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Are Things Spiraling Out of Control?

By on July 30, 2015 in Spiritual Awakening
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Are Things Spiraling Out of Control?

by Andrea Schulman,
Guest writer,

In the last few weeks, I’ve been reminded (very clearly) that when things are spiraling out of control, the very best thing we can do is simply relax.

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I’ve always been a very healthy person without any major health concerns or diseases. The same is true for my kids and my husband. However, in the last few weeks, illness and injury in my family started to become a central theme in my household.

It began with one small ear infection, and then suddenly health issue after health issue began to fall into my lap. With each additional problem, I became more and more upset.

My behavior became a bit obsessive. I started washing laundry more frequently to keep germs from spreading. I followed everyone around in my home with hand soap and antibacterial gel. I looked up symptoms and treatments online and discussed them with my husband, friends and parents.

Now, I know better than to approach life’s problems like this, but for some reason I convinced myself otherwise. I fell back into the “control mode” that often dominated my life when I was younger. I told myself I could fix and prevent illness and injury by being vigilant and extra careful. Boy was I wrong!

Collectively, over this brief period of time, we ended up taking five trips to visit doctors and specialists (thankfully nothing serious, just annoying little problems!). As soon as one issue was resolved, another would pop up. I felt stuck in a vicious cycle.

Fortunately, three days ago I had a moment of clarity. I was flossing before bed and out popped a filling on one of my molars, leaving a sizable hole in the tooth.

When the filling popped out, my initial reaction was “Really?! Another appointment? Another copay? Another problem?”

At this point, though, it had become too obvious to ignore what was really going on. My attitude was what was creating all of these small medical problems in my life. Why else would the health of a healthy family suddenly begin to spiral out of control all at once? Why, out of all of the days of my life, would a filling pop off of my tooth now?

In that moment, I fully realized I had let my thoughts get away from me. My attention and distress was creating more and more illness and injury, and it became clear what I had to do next.

In that moment, I firmly decided to let go of control. I told myself I had to surrender to these issues and allow them to take me wherever they needed to take me. Then, I crawled into bed and made it my intention to spend the next day calm and relaxed.

When I woke up in the morning, I reminded myself of my intention to relax. I took a deep breath and started to move calmly through my day.

Wouldn’t you know it, the entire day ran smoothly and beautifully. The health concerns that had been driving me insane for two weeks suddenly became the small, insignificant issues they really were, and life felt brighter again.

Since that decision several days ago, things are looking up. All of the issues seem to have disappeared. Even better, my distress has evaporated!

As a side note, there was a new dentist was at my dental office. He was super nice and he did a fantastic job on my tooth.

The silver filling that was once on my molar has now been replaced with a tooth-colored one that matches the rest of my teeth-and for a lot less money than I anticipated. Nice “silver lining” huh?

Beyond that, I was in and out of the office in only 45 minutes-not bad!

The moral of the story here? Worrying and trying to control outcomes only makes problems worse. When things are spiraling out of control, it’s time to stop obsessing and overthinking.

When the rain turns into a pour, the very best thing we can do is make the choice to let go and relax. In fact, it’s very likely the only thing we can do that will have a positive effect on the situation.

So have you ever had the experience of one bad thing leading to the next? Have you ever made the choice to surrender when things were spiraling out of control? Comment below and share your story!

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About the author:
Andrea Schulman is a former high school psychology teacher and the creator of Raise Your Vibration Today, which provides free and easy Law of Attraction techniques. She will be available for group educational seminars and webinars starting in the summer of 2015.

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