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Seeing Into The Matrix

By on October 7, 2018 in Exiting The Matrix

by Odette Loney,
Guest writer,

VOOM! I heard a sound of a power outage in my area.

EVERYTHING went completely BLACK.


Gone is the physicality of my bed and walls, as well as the gold curtained windows.

Instead, there they were, the GRID-WORK of the current Matrix programming which runs our world.

Picture a totally dark piece of paper, or the deep dense inside of a box with no light coming in whatsoever. Then add bright green-white phosphorous lines into the image, running down at intervals, both horizontally and vertically. These lines are equal in both shape and size but not necessarily rigid.

I am now part of coordinate matrix geometry of this reality.

Lines running, ad infinitum, where my roof and the four corners of my house used to be.  I see thin long shiny threads loosely connecting me from the back of my elbows to the upward part of the ‘graph sheet’. I gasp in disbelief as the ‘lights’ come back on and my bedroom resumes its normative view.

My reality paradigm shifted in five seconds, and I realize that our world WAS a holographic one! Quantum physicians were right! As I am writing this I can compare these memories to learning basic computer programming years ago, you know, the black screen and all of the prompts, no vivid colors and animated graphics to divert your attention – just cold, hard computer codes on dark screen.


Before this I NEVER paid much attention to philosophers who spoke on the holographic universe. “The Matrix” movie, starring Keanu Reeves, was just an action packed science fiction tale to me. A fanciful thought, trying to manipulate reality by ‘bending the spoon’ in just the right way… long as you ascertain that it IS a spoon you are bending…..The only thing is, those digital codes which drizzled down the movie were REAL phosphorous LINES moving into a vast space time continuum.

And the noise I hear as spirals of sound and energy whorl down from where the concept of my body should be into the bottomless ‘graph sheet’! I can only describe them as the running of a put-put engine, an almost cartoon like, cosmic rattling.


World renowned speaker David Icke’s consistently discusses the archon controlled matrix of our world, which is run partly from a command post on the planet Saturn. Well if this is true, then someone on Saturn shut the power down momentarily that faithful day I saw the basic hologram graph. Icke and others say our reality is controlled by malevolent higher powers who dominate the monetary, religious and social systems. Perhaps what I noticed was part of the seductive puzzle of why certain things are programs of the matrix and not necessarily solid reality. WHY is there gross wealth beside abysmal poverty? Why did I seem to ask for one thing and get another? Why are we even in this particular world!

WHY do I feel I was hitting my head against the proverbial brick wall, exasperated that doors were just not open to do the things that really mattered to me? I concluded that collectively, decisions ARE influenced by outside programs to deliberately illicit a particular outcome. We however, CAN choose to operate with gnosis; to disconnect in whatever small way from gross evil and archaic systems that keep us disenfranchised and oppressed. It would be our way of ‘bending the matrix’ and raising our collective vibration to aid movement into a higher dimension.


Many can attest to looking for something; keys, money, handbags and so forth. You put them in plain view and then later notice they have disappeared! Absentmindedness may be the reason for sure. However, when you ask the Universe or God Source to help you find what you misplaced, voila! There it is, where you left it and searched for it SEVERAL TIMES before.

Once, with a small amount of money, I decided to shop for shoes. Intuition lead me to a local mall where I managed to purchase a very expensive pair of Brazilian leather shoes for a tiny cost. Even though they were so cheap, I could only buy one because most lacked the wide width I needed. However, another occasion as I attempted to squeeze my foot into one of the designer heels again, the sales clerk notices a lovely formal black pair that fit me perfectly right in front of us. “I don’t know where those came from,” she says puzzled.  She pulled them from the small stack of shoe boxes we both extricated shoes from many times, “we only have a few remaining and these were not there before!”


I have personally experienced hearing a parent who had gone out, rap the doorbell, only to later ascertain that it was not them at all. I take this as a warning that someone was coming home soon. Of course they do show up much later than I initially saw them come. One Sunday night, before the yard of our house was fenced, I heard the dogs barking and felt instinctively that I needed to lock the front door. Fifteen minutes later the doorbell turned and I saw the shadow of a tall male outside. Thinking it was my brother who had forgotten his Bible, I left the computer to go open up. As I got to the door the person was gone. Five minutes pass, a police car flashes by my house. I look out the window I will never forget how I felt when I saw the grave expression of the officer in the front passenger seat.

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He seemed to be peering at me with careful searching eyes – it felt as if his spirit was watching into my house! A few days go by and a report came out on the news, a criminal had escaped from prison and was later caught in my city. The description of the guy brought my memory back to that Sunday night – it was a tall man with long dreadlocks – the same as the ‘shadow man’ I saw at the door. My brother did not have long hair and he was definitely not the dark figure who turned the doorknob. Somehow I more felt that I saw the malevolent shadow and took precaution, before he made an attempt to get in.


You put your desire for a beautiful outcome into the Universe. The matrix screams “you don’t have money, it is not logically possible to get what you desire”. However, God Source makes the provision.  Like the other day as I searched online for “Apache Tears,” an obsidian semi-precious stone, known for its psychic protective properties. I desired to obtain some but had no idea where to acquire it in my country. A few weeks passed and my sister mentioned offhandedly that she saw a wide variety of semi-precious stones on sale at a local book store.  I am then able to purchase an “Apache Tear” the size of the tip of my index finger. I could only afford one this time – but the point is, Universe listened.

Many people have the same stories as part of the awakening process, seeing the Universe work in miraculous ways in a matrix which is programmed with negativity so that archons can feed off the energies of human misery. My wish is that in this Age of Aquarius, may we continue to delve into that gut wrenching feeling that the Universe downloaded into our heart, insight and wisdom. Through interaction with this reality, shall we cooperate only with that which is for our highest good.

Much love ~Odette S.P. Loney

About the authorOdette S.P. Loney is a citizen from Trinidad and Tobago, she holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree (Hons) in English. She is a teacher, poet, light worker and adventurer. Although she does not consider herself to know much about being Indigo or the Ascension Process, waking up one day and feeling herself entirely out of her body lead her to realize that the metaphysical world was more important that the religious system that sought to suppress the knowledge of it. For several years she has experienced much phenomenon which lead her to note she is a Type I Indigo and the unexplainable body discomfort she felt was part of the Ascension process. She is a small but vital part of the Universe of Love’s Double Diamond Crystal Sun Matrix and would love to learn more about energy work to heal and inform others. She enjoys sharing her experiences and learning from  In5D readers!

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