate the incoming energies as they activate the codes that are held within. The only requirement is that we honor what our vessel is telling us.

-We may also experience sudden epiphanies that had remained hidden in the past. There is vast knowledge yet to be revealed. Listen to your heart, listen to the tones that you hear/feel. Our universe is speaking to us loud and clear, yet it is up to us to listen.

We may also experience feelings of extreme gratitude, love and joy after a very deep purge. This will continue and will last longer and longer after each purge as this allows more light, more christ consciousness into our physical vessel as the light flows and shines brighter and brighter.

All of this (and more) will continue on into the new year of 2020 as more and more is released and upgraded.

2020 is going to be a profound year of MASTER VISION. We are already in these energies, yet they will continue to increase as we are being given the gift to truly see. See all of the beauty that we may have missed before. We will see clearly the games, the manipulation and duality that we may have missed before, or did not want to see. Things that we had turned away from/ refused to see, will become unavoidable as our higher self is pushing/purging all that we may have avoided in the past.

This will be a year of facing what we did not want to before, all of the lack of respect, love and honoring of us that is our true heritage. This is us, honoring us, on a whole new level. This will be an easy transition for those that have been doing the work for many years.

Yet, for those that would rather turn a blind eye, it may be quite turbulent as all that we refused to see before, will be screaming to us loudly, and we will be forced to deal. It is unavoidable in the coming year and hell may be experienced for those still unwilling to make the higher choices of love and respect of others and self.

Those that have the courage to “stand up” and say “No More” will experience the sweetness of love, the beauty of respect, the gift of living with an open heart. This opens gateways within to experience the MAGIC of New Earth, The BEAUTY of Love on a much HIGHER level.

Reminder: All is held within. New Earth/Love/Magic/Beauty/Respect/Gateways/Stargates

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This is such an amazing process that we signed up for and know that you are loved and honored more than you realize. Thank you so much for your dedication as we usher in the new Golden Age of New Earth.

I love you,

Kim Semetis ~ Divine Warrior Goddess

About the author: Kim is the Author of “Divine Warrior Goddess “Step Into Your Power” (link below) , WayShower, GridKeeper, Gatekeeper, Ascended Master of the NEW EARTH. She has studied, practiced and taught spirituality/metaphysics for twenty years and served as a co-founder and ordained minister of a spiritual church for many years. She has dedicated her life to service of all of humanity. Kim no longer “channels” as she once did as we integrate all of our aspects, we merge those aspects within as all of the universe is held within.

Transformative/Empowerment Energy Sessions, Activation’s, Andara’s, Crystals, Sacred Oils, Mastery Courses, Live Events and her book can be found on her website. Her book is also available on Amazon.

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