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What I Have Channeled About Soul Lovers And Soul Children

By on August 29, 2019 in Spiritual Awakening with 0 Comments

What I Have Channeled About Soul Lovers And Soul Children

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by Neda The Mystic,
Contributing Writer,

What I Have Channeled About Soul Lovers And Soul Children

Supposedly, a Catholic Saint centuries ago coined the term “ Dark Night of the Soul.” Rumor has it that it was once a religious concept, but lately the spiritualists have borrowed it and made it something more complex than what it originally was. Today, it usually refers to a period of hardship or redirection in our life when we are at crossroads and/or our spirits have faced some sort of trauma.


When we have recently embarked on our soul path yet are not completely enmeshed in our soul, life tends to bring about people who also seem to support parts of our souls, yet not always the core. Even if they do not have our exact mentalities or shared priorities, our spirits recognize that there is similar energy. Sometimes, we feel so familiar with someone, we just know they must be a part of our soul, even if we may not be in love with them. Our spirits just simply recognize that we have the same soul energy!

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Because our egos want to have everything all figured out, after a while, (and it may take a while) after our spirits have suffered some trauma, eventually we want to convince ourselves this person must the missing piece because our spirits have instantly recognized they share so much of our soul energy. It is so tempting to give them “the one” label.

Usually if they show up quickly and all of a sudden, because we unlocked part of our soul path code, yet are not completely on our soul path (rather just stepping on our soul path), this is usually a sign they are not exactly supporting our soul purpose code for this life, rather just a fraction of our soul. Yet, because this person’s energy feels so strikingly familiar, we feel obliged to decide they have the same soul we do. We feel so strongly in our spirits, not just our minds, They are a part of our soul. We must have the same soul! This may very well be true.

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Our spirits have a mind of their own. They can recognize when someone is at least a part of our soul, if not the whole soul itself. You’re not going crazy. Years of meditation and spending some reflective alone may have geared you for this day, but anyhow, Congratulations! You just walked into a piece of your soul. Why else would they feel so familiar?


When this happened to me, I was a teenager. I honestly wish I had some verbal audible guidance, even though my spirit recognized this person. A part of me went “okay..what now?” I was so not entirely in the mood of a relationship or anything. I was going through my own shenanigans. I just thought, “oh hey. It’s me- that’s great!” He recognized it too! We both recognized it, but overall, we were both in serious states of mind. He would say, “I don’t know why…but it’s you!” And I couldn’t argue with that, because I felt the same thing. The Being-Crazy-about-each -other part, wasn’t even needed when I met him at first.

Now my truth may not echo with you, and that’s fine- skip ahead to another article if you feel that way. But I remember reading about the Fibonacci Sequence in a math book when I was a pre-teen. I realized how everything in nature is made up of mathematical patterns and codes. Now I look back and realize this takes place, even at the soul level. Yet, there must be a part of the soul that is not made up of etheric matter, that is free of codes and numbers, A God Portal where this is all is dictated.

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When you have someone’s codes, you just know. You feel it! The information comes in the form of a complex feeling. Gender, race, religion seems trivial in the eyes of the spirit. When you have all of their codes, they are either your soul mission partner or your soul child. When someone is your soul child, you have all their codes, but they don’t have all your codes. . It is as if, the soul made a contract to give birth to “another soul” for this life. It feels like you have gone through more experience and have gained more codes. Yet it is your same soul structure, just in another body, even if it’s not all of your soul. Simply put, you have all their codes, but they do not have all your codes. In this life, if feels like they’re all you, but you’re not all them!

This is your soul child. You have the same soul structure. You are molded of the same core. But they have not gathered and evolved into you yet. They have a different life purpose mission that was destined for this lifetime. Because you have gathered more codes than this person, this does not mean this person is less important than you. Every individual is equally worthy! There is no big or small individual at the level of consciousness. An individual is an individual and every individual is important and worthy! No individual is more worthy than another or less worthy than another. We all serve the same one God and we all return to that God. Consciousness is even more complex than just the size of a soul.

Every individual is worthy and your soul knows this, yet your spirit may feel like this child is “smaller” compared to you and in need of your help. Yet, they deserve it , but they do not need it. The core of a person is not in their soul size. The human mind is tempted to think their role is smaller than you, but every purpose ties in to the greater good of the universe one way or another, so no role is “small.” The mind just channels it that way to make sense of the needs of the spirit. You must guide this person when you feel called to, but not because they “need it” and because they are “incomplete without you” but simply because you feel called to. The process of nurturing, showing affection, and caring for this individual does not have to be romantic. You can hug this person and let them know you are there for them, even if you do not have the same exact life purpose code for this life. This was all planned out before you were born.

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You may enter a physical relationship with this individual, which is weird in the real world (mother and child) but at the soul level, it is not so bizarre. There will not be devastating consequences for your spirit because it is your energy after all, which you are encountering. You and your soul child have the same soul energy, so it won’t feel extremely “off” for your spirit. But your spirit may not feel completely fulfilled either. Of course, when you realize they are your soul fragment and you don’t have the same life purpose mission set for this life, you will be more inclined to be with your divine lover more than this consciousness placed in a soul fragment. We are more than just our souls by the way, we are consciousness and what else God has assigned for us, placed in souls, placed in bodies.

In-alignment intimacy is intimacy with love. The more self-respect one has, the more they want to engage in intimacy with love. Yet, the soul doesn’t need to physically unite with anyone because it is already complete from day 1. The soul lover and soul family are all packed inside. This life is just a ride.

Our divine partners have all our codes and we have all theirs. It is like a duplicate soul. We not only have the same structure, but also the life purpose code to fulfill. Our life purpose is high-vibrational. It is put there by the Almighty God. The more we dwell in this soul and are on our soul path, the more the individuals who have our life purpose code for this life or similar life purpose codes, show up in our physical reality. It is a feeling process. Happiness is an inside job.

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And to manifest a regular daily relationship with this being in our physical reality, first we must not make them responsible for our happiness. It is absolutely okay to depend of them to an extent, but we ourselves must be the number one providers for our own happiness of our spirits. It is an inside job. Love isn’t about needing anyone. It is about trust.

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If you miss your soul child deeply, that is your birthright. They are your soul child. You have the right to have access to them, just like a real-life mother longs to have access to her child. But of course, you deserve more frequent and more regular access to your Divine mate who has the same soul-purpose as you do. You don’t have to marry this person by having any legal contract or a big fat wedding in Malibu. You have already been promised to this person at the soul level. Your spirit will know this! But still, you deserve this person in reality too. And it will happen at some point, in this life or not.

We have been given all the gear to run the marathon like horses. We are all equipped. We already have all we need. So keep running the race of life, yet it is not a competition. Relationships are not a competition. Someone could have a multitude of desirable traits, and you may be considering romance with this individual, but if you feel they are not the one and are not in harmony with your soul-purpose, just stay friends! I’m not saying you should follow any sort of obligatory behavior- it’s your life- do whatever you want. Just like we are meant to breathe air and not Carbon Monoxide, just like we are meant to eat food, not the food utensils, we are meant to be with the one who can support our divine mission because they want to, not because they feel they have to. Either someone has your life mission code for this life, or they don’t. It’s not a competition or win-lose game! If they aren’t the one, just be friends- you don’t have to continue a relationship. I’m not saying you have to listen to me- it’s your life, completely. Follow your own Soul! I am simply saying, you’re not meant to settle.

It may feel somewhat overwhelming when we feel someone’s energy so well and all of a sudden, they are no longer with us in our physical reality. And you have every right be upset. And it is so hard in this day and age where we always have to work , and go to our 9-5 job and constantly run errands and at the same time heal from our past experiences. Because it is a matter of the soul, you cannot move on without NOT ‘moving on’ first. Strike the term “move on” from your vocabulary expanse.

You are going to hurt. You are going to feel pain. This is life, not heaven. Yet, you don’t have to suffer. Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional. You suffer when you resist. Do not worry about them, worry about you. If you try to rush the healing process, it will be like a delayed cold that keeps going on and on. There is no shame is grief. There is no shame in healing. Even if it is a regular separation from someone, you can feel profound negative emotions. Even if it’s just a friend or someone not in your soul tribe or soul family, it can hurt. Imagine it being someone from your soul tribe and soul family, or even a close associate with someone from your tribe or soul family!

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Physical Separation can feel devastating to power of 100. Yet, our souls always know how to comfort our spirit, and the heart, and the mind. Don’t believe the voices in the mind or make assumptions about the exact truth of the sensations of the heart when you’re wrapped up in the physical world. Just be present with those thoughts and sensations. Let your spirit be switched to be placed under the reigns of your soul, not your mind. Slowly, you will receive thoughts and feelings that come from the soul, not because of your physical reality or physiology. It will be from inside out, rather than outside in. Don’t hate the physiology, because it wants to heal you in this survival-based, it just doesn’t know how, it is just reacting to what you have decided is a priority. Your soul has a different agenda. It is not all about survival. Let everything start from the soul.

There is no need to feel underappreciated ever. Do not feel like there will be no one to appreciate your soul child or anyone you care about who is feeling underappreciated. The guides, the angels, and God always know how to appreciate someone whether or not their mind convinces themselves they are not useful. Everything and everyone has use and always has! Every atom and cluster of atoms has all been witnessed. We all come from the same God. We serve of a God of love and order.

So what do you do when you miss your soul child? Trust that they are going to be okay. Continue to send love to them that derives from your soul, just like you are doing these days without even consciously knowing you’re doing it. Most likely, you also carry inside of you, their Divine Mate which has their life purpose code, their soul sibling. I understand if you’re cringing and this sounds “wrong.”

Anyways, know that your soul child is always safe and protected as long as you are safe protected. No matter how many cords you cut with this individual, there will always be some remaining. That’s how it is supposed to be- do not fight it. This does not mean you have to think about them constantly. Know your actions affect them. They are a major reflection of you. Just as a mama has to watch her child leave the nest someday, know that is helps to trust they will be happy and fulfilled. Mentally, you may not feel like a mama to them but your spirit does feel that way, and that is fine. It feels overwhelming with compassion, yet they are not gone.

This is all being witnessed by your angels and the Divine. This was all written. There in no reason to feel alone. They are right there inside of you. Remind your spirit that your main priority in this life isn’t to focus about them all the time. The main thing to do is trust that they will be happy and fulfilled in Divine Timing. You do not have to try to comfort their feelings anymore- you already taught them how. You already told them they are welcome to depend on you but they do not need to. You already taught them that God is always with them. You already taught them not to buy into the illusions of the physical world. You already taught them all you wanted to teach them and you can still teach them from afar- they are always connected to you. Let that message be taken to your mind so your mind can process that instead of believing in what seems to be happening in the physical world. There is always a deeper reality in the soul. You are NOT separated from your soul child because you are physically separate from them. They are part of your soul mission, yet they don’t have the same life mission for this life. They are still part of you. And they will come back to you and you will always be family.

When are no longer in physical proximity with a member of our own soul, we can trust that the separation is an illusion. At the soul level, you and they are always united. Everything and everyone will come back one day. It will be clear once again who was our soul child, our lover, someone similar to our soul child, soul lover, soul sister, who is not in our soul tribe at all, who was our nemesis, friend, companion, etc. You can never completely cut off the connection with your soul family even if your spirit does, because our true selves are centered in our souls, not our spirits. Yet, we are not just our souls.

Currently, most of our focus and consciousness is placed in our physical world and spirit, mainly. This life is just a ride and a test. Everything in life, has a purpose. We cannot completely 100% understand rationally with our human minds what our unique soul purposes are as well as purpose contracts for this life are, we can only get a strong feel for it and decide to be driven by the force of our souls.

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